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Pomegranate - unusual berry

If you take a closer look at the pomegranate fruit, it becomes clear why it is called the king of fruits. After all, the pomegranate is indeed topped with a small crown. Although, of course, this fruit enjoys universal love and respect, not only because of her.

Grain from the grain

The pomegranate tree has been known to mankind for several millennia, and we know almost everything about its magical fruits. Pomegranate is a berry, albeit quite unusual. His homeland is North Africa and the East Mediterranean coast. In the second half of summer, pomegranate trees are covered with bright red flowers, and in late autumn - with fruits the size of an apple, containing 400-700 grains.

The fruit of the pomegranate is rounded, covered with a leathery shell, which, depending on the variety, can be pink, yellowish or dark red. Pomegranate peel has a lot of useful properties, but, of course, the main thing is under the shell. And under it are the seeds, covered with translucent, juicy, red-pink pulp. They look like real gems, and the taste is surprisingly refreshing, sweet and sour berries.

Garnet is a symbolic fruit, which absorbed many myths and legends. For many nations, it represents the fortress and inviolability of the family union. It is worth remembering the ancient Greek myth of the abduction of Persephone Aid, who forced his wife to swallow the pomegranate seed so that she remains forever with him in the realm of the dead. Or the goddess Juno, a powerful patroness of the family and marriage with her pomegranate apple.

At Greek weddings, it is customary to break the pomegranate fruit for good luck. A similar custom exists in Turkey, where a bride throws a pomegranate on the floor in order to determine the number of future children by the fallen seeds.

In the East, the garnet is also respected, there I read it

M symbol of wealth and fertility, calling nothing but the king of all fruits. It is possible that the jagged tail of this wonderful fruit just became the prototype of the royal crown.

Muslims, for example, are sure that in every pomegranate there is one grain that got into it directly from heaven. And in China, at the wedding of newlyweds, they are still blessed with pomegranate seeds and presented with pictures of these wonderful fruits for good luck.

About the benefits and uniqueness


Pomegranate is edible by 65%, and the juice in it can be up to 84%. The pulp of pomegranate seeds contains sugar, citric and malic acids give it a slight sourness. Also, the pulp of pomegranate seeds contains a lot of minerals, amino acids, tannins, vitamins and flavonoids. All this makes the pomegranate fruit unique in terms of its usefulness. It is not for nothing that pomegranate juice is considered not only tasty, but also curative, helping with a variety of ailments. Himself red, like blood, it is indispensable for anemia, vitamin deficiency, inflammation.

When choosing this divine drink, you need to know that this pomegranate juice has a rich red and burgundy color, half transparent in sunlight, sometimes with small particles. At the bottom of the bottle is a pinkish sediment, which dissolves when shaken. It is worth paying attention to the production period, because the garnet ripens from September to November.

Culinary data  

From the pomegranate juice, you can prepare an excellent marinade for meat, sweet syrup, grenadine, wine, punch or sauce. Fresh and dried pomegranate seeds are put in salads, pilaf, dishes from legumes and stewed vegetables, curry, decorate them with desserts.

Everyone knows that the process of cleaning the grenade is pretty troublesome, the fingers after it become blue and black, and do not wash for a long time. But there are ways to clean the grenade quickly and without much trouble. To do this, cut the fruit "along the equator", turn one of the halves downwards over a large bowl and start pounding the grenade with a wooden spoon. Grains are poured out of the pomegranate, and an empty half will remain in their hands. Similar manipulations are made with the other half.

By the way, experts advise not to use aluminum and carbon steel utensils and tools for cutting and cooking pomegranate dishes, as the juice becomes bitter when interacting with them. 

In a word, drink pomegranate juice, give tribute to the grains of this wonderful fruit of berry origin and be healthy. After all, pomegranate makes it clear to us that among the wholesome there is a mass of tasty. 

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