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Meat menu: five courses of rabbit

In autumn, more than ever, you want gastronomic variety. And here we can recall such a wonderful product as rabbit meat, which consists of solid merits. How to cook rabbit dishes deliciously and delight the whole family?

Rainbow rabbit

As you know, rabbit meat is dietary and very tender. Even fried, its calorie content is only 156 kcal per 100 g. At the same time, the rabbit is superior in nutritional properties to many other types of meat. Therefore, rabbit dishes in a pan are not only hearty, but also healthy. Rabbit with potatoes is just one of them. To prepare it, cut the carcass into pieces, rub them with salt and spices and quickly fry over high heat until golden brown. Add chopped carrots with onions to the meat and simmer over medium heat for 5-7 minutes. Transfer the rabbit with vegetables to a baking dish, fill with meat juice from a frying pan, cover with foil and keep in the oven at 25 ° C for 190 minutes. Meanwhile, fry 7-8 potatoes in small pieces until golden brown. We combine them with ready-made meat, and the rabbit dish with potatoes can be served at the table. For children, it is better to replace fried potatoes with airy puree.

Perfect pair

Delicious and hearty rabbit dish

Rabbit meat goes well with spices and sauces. But his true "second half" is sour cream. It will not allow the rabbit to dry out, make it softer and better reveal its aroma. We also start cooking rabbit dishes in sour cream with cutting the carcass. Fry 3-4 crushed garlic cloves in a frying pan, remove them, lay out the pieces of meat and lightly brown. We move them to a cauldron, and in a pan with garlic oil fry 2 onions in half rings. Then we send them to the meat. Simmer the rabbit in its own juice, covered over low heat for an hour. Then put it in a baking dish and sprinkle with 800 g of fried mushrooms. We mix the juice that the rabbit gave during the stewing with 400 g of fatty sour cream, a pinch of salt and pepper. Pour the meat with mushrooms with this sauce and put in an oven preheated to 160 ° C for an hour, put two slices of lemon on top. You can show off this recipe for a rabbit dish in sour cream at a festive dinner - a lot of flattering reviews are guaranteed.

Diet rabbit

Rabbit diet dish

For those who stoically adhere to diets, rabbit dishes in a multicooker are just a godsend. We cut the carcass into small pieces and marinate them for at least an hour in a mixture of 1 tbsp. l. Dijon mustard, 1 tbsp. l. apricot jam and 1 clove of minced garlic. In the multicooker bowl, simmer the onion and carrots until transparent in the "Fry" mode. We spread the pickled rabbit pieces to them. Stir gently, fill the mixture with a glass of broth, season with salt, pepper and dried thyme to taste. According to the recipe, prepare a dietary dish from a rabbit in the "Stew" mode for 1,5–2 hours. Small children can also be given it without fear. It contains a lot of protein, which is easily and quickly absorbed. In addition, in this design, the rabbit turns out to be especially gentle.

World Soup

Fresh greens are a great addition to this delicious rabbit dish.

Fragrant rabbit meat soup is a dish that will undoubtedly decorate family dinners. We need 800 g of rabbit meat on the bone. Cut it into pieces, pour 2 liters of water and cook for about 1,5 hours, not forgetting to remove the foam. Then we take out the meat, separate it from the bones and chop finely. Strain the broth through cheesecloth. Fry a chopped onion and 2 cloves of garlic, 1 small carrot, chopped into cubes in a pan. Fill them with ½ glass of dry white wine and evaporate by half. We send chopped bell peppers into the meat broth, followed by garlic-onion frying and 100 g of green peas. Bring the mixture to a boil and cook for 5-7 minutes. Next, lay out the pieces of rabbit, salt and pepper to taste, simmer the soup for another 5 minutes. This delicious rabbit dish is a great addition to fresh herbs. And the final chord will be a spoonful of cool sour cream before serving.

Miracle in a pot

Such an elegant roast will create a sense of celebration, and your loved ones will ask you to cook it again more than once.

Roast in pots is a great recipe for a second course from a rabbit, which will not resist even the most sophisticated fussy. Cut 5 potatoes into thin long strips, put half on the bottom of the pots. Cut the rabbit meat weighing 500-600 g into pieces and place on top of the potatoes. The next layer is 2 onion heads in large half rings. Next, put 200 g of chopped champignons. Sprinkle the mushrooms with grated carrots, chopped herbs and chopped garlic cloves. The remaining potatoes complete the composition. Fill the pots with water by about a third, coat well with sour cream on top. Bring this rabbit dish to readiness in the oven. There it will spend 1 hour at a temperature of 190 ° C. Such an elegant roast will create a feeling of celebration, and your loved ones will ask you to cook it again more than once. 

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