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To paint eggs for Easter: a natural approach

Painted eggs are an attribute without which it is impossible to imagine a festive table for Bright Easter. With the help of modern, very practical Easter sets, you can create your own creations that would delight Faberge himself. However, few realize that home bins have everything you need to achieve the same effect without much trickery.

grandmother's recipes

Before painting, it is worth remembering a few simple and useful truths. To eggshell treacherously not cracked during cooking, the eggs should be left for about an hour at room temperature. And in the process of cooking in water should pour a tablespoon of salt. Immediately prior to paint each egg is wiped with alcohol or mild soapy water. Thus the surface is degreased and the paint will form an even layer of handsome.

Now you can start artwork. Perhaps the most famous way, inherited from grandmothers - is a decoction of onion husk. Depending on its concentration, the color of eggs varies from pale yellow to deep reddish-brown. The very method of painting is very simple: the onion husks are cooked in a saucepan for half an hour, then eggs are dropped into it and cooked for at least 10 minutes. You can resort to another ancient recipe and achieve a golden hue with the help of birch leaves. According to a similar scheme of them preparing a decoction, insists half an hour, and then the eggs are dipped into it and cooked until ready.

Rainbow on the shell

The color scale can be significantly expanded by referring to other products that are certainly available in any home. For example, the juice of ordinary beets will color the shell in the most traditional for Easter eggs light red color. If you like more tender pink tones, you should use cherry juice. A spring light green shade will help to get the leaves of spinach or nettle. And by mixing a decoction of blueberries with turmeric, you can achieve a more saturated herbaceous color. Sunny yellow shades with ease will create citrus fruits or carrots. In cool blue and violet tones, the eggs will be painted with blueberry juice or red cabbage leaves.

Noble brown color gives not only the onion peel. It can safely replace the concentrated tea brewing, strong coffee or a decoction of pomegranate peel. Often eggs painted by hand, rubbing the surface of the egg product selected. You can resort to the familiar technology. Pour the water the eggs, add the vinegar and cook them for 15 minutes, lowering the water necessary natural dye. If you want to get a more saturated color, the eggs in the cooled down solution placed in the refrigerator overnight.

Curlicue ligature

You can not only decorate the eggs in your favorite color, but also to transform them using the beautiful patterns if desired. The easiest way - to disrupt some parsley petals, gently attach to the egg from different sides and tightly wrap the stocking. As such, they are sent in a saucepan with onion skins. And after 10-15 minutes gaze brought eggs with beautiful maple leaves on the shell.

With a little dexterity, you can achieve various interesting effects. So, eggs moistened with water are thoroughly rolled in dry rice, tightly wrapped in a piece of gauze and tied tightly with a thread. The eggs are then boiled in onion skins, resulting in an artistic speckled pattern. And if you wrap the eggs in cotton cloth and boil them all in the same onion peel, they will be cast in marble. Intricate abstract patterns can be easily achieved using multi-colored threads, wrapping them around eggs before painting.

You can combine different techniques and get a curious combination of colors and unusual patterns. To begin with, we boil eggs in water with soda solution, let cool and wrap with colored silk shreds, tied with colored threads from above. Again boil them in the same solution, then release the eggs from silk and thread. 

By the way, using the fabrics dyed eggs in the old days in Russia. All year mistress collected multicolored rags that can fade. When approached Easter time, the tissue separated by color, soaked in water for some time, after which this solution dyed eggs.

Arts in

Artistic nature with a keen sense of beauty can surprise guests something unusual, and at the same time show the artistic talent in all its glory. To do this, just painted and still hot put the egg in a glass or a special stand. And until it has cooled, using a thin brush to paint the surface inspired watercolors. Instead watercolors can use fresh lemon juice. them to make tread patterns as lemon discolor painted surfaces.

If desired, you can even paint the egg inside, and without any harm to the health of those who will be his taste. Eggs cooked the most common way for three minutes, then taken out and carefully pierced with a needle in several places. Then they continue to cook, but with the addition of very strong tea leaves, cinnamon and cloves. And eggs to shine the beauty in every sense, after staining with any of the proposed methods, they definitely need to rub sunflower oil.

Experiment with colors and patterns, try new recipes and create your own. And do not forget about the main ingredients of any recipe - a good mood and caring for loved ones. 

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