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Granola: tasty, useful and modern

If ideas for tasty and healthy breakfast or run out for their realization is not enough time to come to the rescue always granola - a favorite treat of Hollywood stars and supporters of trendy diets.

Medicinal grasses

Granola - is a dry mixture of flattened oat flakes (or other cereals), nuts and honey, baked until crisp condition. Sometimes it is added dried fruit, fruit pulp, grated chocolate and other fillers. You can often find granola, compressed in the bar, making it a nutritious and healthy snack, so beloved by tourists and athletes.

Granola is considered to be a true American meal. I came up with its caring Dr. James Caleb Jackson 1984 year to improve the diet of their patients. However, while it is still referred to as pellets (with an emphasis on 2-syllable), and was prepared from a special kind of whole wheat flour. A little later began to produce a similar product John Kellogg and avoid litigation changed the name to granola. The modern appearance of this product is purchased through Leighton Gentry, proposed to add to cereals nuts, honey and dried fruits.

Haute cuisine

The standard all over the world is considered granola Barbarum, prepared according to individual recipes. Each of them can contain up to 25 different ingredients: whole oats, wheat, amaranth, rice or corn with the addition of pieces of tropical fruits, wild berries, nuts of various varieties, as well as sage, cardamom, star anise and other spices.

In contrast, oat flakes or muesli, granola does not require any preparation or additives, so it can be used safely in dry form. The main advantage of this product - a valuable dietary fiber, well nourishes the body and stimulating the work of the digestive system. This granola contains no preservatives, flavor enhancers or trans fats. With frequent use, it helps to normalize cholesterol levels, adjust metabolism and eliminate toxins. That's why granola nutritionists approve of different directions.

DIY granola

Granola goes well with kefir, milk, natural yoghurts, fresh juices, honey. Successful and healthy combinations are obtained with apples, bananas, peaches, plums and fresh berries. 

And granola is good because it can be easily made at home. To do this, you need to take a mixture of any cereal. For example, take a glass of wheat, oat, rye or barley flakes. Mix dry cereal with chopped dried apricots, figs and raisins. You can add handfuls of crushed hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts.

Combine the dry mix with 3 Art. l vegetable oil, a small amount of maple syrup and honey, as well as fruit puree. It can be made from apples, pears, bananas or any other fruit. Fruit and cereal mass should be thick and at the same time well divided into pieces. It is important that the flakes are not completely soaked, but only slightly moist. We cover the baking sheet with oiled baking paper, spread our mass on it evenly and send it to the oven at 145 degrees. Stirring occasionally, bake the mixture for 2 hours. Then we cool the prepared granola, crush it thoroughly, transfer it to the jar and tightly close the lid. 

Granola - nutritious, tasty and healthy product, which will diversify your daily menu and will be enjoyed by both adults and children.

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