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What could be better than dining in a warm family circle after a busy day? This is a wonderful occasion to escape from everyday worries, talk on the souls and spend time with family and loved ones.

Baked fish with cheese crust, hearty homemade burgers, golden crisp, fragrant squash fritters or colorful salads - for such a dinner menu may be different. But it is unlikely abundant feast complete without a good sauce, which is ideally accentuate the taste of each dish and make them even better. For centuries, this remains a mayonnaise sauce. And though today represented in supermarkets range sometimes does not give an accurate count, many prefer "Maheevu".  

"Provence" - one of the few products, which today is prepared exclusively from natural ingredients. It is not surprising that other mayonnaises under this brand enjoys consistently high consumer demand. Classic "Provencal" mayonnaise with quail egg, olive, salad, meatless - among such a wealth of flavors sure each will find something to their liking.


Recipe, time-tested

Special attention is given mayonnaise "Maheev" with lemon juice, conquered the hearts of millions and became the national favorite. And this is not an accident at all, because  "Maheev" with lemon juice - a unique product with a balanced taste and excellent quality. As in the classic recipes 400-year-old, it added natural lemon juice. Through this component it gets refined taste with a unique velvety shades. This differs thick mayonnaise delicate texture, smooth beautiful color and pleasant aroma. Like the rest of brand products "Maheev"Mayonnaise with lemon juice does not contain a single gram of GMOs, artificial colors and other food "chemistry". On the contrary, it has a vital element beta-carotene. This is the strongest natural antioxidant, slows the aging process and prevents the development of many chronic diseases. Besides, "Maheev" It meets all the requirements of GOST and the highest quality standards. That is why it is extremely tasty and absolutely safe for the health of the product.


A good touch to any dish

And if so, then the useful application of this mayonnaise is always there. With it you can cook a delicious herring under a fur coat, succulent kebabs marinate and bake flavored pork in the oven, stuffed vegetables or create a delicious sauce for other dishes. "Maheev" ideal for colorful oriental dishes. See for yourself and prepare sumptuous doner kebab.

First we need to marinate chicken 400 g. To rub it with a mixture of spices from pepper, cumin, cardamom, turmeric, dried garlic, paprika, salt and vegetable oil lubricates well. We reserve the meat to marinate for an hour, and in the meantime prepare the original sauce. Mix 4 Art. l. mayonnaise "Maheev" with salt, black pepper and coriander, add the 2 clove of chopped garlic.

Marinate fillets fried in a pan-grill until golden brown and wrap in foil to keep it warm. Fresh tomatoes and cucumbers cut into cubes, onion - half rings. At least cut into thin strips of chicken. Armenian lavash is divided into several rectangles the size of 20 × 30 cm and on each lay out the chicken with vegetables. Generously pour their mayonnaise sauce, tightly wrap the pita bread and fry in a pan grill. To the table served with piping hot, do not forget to cut each roll diagonally.


Mayonnaise "Maheev" is able to transform any dish and decorate it with exquisite notes. It is perfectly located for both classic recipes, as well as for unexpected culinary experiments. Create your own masterpieces and let "Maheev" It inspires you with new bright ideas.

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