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Celebrate Fall: five dishes with seasonal ingredients

September - a velvet autumn, pleasant and still fresh memories of the summer and, of course, our favorite seasonal food. What will please us the first month of autumn? And you can cook delicious for the whole family?

Juicy greens of autumn

Fennel is a herb that resembles dill, but with thicker, juicy stems that form a dense head. It can be added to any dish, but fennel salads are the tastiest. Cut the medium-sized fennel head into strips, 2 apples into thin circles, 100 g of walnuts into small pieces. Mix 2 tbsp separately. l. white wine, 1 tbsp. l. lemon juice, 1 tbsp. l. nut butter, 1 tsp. honey and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Dress the salad with sauce, decorate it with sprigs of fennel or your favorite greens. The light sweetness of fennel, the juicy sourness of lemon and green apples, and a subtle bitterness are an exquisite combination that your home gourmets will appreciate!

Rice in a solar pot

Without a doubt, such a dish will decorate your dining table.

The most elegant autumn vegetable is pumpkin. Recipes from it delight with a kaleidoscope of tastes. The least effort required is a pumpkin in a slow cooker. But if you wanted something special, you have to work hard and cook, for example, stuffed pumpkin. To make it great, choose a fairly large and fleshy fruit. Cut off the top, remove the pulp with seeds and lightly salt the inside. Boil a glass of rice until half cooked. Fry 300 g of veal in slices until golden brown, put it on the bottom of the pumpkin. We make a frying of carrots, onions and bell peppers, at the end add a couple of chopped tomatoes and 300 g of pumpkin pulp. We put the filling together, salt and pepper, fill the pumpkin with it, cover with the top and grease with oil. According to the recipe, this pumpkin dish is baked in the oven for an hour at a temperature of 225 ° C. Without a doubt, it will decorate your dining table and whet the appetite of the household with its one look!

Mushroom stash under the cheese crust

With such a wonderful cake, family gatherings will become even more sincere

Mushrooms occupy an honorable place in the list of seasonal products in Russia. We suggest making a pie with mushrooms and cheese. We mix 3 tbsp. l. flour, ⅓ glass of warm water, 1 tbsp. l. sugar, 1 tbsp. l. dry yeast and put in a warm place. Sift 600 g of flour with a slide, make a depression in the center and break an egg into it. Smoothly add ⅔ glass of water and dough with a pinch of salt. Knead the dough and leave it to stand. While it is coming up, throw 800 g of honey mushrooms into boiling water, bring them to a boil, catch them with a slotted spoon and dry them. Then fry the mushrooms in oil. When the dough has increased in volume, divide it into two unequal parts. The larger one is rolled into a thick layer and placed in a baking dish. Put mushrooms on top, sprinkle with 150 g of grated cheese, cover with the second part of the dough and fix the edges. Cover the cake with an egg and put it in an oven preheated to 180 ° C for 40 minutes. With such a wonderful cake, family gatherings will become even more sincere.

Autumn harvest in a plate

This dish will diversify your daily menu and will especially appeal to those who follow a diet.

Rutabaga is a traditional Russian vegetable that tastes like a cross between turnip and cabbage. Many modern housewives gradually began to forget how to cook rutabagas. We propose to correct this omission and cook rutabaga soup. We wash the medium-sized root crop well, peel and cut into cubes. Cut carrots into slices, 2 medium potatoes into slices, finely chop ½ cup of petiole celery. We peel the onion and stick 4-5 dry clove buds into it - at the end it will need to be pulled out. Pour all vegetables into boiling water. Add ½ tsp. turmeric, salt and pepper the soup to taste. Cook it for 20-25 minutes, until the vegetables are properly softened. As you can see, there is nothing difficult in preparing rutabaga. This dish will diversify your daily menu and will especially appeal to those who follow a diet.

Celery in a new sound

Celery casserole with tomatoes

Root celery is not taken seriously by many, considering it a minor touch to various recipes. Therefore, independent celery dishes are often an interesting discovery. Like a vegetable casserole. Cut 700 g of peeled celery into slices, cook for 15–20 minutes and put in a greased ovenproof dish. Fry 5-7 chopped green onion stalks, gradually pouring 3 tbsp into the pan. l. flour. Stirring constantly, pour in 350 ml of warmed milk and bring to a boil. Add 50 g of grated cheese, 1 tsp. nutmeg, salt and pepper to taste, 2 chopped tomatoes for juiciness. Pour celery with this sauce and sprinkle with 150 g of grated cheese on top. Finish cooking the celery in the oven at 180 ° C. Let the household enjoy the new dish, and at the same time try to guess what it is made of.

What kind of autumn vegetables you like and that you prefer to cook from them? Perhaps your autumn menu has replenished with something interesting? Share a lucky find with other readers.

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