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Sauces - delicious accompaniment to your dishes

Exquisite sauce is a bright and successful touch that can transform the taste of familiar dishes beyond recognition. And to enjoy them, do not necessarily go to a restaurant. Delicious recipes for sauces for main dishes can be made at home.

King Sauce

One of the most popular sauces today is bechamel, invented, as legend says, at the court of Louis XIV. To prepare it, melt 40 g of butter over low heat and, stirring continuously, gradually add 40 g of flour. Then, continuing to vigorously knead, pour into the mass in parts 400 ml of milk with a fat content of 2,5%. Bring the sauce to a boil and keep it on low heat for 5 minutes. For a richer sauce, you can add cream, cheese, or onion puree to it. And nutmeg, bay leaf or any other spices will give it a rich aroma. Due to its versatility, bechamel is harmoniously combined with meat, poultry, fish and vegetables.

Pasta Transformation

The legendary bolognese turns ordinary pasta into a delicious pasta

Another legend of sauces is the Italian bolognese, which easily turns ordinary pasta into refined pasta. We start to cook it with roast minced garlic in a large saucepan in olive oil. Then add the shredded onion, carrot, celery stalk and bacon bits (85 g). When this motley assortment becomes golden, we spread beef and pork mince into the pan using 250 g. After 5 – 7 minutes, pour in 300 ml of milk and weathe all 10 minutes, then add 300 ml of red dry wine and stand for another 10 minutes, while stirring the sauce regularly. Next, put the 2 Art. l tomato paste, 800 g canned tomatoes, spices and salt to taste. Knead the mass until a homogeneous consistency and bring to a boil. Then cover the pan with a lid, reduce the heat to minimum and simmer the 2 sauce for an hour, stirring every 20 minutes. 

Dance of fire in a plate

Traditionally, bitter red pepper is used to make adjika.

Thrill-seekers prefer scalding adjika to other sauces. Sauce recipes for main dishes include many variations of this seasoning. Traditionally, hot red pepper (500 g) is used for its preparation, which is first dried for several days, and then cleaned of veins and seeds. Add 100 g of peeled garlic to the pepper and pass everything through a meat grinder, preferably several times. The resulting mass is flavored with the traditional Caucasian seasoning hops-suneli and salt. In Georgia, they also put walnuts in the sauce, in Armenia - ripe tomatoes, and in the Kuban - juicy bell peppers. Adjika perfectly complements poultry and meat dishes, especially kebabs, as well as fish, vegetables, soups, stews and marinades.

Mushroom nobility

Best of all, this noble sauce will emphasize the taste of fish and pasta dishes.

Favorite by many mushrooms are ideal for creating sophisticated sauces. In our case, its base is made up of rich mushroom or vegetable broth (600 ml), into which we add flour fried in butter (25 g) and stand over medium heat for 45 minutes, after which we filter. Meanwhile, simmer in a shredded shallot (2 pcs.) With mushrooms (200 g) in a pan for a few minutes. Then combine the mushrooms with a broth base and bring to a boil. We finish the finished sauce with butter, salt with spices and chopped greens. Best of all, this noble sauce will accentuate the taste of fish and pasta dishes. And if you add a little sour cream or grated cheese, you can serve the sauce to the meat.   

Cheese Tenderness

Cheese sauce with lemon juice is perfect for fish

Fragrant cheese crust will add a delicate touch to any dish. And if you make cheese sauce, you get something extraordinarily tasty. Fry in butter 1 Art. l flour until golden brown, then pour into the pan 150 – 200 ml of preheated milk and the same amount of rich chicken broth. We bring the mass to a boil, stirring constantly, then pour the grated cheese (150 g) and continue kneading until it is completely dissolved. At the end, put salt and seasoning to taste. This basic recipe can be supplemented with various components. For example, adding mustard and cream instead of broth, we get an excellent sauce for meat. And if you mix the milk base with lemon juice, yolks, greens and onions, you get a great addition to fish.

Sour sweetness

A universal recipe for sweet and sour sauce involves the use of fruit juice with sourness

Sweet and sour sauces typical of Asian cuisine have earned the love of foodies all over the world. Universal recipe involves the use of fruit juice with sour, such as apple or orange. But first, fry chopped onion (1 units) with garlic (2 – 3 cloves) and ginger root (5 – 6 cm) in oil. Then add 1 Art. l vinegar, according to 2 Art. l soy sauce, sweet ketchup and sugar, as well as 150 ml of fruit juice. Bring sauce to a boil and let it stand on the fire for several minutes. Next, pour a thin stream of diluted starch in water (1 Art. L.), vigorously mix until thick and remove the pan from the stove. This sauce is in harmony with chicken, game and meat dishes.

Cooking sauces for main dishes is a creative and exciting experience. If you have a specialty or just a favorite recipe for the main dishes sauce, be sure to tell about it! 

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