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Superretsept pilaf crumbly in multivarka! Will I remember with gratitude ...

Fragrant pilau - A dish that is appropriate, and on the holiday table, and on the everyday. And cook it outdoors a pleasure! Of course, cooking pilaf - a long process, but the current technology is not standing still and Rescue housewives.

  • I came cheped pisa. Emptying it into the cup to the vegetables and meat, but in no case do not mix. Add salt and spices to taste, slightly refined drown head of garlic. And last shtpih - zaley fig A HOT water so that she COVER its ppimepno on 1 cm.

    Pepevedi multivapku in REGIME "quenching", Close a kpyshku, and set Quaternary ppigotovleniya 1 hours. is a function of "pilaf" Some multivarka. The main thing - do not open the cover before the end of cooking, so the dish will be much tastier and more aromatic. Once pazdastsya beep of programs will end, risotto is ready. At this point, add the sharp pepets (the main thing here - not pepebopschit).

    Again kpyshku close a dish and leave in pezhime «Podogpev» more minutes on 40, came to pilaf.

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