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Strawberry cake with cream

* Products for cooking: 6 eggs, egg yolks 4, 160 grams of powdered sugar, flour g 160, 40 g butter; For the filling: 200 g cream, sugar grams 50, 150 g strawberries, brandy or liqueur; for decoration: 100 g cream, sugar, strawberries.
Egg yolks and sugar mixed and Iudrio continuously whisking whisk, cook for a couple until a thick mass. Then, continue to beat until cooled, add the flour and melted butter.
Form for the cake grease with butter, spread it in the resulting batter and bake. Ready cake is cooled, cut in half lengthwise and stuffed with fillings prepared as follows: whipped cream and mix with the sugar. 50 g strawberries rubbed through a sieve, 100 g - cut into lengthwise slices, sprinkled with brandy or liqueur and mix with whipped cream.
On top of the cake and smeared with whipped cream and decorate with whole strawberries, roll in sugar.

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