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Gala Dinner per minute 15: 6 fast recipes

It has long been observed that the best things in this world happen spontaneously. And if on the verge of unexpectedly appeared the guests, such a surprise promise a lot of pleasant moments. And so the evening was a success, it is to build a quick and delicious gala dinner in the allotted time.

Sandwich Impromptu

It is for such cases and sandwiches are invented, which can easily be turned into a festive snack. For it, yesterday's bread is perfect, which we will cut into slices of thickness 2 cm and dry it in an oven or in a skillet without oil on a slow fire. We will spread the bread with mayonnaise, to which we add chopped greens, a garlic clove passed through the press and salt with spices. And decorate our sandwiches with rings of olives and olives. A real Armenian lavash will be a real wand for the preparation of a festive treat. Variations of toppings for it are endless: shrimp and squid, Korean carrots and chicken, cheese and ham, tomatoes with greens and cheese, etc. Lubricate the lavash with the same mayonnaise with garlic, after which we roll it into a tight roll and cut into small portions.

Turkey in corn thickets

Another good idea for a festive dinner is a turkey with Asian flavor. The first thing to fry in a deep frying pan on sesame oil 3 cloves of garlic and a little pounded ginger. Add the turkey fillet (500 g), cut into small cubes and stirring occasionally, fry it for 7-8 minutes. Next comes the ring-cut leeks, slices of bell pepper and a couple of spoons of fish sauce. In the last place put in the frying pan small corn cobs. Next, dilute 1 tsp. Starch in a quarter of a glass of water, pour turkey with vegetables and wait for a few minutes until the sauce thickens. Finished the dish with pepper and sesame seeds.

Visiting a forest fairytale Tasty, beautiful and healthy salads will color the table, and the time of their preparation will brighten up your evening

Add in the menu of fast and festive dinner recipes for salads - and success in the evening is assured. A win-win option will be a champignon salad with Parmesan and greens. To begin with, fry in a pan of 2 crushed garlic cloves, a few chopped fresh parsley spoons and 200 g of chopped champignons. At the bottom of the salad bowl we spread slices of stalks of celery, pour them fresh lemon juice, 2 st. L. Olive oil and let it brew for a couple of minutes. Cover the celery with ragged lettuce leaves and sprinkle with grated parmesan. On top lay warm mushrooms with garlic and herbs, then sprinkle again with grated cheese.

Pasta in cheese and tomato

The most common pasta will help you prepare a festive dinner quickly and inexpensively. We will deal with them first of all, namely, we will boil until cooked in salted water. For this recipe, it's best to take a pound of penne pasta. And while they are boiling, we will prepare the sauce. Fry half a glass of almonds in a pan, add a clove of chopped garlic, 30 g grated cheese, salt and pepper to taste, mix thoroughly. In a deep preheated frying pan, simmer finely chopped tomatoes (1 kg) until they have given up all the juice. We introduce the walnut-garlic mixture into the tomato mass and keep on fire for a couple of minutes. We dilute the sauce with a little water, in which the pasta was cooked, and then mix it with the finished penne.

Lemon romance with fish

The fish choice for dinner will greatly reduce your stay in the kitchen.

Fish gourmets will surely delight fried trout in lemon juice. Especially since you can cook it very quickly. Rub a few pieces of fish fillet with salt and pepper and roll in flour carefully. Send them to a preheated frying pan with butter and fry over medium heat until golden brown. It takes no more than 5 minutes. Then turn the fish pieces over, fry 2-3 for another minute, put them on the plate and cover them tightly with foil so that they do not have time to cool down. Fry the thin slices of lemon and thyme in butter until they turn golden. Add to the pan a little chopped parsley, salt and spices to taste. Pour the trout with the resulting sauce and decorate it with roasted lemon wedges.  

Dreams in sweet clouds

Quick and easy desserts are just as tasty as cakes and pies.

What a festive dinner without a delicious dessert? A great solution for him would be homemade tiramisu. Beat 600 ml of cream with a mixer, gradually pouring 4 Art. l sugar and some vanilla. Here you can freely experiment and add to your cream, for example, your favorite jam or pieces of fresh fruit. First you need to brew black coffee, in which we will soak the cookies. Ideally, this should be a savoyardi, but any other one is suitable for a homemade recipe. Put the soaked cookies on the bottom of the form, then richly cover them with a thick layer of whipped cream. After that, repeat the layer of cookies and cover them with whipped cream again. You can decorate such a dessert with grated chocolate, crumbs from the same biscuit, coconut flakes or crushed nuts. 

Knowing how to quickly prepare a holiday dinner, you can always arrange a small impromptu celebration for friends and relatives. And you can fill up our collection of recipes notions of their holiday in haste.

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