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Drink with a soul: the secrets of delicious tea

Tea is recognized as the most popular beverage in the world after water. In our country, we love it as much as in tea recognized powers - China or India. The current diversity of tea tastes amazing.

But it was not always so. Tea card of the past

The history of tea in Russia has nearly four centuries. The first delivery date to the first half of the XVII century. They brought tea sea, directly from China, India and Ceylon. It is clear that it is intended exclusively for the royal court. Secular know the favored elite varieties, such as "Imperial lyansin", "Yunfacho with flowers", "Pearl choice" and more expensive white tea "Silver needles".

A couple of centuries later, tea has become the property of the whole people. However, he was satisfied with much less expensive varieties. Enterprising businessmen get the hand to mix the dried herbs and selling them under the guise of tea. However, some did manage to fake a success. For example, koporku, or willow-herb, many happy to drink today.

Tea made from ground pieces of fruit and berries with the addition of dried leaves was very popular in those days. Fragrant infusions were made from the bark of oak, ash and birch. Fragrant collections with oregano were in special demand. But residents of the capital Petersburg could afford Chinese tea with jasmine.   

Chemistry of taste

The richness of the choice of teas is pleasing to the eye today more than ever. Supermarkets and restaurants offer drinks for all tastes. Rare varieties can be found in specialized stores or ordered online. However, without wanting it, we can spoil this wonderful drink. After all, tea is 98% water, and its quality often leaves much to be desired.

Depending on the region, climate and environmental conditions, the taste of water changes, its chemical properties and smell. All this necessarily affects the quality and taste of the finished tea. But this drink loves soft water. And if the content of minerals in it is high, the taste of tea will be flat. In addition, a non-appetizing film will appear on its surface. Chlorine, which is added to tap water for disinfection, worsens not only the taste, but also the beneficial properties of tea. With its excess, the drink will give a sharp unpleasant odor. In addition, it will clearly feel earthy and moldy notes.

High tech

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