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For pork you're still not ready! Elegant, tasty and very juicy ...

Most of the housewives prefer to cook out pork loin or salmon steaks in batter. Indeed, the dorsal part of the carcass is ideal for this purpose. But today we will show how to cook brisket in the oven!

Do not worry that the meat will dryish. Thanks to the "sheepskin coat" of the peritoneum, which will prevent the loss of juice, chop fine and will turn out very juicy.

How to cook a brisket


  • 1,5 kg of pork loin
  • 1,5 kg porcine peritoneum skin
  • 1 head of garlic
  • 50 grams herbs (dill, parsley, basil)
  • 1 / 4 hours. L. salt
  • 1 / 4 hours. L. ground pepper


  • If you bought the loin on the bone, carefully separating it from meat. Then cleanse the skin with a knife to cook pork loin in the oven
  • Finely we shall cut greens and to cook pork loin in the oven
  • Make a few cuts in the peritoneum from the meat, almost to the skin. From the skin, too, make an incision to cook pork loin in the oven
  • Salt and pepper on all sides brisket and peritoneum. Put the greens in the meat of the to cook pork loin in the oven
  • Lay loin on the peritoneum and wrap it as much as possible. The resulting roll Bind using cooking twine. Put the dish on 24 hours in the to cook pork loin in the oven
  • After this time, roll Put in the oven and bake at about 160 4 degree hours. Periodically watered meat with hot water and then formed to cook pork loin in the oven
  • Prepare the pork loin for the festive table. Rest assured, you will surprise your guests! Do not forget to learn another great Christmas recipe.

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