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Harm and benefits of low-fat products

Modern food industry is able to turn in a dietary product that you want, whether it be cottage cheese or sweet drinks. However, often colorful pack cleverly hides the true nature and the great harm of low-fat products.

Low fat foods: myths

Zero fat content, as proudly claimed by manufacturers of some products, is the first fact that causes big doubts. This statement is true, perhaps, only for green tea and water. Almost all products contain fats, albeit in minimal quantities. Another misconception is that a low fat content makes food useful. However, it is for this reason that it loses its rich flavor, and it is compensated by means of amplifiers, flavors, flavors, stabilizers, sweeteners, etc. Such a magnificent bouquet of food additives does not bring any benefit to the body. In addition, conventional fats are often replaced by artificial trans fats. Scientifically proven that their frequent use causes disruption of metabolic processes, undermines the immune system, increases the risk of developing diabetes, negatively affects the emotional state.

Another myth - fat-free foods well saturate the body and dull the feeling of hunger. In fact, they are even more fomenting it, forcing them to consume them again and again. In addition, a dangerous delusion begins to work here: the fewer calories in a product, the more it can be eaten. The problem is that fat-free foods are saturated with carbohydrates and salt. And since carbohydrates are absorbed quickly, soon the body requires a new portion, as a result, the amount of calories consumed increases with excess kilograms. Salt, in turn, delays excess moisture and harmful substances in the body, and also loads the heart and kidneys beyond measure.

Low fat foods: true

No less popular instant cereals contain many harmful additives

The main advantage of low-fat products, as manufacturers say, is low calorie content. However, this property, as well as the benefits or harm of low-fat products, raise doubts. So, today's popular diet loaves saturate the body with carbohydrates and provoke a feeling of hunger. Therefore, nutritionists recommend replacing them with wholemeal bread. No less popular instant cereals contain many harmful additives. In order not to expose yourself to unnecessary risk, it is best to eat regular oatmeal, buckwheat, or unprocessed rice. The already mentioned trans fats, which significantly increase the level of cholesterol in the blood, are often added to meat semi-finished products. Those who want to lose weight should replace these products with dietary meats such as beef or rabbit. And you can switch to low-fat fish or poultry. 

Low-fat products are harmful primarily for people with intolerance to individual components, which can cause severe allergic reactions. It is important to understand that products with a normal fat content are vital for a balanced diet, which ultimately allows you to gradually reduce body weight and keep it under control. While the consumption of low-fat foods, disrupting metabolism and leading to other functional disruptions, leads to a set of extra pounds and health problems. Special attention should be paid to the widely replicable use of low-fat dairy products.

Milky self-deception

It makes more sense for healthy people to replace high-fat foods with less calories.

Are low-fat dairy products helpful? Many consumers respond positively to this question. Oddly enough, but with a low fat content, many dietary dairy products are almost as good as their usual counterparts. First of all, we are talking about low-fat cottage cheese, saturated with artificial additives to improve the taste. That is why it is so important to read labels. Among other things, close attention should be paid to the shelf life. Fat-free dairy products can be stored for months, of course, thanks to artificial preservatives. 

The harm of low-fat dairy products is confirmed by the example of yogurt, so beloved followers diets. Calorie-fat yogurt can not exceed 60-70 calories. However, in this case, due to lack of fat product loses proper structure, and its return to producers "pump" it stabilizers and other additives. Number of fat in the yogurt that actually tends to zero, as the content of valuable protein for the body.

Include dairy fat diet expedient only for patients with high cholesterol, hypertension, as well as the prevention of atherosclerosis. Healthy people wiser to replace foods high in fat less calories. For example, instead of creamy yoghurt to buy milk, but instead interest 20-15-cream to take interest.

Constant counting of calories and refusal of delicious food with a natural taste will hardly help to get rid of extra pounds. The basis of a healthy diet is a balanced selection of products, the caloric content of which in most cases plays a secondary role.   

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