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Brownie is one of the most favorite desserts of any chocolatier. It is not so difficult to prepare this chocolate miracle, it is important to know only a few secrets.  


Brownie recipe requires careful study. And that's why.

Lovers of this dessert can be divided into two categories: some like brownies, which are similar in texture to a pie, while others prefer a delicate super-chocolate dessert hidden under a thin crust. So first, decide which brownie is yours. If you are an avid chocolatier and choose the latter option, look for a recipe with a lot of chocolate, especially when combined with butter and dry ingredients. And vice versa.


Typically, brownies are made up of very few ingredients, so whatever you use must be of high quality, especially chocolate. Choose the one that you like to eat just like that. In some recipes, cocoa powder is used instead of chocolate, with it brownies are obtained at least chocolate, but slightly drier - an option for those who like brownie pie. Be careful with chocolate drops - they seem to be easier to work with, but they are not at all. They include a stabilizer that prevents them from melting quickly. Better to take a chocolate bar and break it into pieces - they will melt slowly but evenly, creating a surprisingly delicate texture and rich chocolate flavor.

Melting temperature

If you only have a few minutes to make your brownies, it's best not to start at all. Melt chocolate with eggs in a quick way will not work, the chocolate will simply burn, and the eggs will curl. To avoid this, the first step is to remove all ingredients from the refrigerator at least an hour before cooking to warm them up to room temperature. Then the dough will turn out to be more creamy and tender.

Interesting additions

It's always fun to diversify a familiar dish with new details, but in the case of a brownie, you shouldn't be too zealous. If you are truly a fan of this chocolate dessert, use any additions just to accentuate its already perfect nature. Do not add too many additional flavoring details, otherwise you will lose all the chocolate taste for which you cook it. One has only to emphasize it with a new note, and for this a little bit of berries, chili, citrus zest, nuts or caramel are enough.


The desire for a delicate chocolate brownie with a soft center usually leads novice pastry chefs to the idea of ​​reducing the cooking time indicated in the recipe. This is a big mistake, leading to only one thing - an unbaked dough. The skewer test does not work here either, so always follow the specified time, and look for the recipe itself in trusted sources. Also consider the size of the pan - the thicker the layer of dough, the longer it will take to bake.


Control yourself. Try not to eat a freshly prepared dessert right away, no matter how delicious it looks. Its flavor unfolds as it cools, and the texture becomes more interesting. In addition, the cooled dough is easier to cut and separate from the walls and bottom of the mold.


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