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Celebrate Christmas: delicious for favorite holiday menus

Christmas - holiday bright and cheery, and the family meal has a long tradition on this day. What to cook for dinner on Christmas Day? Drafting menu and loans for him.

The Magic porridge

Christmas table in the Russian tradition can not be imagined without kuty. This is a special porridge, most often of wheat, spiced with plenty of honey, raisins and nuts. However, some housewives brew it from rice, barley and other cereals. We will cook kutya according to the old Russian recipe. Wheat (400 g.) Pour cold water in the proportion of 1: 2 and cook until done, then filter and leave to cool. Meanwhile, pour boiling water on the 200 of the poppy, boil until it is crumbly, squeeze and pass it through a meat grinder. Raisin, too, pour boiling water and insist 15-20 minutes. It now remains to combine the millet porridge with poppy seeds and raisins, add 4 Art. l honey Mix the dish with cream and serve.  

Goose masterpiece

Baked goose will not leave your guests indifferent!

The best Christmas dishes include baked goose, the preparation of which requires culinary skill and patience. To begin with, the bird is gutted, every single feather and excess fat are removed. To leave the internal fat, make punctures on the breast and in the joints of the legs and carcass. Then the bird is dipped in boiling water, rubbed with salt and spices, and left in a cold place on the 2-3 of the day. The classic of the genre is the goose stuffed with apples, with which the orange sauce perfectly harmonizes. For its preparation, mix the juice 6 citrus, 200, apple sauce, salt and pepper to taste. Rub the carcass outside and inside with the sauce, stuff it with slices of apples and send it to the oven. Experts advise to pour some water into a baking sheet with high sides, install a grate on it and place the carcass on top. Heat the oven to the maximum and leave the goose in it on 15-20 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 150 ° С. Bake it 1,5-2 hours, periodically pouring liquid from the pan. At the end we pierce the thickest point of the leg with a needle. If the spilled juice is clear and transparent - the Christmas goose is ready.

Noble pork

Ready boiled pork is served chilled, sliced

A welcome guest at the festive table is the pig, and therefore Christmas dinner recipes rarely do without pork. One of the most popular dishes is baked ham. Take a piece of pork pulp weighing 1,5-2 kg, thoroughly wash and dry. Cut garlic cloves into several pieces, mix with chopped bay leaf, salt, pepper and your favorite seasonings. Use a sharp knife to make shallow cuts on the surface of the meat and insert garlic with spices into them. The remaining spicy mixture rub meat from all sides, wrapped in foil and leave to marinate all night. The next day, preheat the oven to 180 ° C and send it to the prepared meat for an hour. Then turn the pork on the other side and bake 30-40 minutes. Finished baked ham served chilled, cut into slices.

King fish

Ready pike served with tomato or sour cream sauce

Fish gourmets, too, will not remain without treats, because the dishes for the Christmas table allow the presence of fish. A worthy decoration will be stuffed pike. We clean the scales with a weight of 0,8-1 kg, gut, remove the ridge with the costal bones, cut off the head and wash it thoroughly. Next, cut out the pike pulp, leaving approximately 1-1,5, see. Pulp is passed through a meat grinder with roasted onions, garlic and a slice of bread soaked in milk. Add the egg, 1 tsp. butter, salt and pepper, mix well. Fill the pike with this stuffing and evenly distribute it over the entire length. And so that the fish did not lose their shape, we wrap it with gauze. Put it in a saucepan, pour water, add chopped celery root, onion and salt. Close the lid and cook the fish on low heat 30-40 minutes. Cooked pike is served with tomato or sour cream sauce, as well as any potato garnish.  

Sweet christmas

Another Christmas drink is an uzvar, or dried fruit compote

So colorful dishes for Christmas dinner require an organic supplement in the form of drinks. Traditionally for the festive table in Russia prepared all sorts of sbitni. According to the classic recipe, 1 of honey and sugar, as well as various spices are put into water (150 l.). The mixture is boiled for 15-20 minutes, constantly removing the foam, filter and cool slightly. If you wish, you can add cranberries or other berries to the recipe. And if you prefer alcoholic beverages, pour in some dry red wine.

Another Christmas drink is Uzvar, or compote of dried fruits. Take a mixture of dried apricots, apples, pears, plums, wild rose berries and hawthorn, on average 50-100 g. Fruits and berries are soaked separately in cold water, then we pour the water, put it into a large saucepan and pour clean water. When it boils, pour half a cup of sugar and boil 15-20 minutes. Honey (3 tbsp. L.) Diluted in a glass of hot uzvara and pour into a saucepan. At the very end we throw a few stars of the badian.

Of course, the festive menu is not limited to these dishes. You can add his own examples of Christmas dinner with photos by sharing them with other readers in the comments. 

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