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Drink Picnic: five spring recipes

What to do on a nice May day with the whole family? Of course, have a picnic in nature. It does not matter where to feast: in the courtyard of a house, in a city park or in the silence of the forest. The main thing is to take along plenty of snacks and drinks for a picnic.

Citrus coolness

Every day it gets hotter, so refreshing drinks on a picnic are irreplaceable. Instead of buying fruit juices or soda in a supermarket, you can prepare homemade lemonade and make a wonderful refreshing drink with your own hands. Cut into large slices of 3-4 lemon with peel and lightly grind in a blender. Combine in a small saucepan of 1½ cups of sugar and 2 a glass of mineral water without gas. Constantly stirring, heat it on low heat until all the sugar is completely dissolved. Shredded lemons pour 2 l of mineral water without gas at room temperature, pour in the cooled sugar syrup and put in the refrigerator for the night. In the morning, strain the lemon mixture through gauze, add the juice of two grapefruits and, if necessary, a little honey. Ready lemonade we pour into the thermos, we put a few leaves of mint and close the lid. Other recipes for making lemonade are available on the site "Eat Homes!".

Fruit and berry extravaganza

Vitamin juice, excellent thirst quencher and tonic body

Fruits and berries are universal ingredients that will decorate any non-alcoholic drink for a picnic. For example, vitamin Morse, excellent quenching thirst and a tonic organism. We take 5 medium apples, a large orange and a glass of frozen black currant. Remove the peel from the apples, thinly cut the peel from the orange and squeeze out the juice from all the fruits. Berries are crushed in a blender and filtered. Fill the resulting mug with hot water, add ½ cup sugar, 1 tsp. Ground cinnamon and 3-4 bud of dried cloves. Bring the mixture to a boil over low heat, cook for 7-10 minutes, then cover with a lid and allow to cool. Filter the broth several times and mix it with orange, apple and berry juices. Before going on a picnic, you need to cool the fruit well. If desired, you can supplement it with citrus slices and fresh strawberries.

Sweet delight

This delicious smoothie will especially appeal to children.

With the advent of the spring-summer season, various smoothies are gaining special popularity. So they can be included in picnic drink recipes. Peel one large banana and 3 medium kiwis. Cut them into small pieces and combine with ½ cup strawberries. Using a blender, we turn all the ingredients into a homogeneous puree. Add 1 tbsp to the fruit and berry mixture. l. lime honey, mix thoroughly and cool. Garnish with a slice of orange before serving. Such a delicious picnic drink will especially appeal to children. If the smoothie is very thick and dense, you can dilute it with your favorite juice, milk or drinking water. As ingredients for smoothies, you can choose not only fruits and berries, but also vegetables with fresh herbs.

Bread as a drink

Homemade kvass quenches thirst well

Homemade kvass is a healthy alternative to overseas soda and a great picnic drink. How to make homemade kvass? Let's start with breadcrumbs. Cut 300 g of rye bread into slices and brown them in the oven. We transfer the crackers into a three-liter glass jar and pour about ¾ with boiling water. Dilute 25 g of dry yeast in a glass of warm water and add them to a jar of breadcrumbs as soon as the water cools down to 36–38 ° C. Mix the contents well, cover the jar with a saucer and leave in a warm place for a day. The resulting foam and air bubbles will signal that the infusion is ripe. Thoroughly filter it through cheesecloth, and put the remaining bread mass in a separate bowl. This starter can be kept in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks and used to make fresh kvass. Add 130 g of sugar, 60 g of raisins, 4 slices of lemon to the filtered drink and leave for another 5-6 hours, after which the drink must be filtered again. Read other recipes for making kvass at home on the pages of our culinary portal.

Sparkling freshness  

Spanish drink based on red wine and fruit will perfectly refresh on a hot spring day

If you prefer low alcohol cocktails, sangria will suit your taste. This Spanish drink based on red wine and fruits will perfectly refresh on a hot spring day. How to cook sangria at home? Cut into small slices 2 apples and an orange with the peel, 1 lemon and 1 lime, add 2-3 finely chopped pears and pour a glass of rum into a bowl. It is necessary that the fruit is properly saturated with the taste and aroma of the rum for an hour. Then put the fruit mixture in a decanter, pour 1 liter of dry red wine and the same amount of lemonade or soda water. Then add 1 tsp. ground cinnamon and gradually begin to introduce 70 g of sugar. Its amount can be decreased or increased, depending on your taste preferences. Now all that remains is to cool the sangria.

What do you quench your thirst on a picnic? Tell us about your favorite soft drinks in the comments and replenish our rich collection of recipes of original ideas!

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