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Cake with Peaches.

Cake with Peaches. 
Since g yeast 20, 50 g flour, sugar and milk are preparing the brew and put in a warm place to increase in volume. Then knead the dough with 200 g flour and remaining milk, 150 g butter with the yolks, sugar 50 d, d 50 rum or brandy, grated lemon peel and juice, then mixed well, add the brew and continue to diligently vymishuvaty until smooth. Letter smeared with butter, put the dough and leave to brew. Bake in hot oven (oven) at 220-250 ° C. Baked layer sprinkled with a mixture of g sugar 100, 100 g of crushed kernels of nuts, breadcrumbs, cinnamon and cloves, and the top stack of purified peel sliced ​​peaches.
In a deep pot 5 break eggs, add 100 g sugar and whisk eggs on low heat, until the mixture heats up. After removing it from the bath, continue to churn to cool. By whipped with sugar eggs add 100 g flour, put the softened butter. All this mass of mix and pour peaches, then baked in the oven (the oven). Ready cake sprinkled with powdered sugar and cut into slices.
* Flour - 350 g yeast - 20 g butter - 180 g lemon - 0,5 pcs., Rum or brandy - 50 g, eggs - 8 pcs., Sugar - 300 g walnut kernels - 100 g breadcrumbs - 80 g peaches - 1000 g cinnamon - 1h, hvozdyka- 1 g milk - 300 hours

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