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Housekeeping tip: luxurious New Year's table in an hour!

In the fall of this year, demanding Moscow gourmets conquered Internet Restaurant No. 1 with the unique project “Almost Done.”

Today our guest is one of its founders and part-brand chef places, Alexander Zhurkin.

He is a student and follower of the veteran of the capital's gourmet movement, the famous David Desso, thanks to whom Moscow learned what taste should be like for fois gras. About the project, about the New Year’s menu, about how delicious, original and easy to prepare an exquisite New Year’s table, read in our material.

How did “Internet Restaurant No. 1” begin?

- This project was started thanks to the efforts of my friends, with whom I worked for many years in the restaurant business. At some point, it became clear that we all want to go beyond the traditional restaurant, to approach the issue, if I may say so, from an innovative point of view. Food delivery is becoming more and more popular every year, and this will surprise no one. There is only one problem, how to deliver food when traffic is congested, while maintaining their aesthetic appearance and true taste. Our exclusive is to work out this nuance. We take care of all the main part: we clean, cut, prepare author's sauces, pack everything in vacuum bags and arrange delivery. Moreover, all dishes reach the customer almost ready-made. For example, if it is a stuffed duck, then it is already soaked in marinade, stuffed with a fragrant filling, you just need to cook it. Our menu contains many delicious dishes, for example, the same roll of a young piglet with the most delicate homemade chicken liver. It will take the customer only 10 minutes to finish the dish. This is the essence of the Almost Done project. Moreover, we can embody any fantasy and wishes of the client, we have both experience and resources for this. A good restaurant always values ​​aesthetics, taste and excellent service. We also adhere to these postulates.

How do you get the ideas for the preparation of your meals?

- Ideas hang around. If architecture is frozen music, cooking is a living thing. The cooking process itself is always improvisation, like in jazz. There is a canon, variations are born on its basis. Nature, sounds, smells - all together, this is the embodiment of fantasy in a new dish. The combination of color and taste is what matters to me as a chef, which is what the menu of our “Internet Restaurant No. 1” is emphasized on.

What is the difference between working in an ordinary restaurant and an Internet restaurant? 

- We can say that our "Internet Restaurant No.!" sets two goals. The first is, of course, deliciously feed the client, the second is to give him the opportunity to "play" the chef. The crazy rhythm of a big metropolis, waste of time for shopping, the choice of quality products, downtime in traffic jams - all this can be avoided if you are a guest of our restaurant. This is such a mutual creative symbiosis. Something like a Lego build. There is a constructor, there is a diagram (menu) for it: 10 minutes, and the model is assembled. For example, Caesar salad. All the ingredients of the popular salad are delivered in vacuum packages, the chicken is already pickled in our signature sauce. You just have 2-3 minutes to fry the meat and decorate the dish. That, in fact, is the whole secret.

Share where you are purchasing products for the restaurant?

- Our suppliers are the largest suppliers of food products for restaurants. Farms send us the freshest pork, rabbit, veal, chickens, together with home-made chicken and quail eggs and more. We conduct a strict selection among suppliers, so the words of the famous classic about "sturgeon of the second freshness" are not about us.

What would you order in the "Internet Restaurant No. 1"?

- I would order a leg of lamb baked with rosemary or Provence salad, and under the mood - “Clean hands” (chicken wings under the author's barbecue sauce). In fact, the entire menu is noteworthy.

Your customers are people with high income, or you can place your order and the student?

- Our overwhelming majority of the audience, of course, are people with a certain income level who spend a lot of time at work and they have almost no time to cook at home, but the student can also arrange a “feast of the spirit”, for example, in birthday. We offer a discount for those who have a birthday.

What do you recommend to book you for the New Year?

- On the restaurant’s website there is a section “New Year's menu” where you can choose ready-made sets (sets) and create a luxurious festive table. Well, if you are ready for creativity, I will be happy to help. New Year is a time of fulfillment of desires.  

Koronnoe your dish?

- It's hard to say ... It's like highlighting the most important note in music - it's impossible. Or choose which of your children you love more. The process itself and the feeling with which the food is prepared is important to me. I have my own melody for each dish, my own rhythm. An omelet is an etude, Caesar is a variation.

A brand of music and Christmas recipe from the chef Alexander Zhurkina?

- You are welcome. New Year’s signature recipe Olivier with crayfish in the Caesar sauce. The composition includes stewed veal, pickled cucumbers, young green peas, crayfish necks, aromatic herbs, red onions, homemade mayonnaise and Caesar sauce.




-Green pea



-Ogurets pickled

-Red onion


-Molodaya veal


-Caesar Sauce 

Preparation of salad

1. Boil all vegetables, veal and crayfish tails in mineral (unsalted) water. 

2. Cut the ingredients into cubes, put them in a container.

3. Season with mayonnaise and Caesar sauce, mix gently.

4. Decorate with greens on top.

- The only thing I would pay attention to in the recipe is the difficulty of preparing Caesar sauce, this is just the know-how of our restaurant. Get ready for the New Year - decorate the apartment, make surprises and gifts for your family, be relaxed and beautiful that day, and we will prepare a delicious New Year's table together!

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