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Meat and wine: the perfect combination

The best complement to the meat is red wine - this truism is known even to people far away from the cooking. This perfect union, and in fact has unbreakable magical harmony. However, as in any relationship, the main role is played by nuances.

Simple truths

The successful compatibility of red wine and meat is due to the deep chemistry of the senses. The fact is that red wine contains tannin substance, given off by the skin of grapes. This valuable item 

It neutralizes the effect of fat, which is so rich in red meat, because these two products and nourish each other mutual sympathy.

To learn how to create winning combinations from specific meat dishes and wines, you need to remember a few simple truths. The simplest rule is to combine food and drinks from the same region. Thus, a steak made from selected Argentinean beef requires supplementation in the form of dry red Malbec from the same Argentina. But since the geographical factor can be difficult, it is easier to combine meat and wine according to the principle of balanced tastes. They must be selected in such a way that they either "sound in unison" or, conversely, emphasize the taste differences of each other. For example, wines with a bright rich bouquet are suitable for aromatic meat dishes. And if there is sourness in the meat, it is better to balance it with a mild sweet wine.

Creating an ideal couple, should take into account not only the taste of the main ingredients, but also the minor components - spices and sauces. Too complex seasonings can transform the taste of the foods beyond recognition, and bring to the new emphasis plan. In this case, the wine has chosen not to the dish and to the sauce or seasoning.

Each meat - a pair

Most often, the choice of wine is dictated by the variety of meat from which a particular dish is made. Marbled beef steak has a lot of fatty layers, due to which the meat eats delicious juice during frying. Harmoniously complement such a dish under the power of Argentine, Chilean, French wines from Bordeaux, as well as Californian Cabernet. For a more tender Chateaubriand steak is best suited to wine with a soft and sustained taste, such as New Zealand Pinot Noir, Australian Shiraz or Burgundy Chambertin.

Lamb meat tenderness and different at the same time, an abundance of fatty inclusions. Therefore, in a couple of wine it is necessary to select a soft, but not too rich. Organically with the meat will be felt by the South African Pinotage and Pinot Noir from the fertile lands of Burgundy. French wines Sauvignon or Merlot with dense flavor and bright notes of black currant blend well with braised red meats and succulent roast lamb.

Pork is considered a white meat, so a variety of variations are allowed here, both with red and white wine. Smoky grilled pork harmonizes with dense red varieties - Barbaresco, Chianti, Bordeaux wines. But roast pork with vegetables will perfectly complement white wines - Riesling, Viognier or Gruner. Whole baked pork has a much more sophisticated and delicate flavor. Dry white wines Chardonnay and Riesling highlight it. By the way, red wine is quite appropriate for this dish, although it may dominate. In order not to destroy the fragile harmony of tastes, it is best to take a bottle of Pinot Noir or Beaujolais.

Laconic meats are also able to create a winning tandem with wine. As these dishes are opening a table, then it is better to choose unsaturated and light wine. Different Smoked sausages Shiraz complies with appetizing notes of spices. A meat pate perfectly combined with white semi-dry wines.

Wild Meat

Some connoisseurs of more specific game. This meat is characterized by excessive hardness and dryness, besides it has a characteristic aroma. Most often, game dishes are served in combination with bright berry sauces. To balance such a complex taste, you should choose light wines, as well as take into account the individual characteristics of different varieties of meat.

Roasted wild boar is best combined with a classic Chianti braised - with French wines Fitou and Bandol. The harmonious complement to roast venison will Pinot Noir and Red Burgundy wines. Grilled Venison is good paired with Syrah wine. Dense Spanish varieties of Ribera del Duero, as well as the French Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot can be safely fed to a hot venison.

Partridge prefers rich fruit wines, but not too strong. A wild duck recognizes drinks with a pronounced aroma and a spicy aftertaste, so the Australian Shiraz, the Chilean Carmenere and the wines from Priorat will please her. If you are going to cook roast of pheasant or black grouse, in addition to these dishes you should choose soft Spanish Navarro or velvety French Pinot Noir. However, in this case, you should carefully consider the spices - excessive piquancy will mercilessly eclipse the delicate flavor. 

Arts combinations of wine and meat are not obliged to adhere to strict rules, some more general recommendations. Cleverly combining them with their own preferences, you can open a lot of unexpected flavors even in the most familiar dishes.

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