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Guide to cheeses: what kinds of cheese are

Guide to Cheese

Cheese has long been firmly settled in our fridge. Although an abundance of cheese, which are full of supermarket shelves, sometimes discouraging. What are the varieties and types of cheese are? And choose from a variety of delicious?

Public favorites

In our country, solid cheeses deserve national love, the kinds and names of which are difficult to count. Especially popular are Russian, Dutch and Poshekhonsky cheeses. Edam, maasdam and gouda with a rich creamy taste are ideal for sandwiches. The French are proud of their types of hard cheeses: gruyer, konté and cantaloupe. They are more suitable for vegetable snacks and gratin. The main creations of Italian masters are Parmesan, Grana Padano and Pecorino. Without them, you can not imagine a real pasta carbonara, lasagna or pizza Margarita. By the way, many Russian overseas varieties have mastered quite successfully.

The fusion of flavors

processed cheese

A very popular type of cheese in our country are processed cheese. In texture, they are close to soft, but the technology of production here is different. For their preparation, mix different kinds of cheese, cream and fats, pasteurize at high temperature, turning the mass into an emulsion. The course also includes additives: cumin, black pepper, nuts and even honey, dried fruits and syrups. All kinds of cheeses are distinguished: pasty, slice, sausage and sweet. Of course, they can not be attributed to the elite varieties, but they are delicious and truly universal. Processed cheeses are suitable for both on-duty sandwiches and omelets, as well as for exquisite salads, sauces and pasta.

Tenderness in the flesh

Cream Cheese

Everyone knows that cheeses are soft, semi-solid and firm. There are several types of soft cheeses. Cheeses with white penicillin crust have a delicate taste with spicy notes. The most famous of its representatives - brie and camembert. Cheeses with a washed crust are distinguished by a tart taste and a bright aroma. They include Livaro, epuas and limburger. Blue cheeses with noble mold are appreciated by gourmets for a piquant spice. The loudest fame among them was won by Roquefort. At all on hearing different kinds of cream cheese. Refined Riccot, Mascarpone and Philadelphia are the very embodiment of tenderness. Therefore, pastries and desserts are delicious.

Cheese as an Art

Swiss appenzeller cheese

The main types of cheeses include semisolid cheeses. They are made from coarse-grained cheese mass, keeping under pressure for several months. A characteristic feature of them is a pattern in the form of round or oblong eyes. Among them there are remarkable specimens. As, for example, cheeses альпцирлер and шлосскезе with a red crust, made only in Austria. List of types of premium cheeses continues Swiss cheese appendzeller, created by unique technology for already 700 years. It ripens in a special solution of herbs, wine and salt, due to which it acquires a unique fruit taste. Such cheeses are created for refined appetizers and salads.

The truth is in salt


Another classification can be made based on how cheeses are made. Here we are talking about pickle varieties, beloved in the Caucasus. The cheese mass is formed using enzymes, sourdough or lactobacilli and kept in a concentrated brine. The finished product has no crust, has a tart taste and a layered structure. Depending on the density, brine cheeses are also soft and hard. The most famous soft types of cheese in Russia are feta cheese, chanakh and Adyghe cheese. Hard varieties include suluguni and lori. These cheeses make delicious khychins, Ossetian pies, cakes with fillings and stuffed eggplants.

Ravishing haze

Smoked Pigtail Cheese

Smoked cheese is a type of hard cheese. Although the manufacturing technology allows them to be distinguished into a special category. When cold smoked, the cheese is kept at 20–32 ° C for 2–4 weeks. Hot smoked cheese is heated to 88 ° C, so it ripens twice as fast. As a result, a golden-brown, smoky crust is formed that reliably stores useful elements. Perhaps the most famous smoked cheese is "pigtail", or chechil. The sausage cheese is also worthy of mention. The cheese mass for it is heated to 95 ° C, filled with a dense shell and brought to readiness in a smokehouse. This is how the signature ingredient in cream soups and creamy sauces is born.

Cheese rarities


What kind of cheeses come from the type of milk? Most often we meet milk cheeses of different density, moderately fatty and sweetish to the taste. The fat is considered to be cheese from sheep's milk. This is primarily hard varieties, like Castellano or Aragon, and soft shepherds, like feta. Cheeses made from goat's milk are second in fat content. Here you can name not so popular with us rokamadur, shabishu and pelardon. They should be looked for and tasted in foreign trips. A unique taste is the cheese from buffalo milk, the most famous of which is mozzarella. A real curiosity is cheese from mare and camel milk.

How many types of cheese exist in the world today, do not undertake to say no culinary expert. However, this does not prevent us from discovering new varieties and enjoy your favorite cheeses.

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