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Five recipes for delicious meatballs

Homemade burgers - a dish that can please all family members, without exception. After all, they can be prepared from virtually any product. Today we share our favorite recipes for delicious meatballs. 

Beef tenderness

Traditional and the most delicious were and remain the recipes for minced meat or minced meat cutlets. But they can always bring a little variety. For example, make liver patties. Thoroughly wash the liver 500 g, in our case beef, dry it, remove films and veinlets. Pass the liver through a meat grinder with onion, 2 – 3 cloves of garlic and a bunch of greens. To make the stuffing tastier, you can browse the onions with garlic in a pan. In the resulting mass add a raw egg and 1 Art. l vegetable oil. Then gradually intervene 3 – 4 Art. l flour. The consistency of minced meat should resemble thick sour cream. Using a spoon, place the cutlets on a hot frying pan with butter and fry for 5 minutes on both sides. It is best to complement liver cutlets with fresh vegetables, jacket potatoes or stewed green beans. Such a dish will pleasantly surprise your loved ones and guests with a delicate unusual taste. 

Bird fantasies 

Kiev cutlets with mashed potatoes

In our childhood, Kiev cutlets, as a rule, were associated with the holiday. And today they will decorate any family feast. Cut the chicken breast in half, cut each piece lengthwise and stretch it to make room for the filling. We cut the dense tendons, otherwise the cutlets will shrink when frying. Cover the fillet with cling film and beat gently. Shred a bunch of parsley and mix it with 150 g of butter and a pinch of salt. Distribute the filling evenly inside the chicken fillet, wrap the edges tightly on top of each other and put it in the freezer for 5 minutes. Dip the chilled cutlets in a batter of 100 ml of milk and 2 eggs, roll in flour and breadcrumbs. Fry them until golden brown and bake for 10 minutes in the oven at 200 ° C. Chicken Kiev cutlets are prepared in a similar way. And in order to fully comply with the culinary canon, serve mashed potatoes with them.  

By magic 

Such a dish is approved even by those who do not have fiery feelings for fish

A rare family menu is complete without fish cakes. According to some gourmets, pike cutlets cannot be compared with anything. Soak 150 g of white bread in 150 ml of milk. While it swells, fry the chopped onion until golden brown. We pass through a meat grinder 1 kg of pike fillet with onions and bread soaked in milk. Mix the minced meat and turn it again in a meat grinder - this way it will turn out to be more homogeneous. Slightly beat it on a wooden board, mix with 100 ml of cream, 1 tsp. salt and 1 tsp. white pepper. Beat the egg white separately into a fluffy foam and add it to the minced meat. We moisten our hands in water and sculpt cutlets. This recipe for fish cakes prescribes to first fry them in oil until golden brown, and then put them in the oven for 20 minutes at a temperature of 180 ° C. For a side dish, you can serve buckwheat with mushrooms or stewed vegetables. This dish will be approved even by those who do not have fiery feelings for fish. 

Cutlets with vitamins

Children will also like these cutlets, especially if you serve them with sour cream

True meat eaters ironically belong to vegetable cutlets. And yet this dish has the right to exist. Moreover, they are so popular among supporters of diets. Cutlets from zucchini and cabbage did become a culinary hit. Finely chop small forks of cabbage and boil it until half cooked in salted water. We turn the cabbage into a colander and leave to drain. Rub on 2 grated medium squash and squeeze out excess liquid. Fry in oil until transparent 4 onions and combine them with the rest of the vegetables. Add by 3 Art. l flour and semolina, 3 eggs, salt and spices to taste. For a brighter taste, you can put half a bunch of fresh greens. We form cutlets from the mass obtained and fry them on both sides. The most strict adherents of healthy eating can cook these burgers in a slow cooker. Children, too, will be to the taste, especially if you serve them with sour cream. 

Potato absolute

Such hearty cutlets can be cooked for lunch and complement them with any side dish

Another interesting variation on the vegetable theme is potato cutlets. Boil 1 kg of potatoes in salted water. While it is cooking, fry 300 g of coarsely chopped champignons with a chopped onion in oil for 15–20 minutes. Knead the finished potatoes with a crush, add 50 g of butter, 100 ml of milk and 150 g of grated cheese. Beat with a mixer all the ingredients into a homogeneous mass, salt and pepper to taste. It remains to form the cutlets, dip them in a raw egg and roll in bread crumbs. Next, bake the cutlets according to the recipe in the oven for 30-40 minutes at a temperature of 190 ° C. Serve with fried mushrooms and a sprig of herbs. Such hearty cutlets can be prepared for lunch and supplemented with any side dish. 

Surely you also know more than one recipe for homemade meatballs and little secrets of their preparation. We will be glad if you share interesting ideas with other readers of the Eat Doma! Club.  

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