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Cooking in the post: 5 delicious breakfast

Power in the post brings to our diet noticeable changes. However, its basic principles must remain immutable. For a delicious and healthy breakfast should always be. Today we will discuss meatless breakfast, recipes for various dishes, and practical ideas for every day.

More than pancakes

Fast, lean pastries are a great solution for a full breakfast. From unleavened dough without milk and eggs, you can make a lot of things: pancakes, flat cakes, muffins, and, of course, pancakes. By the way, the dough for them can be made not only on the basis of water. Take half a glass of apple juice and mix it with 2 Art. l vegetable oil and 1 Art. l Sahara. Gradually introduce a glass of buckwheat flour, a third glass of wheat flour, 1 tsp. baking powder and salt to taste. It is better to beat the resulting mass with a mixer so that no lumps form. Next, add the dough 2 Art. l water, a pinch of cinnamon and vanilla. If you wish, you can add a recipe l dried cranberries or any other berries. Stir the dough again and fry the pancakes in a heated pan, greased with butter. 

Vitamin Fritters

Vegetable pancakes - a great option for a lean breakfast

Experienced housewives know that it is easiest to cook lean for breakfast with the help of vegetables. If you find the extra 20 minutes, then you can indulge yourself with amazing squash pancakes. To begin with, peel and rub on a small half of a small zucchini and squeeze out excess liquid from it. Medium-sized apple also peeled and cut into thin slices. In a separate bowl mix 4 Art. l buckwheat or wheat flour with 2 – 3 Art. l water. In half a glass of warm water diluted ½ tsp. soda, pour the solution into the flour and mix. Continuing to stir, combine this mixture with zucchini and apples. As a result, the dough should acquire the consistency of thick cream. Heat the pan well with vegetable oil, form pancakes with a spoon and fry them in 2 – 3 minutes on each side. 

Bean sandwich

For lean sandwiches, sausage and cheese are easy to replace with legumes and vegetables.

Delicious, hearty sandwiches are an excellent fast-food breakfast in a hurry. Sausage with cheese in this case, we will replace thick bean paste. Heat the frying pan with olive oil and fry the shredded onion for a couple of minutes. We merge the excess liquid from the 400-gram jar with the red canned beans and pour it into the frying pan. Carefully squeezing it with a fork, we stand on average heat 5 minutes. Next, add to the string bean small, diced tomato, finely chopped celery stalk, a clove of garlic and a few sprigs of dill. The resulting mass of salt and pepper to taste, mix well, can be brought to a homogeneous mass in a blender. And while it cools down, dry two slices of rye or whole wheat bread in the microwave. Then generously spread them with bean paste and decorate the petals with parsley and cilantro.

Porridge for a good mood

Juicy pumpkin flesh can also transform your favorite porridge

Of course, lean porridge for breakfast from any cereals can safely be included in the morning menu. The absence of milk and butter is used to compensate for equally delicious ingredients. So, in semolina porridge you can add a little berry jelly. And the traditional oatmeal cook on fruit juice or put in it dried fruits with nuts. Juicy pumpkin flesh is also capable of transforming your favorite porridge. In a small saucepan, heat the 2 glass of water. While it boils, rinse under a cold water glass of millet and cut into small pieces of 150 g of raw pumpkin. In boiling water, we first put the pumpkin, then we spill the millet and salt to taste. Cook the porridge 20 minutes on a small fire, stirring constantly. If desired, you can add here a handful of raisins, previously steamed in boiling water.

Saving tofu

Tofu - a soy cheese with a high content of vegetable protein, will successfully replace not only cottage cheese, but also ordinary cheese and even meat

It is most difficult for avid lovers of cottage cheese and dairy products, because at the time of fasting they have to refuse their favorite delicacies. In the meantime, there is an alternative - to make a delicious Lenten breakfast of tofu. This high-protein soy cheese successfully replaces not only cottage cheese, but also ordinary cheese and even meat. For breakfast, tofu is best to cook healthy vegetable salad. Cut a small onion into half rings and scald with boiling water. A pair of medium-sized tomatoes and 100 g tofu also cut into cubes, cut the olives into rings. Now combine all the ingredients in a bowl. Next, mix the dressing of 1 Art. l soy sauce, ½ tbsp. l olive oil and ½ tbsp. l lemon juice. We give it a salad, mix it and serve it to the table. You can think up a salad dressing yourself!

Try to cook breakfast according to our recipes and please your loved ones with delicious dishes. And if you have your favorite fasting breakfast recipes with photos or just interesting ideas, be sure to tell about them in the comments. 

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