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We are all looking forward to the New Year, we already feel the pre-holiday fuss, running around for gifts for loved ones. Discussions on celebrating the New Year are no less active - where to celebrate, what is the budget, whom to invite and what shall we do? We will not be able to answer the first three questions - everyone decides individually for himself, but we will tell you what to do during the New Year celebration!

 Without which any holiday is impossible, and especially New Year? That's right - without a feast! We have a way to turn an ordinary meal into the most fun. Thanks to the game with the almost the same name "The most drinking game"

Even such a monotonous workflow as table setting can be turned into fun fun. Prepare each personal task by placing a card-stand under a certain glass.

A "Periodic system of consumption" will tell you what drinks are missing on your New Year's table. Or another option - the game "Who is more." With the help of such an “alco card” you can determine the most experienced person in the company

The holiday is in full swing, which means it's time for the most secret revelations. In order to “fish” them with a person, some strong drinks are enough. But others are not so easy to degree. Especially for the little-talkers, the “Big Secret” game was invented. Be sure - all secrets will be revealed. The main thing is that the next morning you can look into each other's eyes.

The company is always people with different interests, and classes for the New Year should be chosen for them, taking into account the interests. No problem - for especially gambling - “Casino”.

For intellectuals and intellectuals, a multi-set of Pros games, including 5 and 7 games, respectively.

By the way, "Profi" is also suitable for gambling - playing cards, backgammon, dominoes.

And, finally, do not forget that not only adults, but also children are looking forward to the New Year. While adults are playing with their games, the children will be busy with their young animals with hot hearts. Hot-water toys will not only amuse your beloved child, but also warm you with their warmth. Inside, a special bag is inserted that is enough to warm in the microwave for 1 minutes, insert it back into the toy and enjoy the warmth of your favorite animal: rabbit, monkey, giraffe, frog, doggy, owl or pig.


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