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Ice cream with the taste of surprise

Most summer treat all time no one is able to remain indifferent. Indeed, among the immense diversity of its varieties there is a treat for everyone: a creamy ice cream, popsicle, refreshing fruit ice, vanilla or chocolate in a crispy cone.

It is understandable why the ice cream in a separate holiday, which is celebrated 10 June.


With Asian flavor

Mankind eating ice cream for the past five thousand years, and his tastes since then changed little. While some jaded foodies sometimes they go something unusual on a quest.

For a batch of extravagances, it's best to go to Japan. The fanatical love of this people for seafood makes them add to almost all known dishes. Desserts are no exception. That's why in Japanese restaurants you can often see ice cream with slices of squid. Anyone who has tasted this peculiar mix, claims that it has a salty-sweet taste and a persistent fish flavor. By the way, the Japanese are not limited to squid alone and boldly add shrimp, slices of fish, crab meat, octopus or whale to ice cream, and sometimes they are watered with cuttlefish ink.

Those who do not feel passionate feelings for the inhabitants of the world's oceans, in the Land of the Rising Sun will be treated to ice cream with wasabi. Appetizing air mass gentle pistachio shade hides nuclear stuffing, beating the defeat on the taste buds. And if you want to rekindle the flame of passion present not only in the mouth, it is best to fill up ice cream with Viagra. This is another notion of Asian cooking, which is popular among both men and women.

The philosophical view of the Japanese on life through the prism of secret knowledge did not leave without attention and gastronomic creations. Probably, having tasted them, you can discover a couple of eternal truths.   


On the western practicality

The rest of the world, inspired by ice cream, also likes to smell a bit and prepare something extraordinary. True, the creations of some chefs are sometimes difficult to attribute to desserts. So, many American snack bars serve vanilla ice cream with juicy strips of fried bacon, poured over hot caramel or chocolate. And in Mexico, ice cream is preferred to fry. To do this, heavy milk koloboks are properly frozen, crumbled in breadcrumbs, dipped in deep fryers and held there for a couple of minutes. What not to say, the ubiquitous fast food is able to take absolutely any form. Ice cream from the food company "Aunt Bessie" and at all you can eat for dinner, having plenty of time to eat them until the evening meal. This is not surprising, because it is a potato horn, filled with air mashed potatoes with fried sausage, green peas and spicy sauce.

As it turned out, other vegetables also harmonize well with a cold dessert. If you boil young cobs of corn in cream and then add them to ice cream, you get an original treat with a mouth-watering corn flavor, very popular in Europe. And tomato ice cream was produced even in the Soviet Union in the 1970s, however, it did not last long on sale then. To make it, tomato paste, cream, garlic, seasonings and, for persuasiveness, slices of fresh tomatoes were added to regular vanilla ice cream.

If desired, you can find even more savory variations, for example, ice cream with garlic. It is prepared on the basis of milk and garlic puree, mixing with cream, yolk and sugar. Really confusing and onion ice cream. On the assurances of the tasters of this outlandish "dessert", it has an unmatched taste, which does not exist in the world. The secret of the recipe is to carefully pass the onion, as a result, it loses its unpleasant bitterness and repulsive smell. As practice shows, ice cream is more than a dessert, and it can be made from any products.


Ice cream with own hands

No matter how sophisticated inventions would not have lured us clever manufacturers from around the world, it is the most delicious homemade ice cream. Simply because it contains no preservatives, dyes and other "chemistry." In addition, you can cook it in just a few minutes if there are cream in the fridge, milk and all sorts of goodies for the filling.

The classic version, which will appeal to all members of the household - vanilla ice cream. To start put the saucepan on the stove with 250 ml of milk, add a little vanilla and bring it to a boil. Then mix the egg yolks and the 4 100 g sugar, gently volem this mixture into the warmed milk. Carefully interfere mass over low heat until until it becomes homogeneous. Now it is cool, add the whipped cream and send it in the fridge. Before serving ice-cream can be decorated with fresh berries, pour the sweet syrup or sprinkle with grated chocolate with crushed nuts.

Chocolate ice cream - The clear leader of children's preferences. To prepare it mix 250 75 ml milk g of sugar and put on a slow fire. When the sugar is completely dissolved, cool the mixture to room temperature. Now add 250 ml cream, mix well and put in the freezer. After the mass has thickened slightly, add it 125 g grated dark chocolate and again thoroughly interfere. After cooling the finished ice cream, you can lay it on the ice-cream bowls and treat everyone.

Another traditional summer recipe - Strawberry ice cream. First of all go to sleep sugar, two cups of fresh strawberries and send it rest in the refrigerator. At this time, at low heat stir 50 g sugar 250 ml of milk until completely dissolved. Then the mixture is cooled, pour into it 250 ml cream, add a pinch of vanilla and strawberry. After the ice cream in the freezer will still 15-20 minutes, divide it into portions and decorate with mint leaves.

Since summer has already entered into legal rights, it's time to declare the ice cream season open. Enjoy your favorite varieties, discover new unexpected tastes and, of course, create your own author's recipes. 


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