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Watermelon - the king of summer sweets

Scarlet sugar in a green velvet coat watermelon - the most delicious reason to love summer even more. And the very miracle berry is revered no less, and as a sign of special recognition in August 3 celebrate the World Day of watermelon.

Earth watermelon path

Striped handsome man was born in the fields of South Africa, and not in Asia, as is commonly believed, even 1,500 years before our era. Then the melons were cultivated by the Egyptians. They not only enjoyed eating juicy fruits with pleasure, but carefully laid them in the tombs of the pharaohs - so that the afterlife would be sweeter. And only then they became addicted to watermelons in China. In our lands, this overseas fruit first appeared in the era of Ancient Rus due to Indian merchants. However, to grow it independently learned only by the middle of the 17 century. It is noteworthy that in those days the watermelon was boiled and soaked for a long time before proceeding to the meal.

Today experiments on watermelon are put by breeders. Japanese scientists have brought out a special sort of cubic form. Strangely enough, not for fun, but for practical reasons. In this form, you can transport, and therefore sell much more watermelons, and even store much more conveniently. In some countries, yellow watermelons are grown from crossing a common and wild fetus. Its pulp of lemon color is distinguished by an unusual flavor of mango and pumpkin. And especially for those who gravitate towards minimalism, dwarf varieties of striped berries with a diameter of about 10 cm are found. However, mother-nature responded with an impressive record to this attack and together with American farmers showed a giant watermelon weighing 120 kg.

Benefit in every cell

Watermelon - the perfect dietary product with a minimum of calories and to 90% consisting of water. However, this is a real pantry of useful substances. Soft tissue gently stimulates the digestive system and a natural antioxidant lycopene has a general revitalizing effect on the body and prevents the development of cancer.

Widely known for a powerful diuretic effect of watermelon, under the influence of which the body is cleansed of the accumulated "waste". Therefore, watermelon - a sure remedy for food poisoning and for cleansing the liver from toxins. The juicy pulp is extremely useful for the kidneys, especially in inflammatory processes. Due to the high content of magnesium and vitamin B9, watermelon strengthens the cardiovascular system, normalizes blood pressure and reduces cholesterol.

Healing properties and have a watermelon seeds, known anthelmintic action. If you chop a handful of dried seeds in a coffee grinder and mix them with milk in proportion 1: 10, get effective natural cure for unwanted guests. There is a separate application, and watermelon rinds. Of them can cook healthy and delicious candied fruit for the winter. A decoction of the dried watermelon peels alleviate the suffering of rheumatism and gout.

A spoon of nitrates in a barrel of honey

However, sometimes there is a danger under the striped crust in the form of nitrates, which are intensively filled with watermelons to accelerate ripening. In order not to be poisoned by such a poisonous berry, you should choose it with passion. It is most sensible not to buy watermelons before mid-August, because at the beginning of the season they are pumped with nitrates especially actively. Ask the seller to cut off a small piece of the fruit. An unnatural red color with shades of purple, as well as clear yellow fibers running from the core to the crust are sure signs of the presence of "chemistry" in a watermelon. The cut of a healthy fruit is covered with grains and irregularities, while the cut of a nitrate one is smooth and shiny. The most reliable way to calculate nitrates is to throw a piece of pulp into a glass of water. If it becomes cloudy, the watermelon is fine. If the water turns red, it’s better to put the watermelon in the bin.

Simple manipulations will help to determine ripeness. Pat the watermelon - a mature specimen will resonate and slightly spring under the palm. In this case, the sound will be clear and clear. If you squeeze a ripe watermelon with both hands, it will bend a little and crack inside. A tasty ripe watermelon is large, but not too large and not heavy at the same time. Dried tail, light yellow spots and clear contrasting bands on the peel also indicate the ripeness of watermelon. 

Menu with watermelon flavor

Watermelon is able to refresh not only dessert, but also other dishes. A light gourmet salad with watermelon and feta cheese is just such a case. The pulp of a watermelon needs to be peeled and cut into cubes. We cut the feta cheese into cubes, combine with a watermelon and arugula leaves. Separately, we prepare dressing: mix lime juice with a spoon of honey. Now it remains to add it to the salad and decorate with olives.

The connoisseurs of original recipes will definitely like gazpacho from watermelon. To make it, we mix the pulp of the watermelon without seeds (1 kg) and half a cup of cranberry juice into a blender until smooth mashed. We strain the resulting mixture through a fine sieve and send it to the refrigerator for an hour. In the meantime, we'll make a filling for gazpacho. Cut another 400 g. Watermelon, one cucumber, bell pepper, celery, parsley and add lemon juice, wine vinegar and jalapeno pepper. We combine this mixture with the cooled base - and can be fed to the table. Eating watermelon gazpacho is best for one day.

And for dessert you can cook cool watermelon sorbet. For this we need the flesh of the watermelon is not too large, we can cut, remove seeds and freeze in the freezer. Shift watermelon ice crust in the blender, add a quarter cup of honey, the juice of two lemons, mint beam and turn all the ingredients into a homogeneous mass. Spread sorbet for ice-cream bowls and decorate with mint leaves.

Ripe juicy watermelon - one of the best gifts of the summer to our table. The main thing is to wait for the peak of the season to get charged with the life-giving energy of nature for many months to come. 

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