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Who "invented" chocolate?

Favorite delicacy of all time have come a long and difficult way to go before it earned the honorary title. Despite the abundance of all sorts of indescribable tempting goodies, chocolate still has a special place in the hearts of sweet teeth around the world.

Drink of sovereigns

The first chocolate appeared in this world in the guise of a hot drink from cocoa beans about 3000 years ago. A prepared its craftsmen from tribe-almekov Indians living once in the territory of modern Mexico. Ready recipe perspicacious Maya busily adopted and proclaimed his divine drink. The cocoa beans soon became the most running currency, and also sacrificed to the heavenly patron of cocoa ek chuaj.

cocoa taste attracted not only Indian gods and earthly rulers. A big fan of the drink was the legendary Aztec emperor Montezuma. True submitted to the joy of the lord's father-delivered daily to the palace at least 40 thousand sacks of cocoa beans. A court chefs have even developed a special recipe for the emperor chocolate drink. Cocoa beans and slightly roasted beans triturated with young corn. To sweeten the pleasure of a mixture of added honey, vanilla and agave juice.

The history of making chocolate would be incomplete without poetic legends. One of them tells of a simple Mexican gardener named Quetzalcoatl. All the mental and physical powers he invested in the cultivation of lush gardens. Once in it appeared an ordinary-looking tree, which the gardener called cocoa. And although its fruits were like cucumbers, and their taste was bitter, a thick drink welded from them poured the body into vivacity and drove away sadness. Cocoa fruits brought wealth and fame to Quetzalcoatl, who eventually blinded and corrupted the gardener. As punishment, the gods deprived him of his reason, and with anger, the proud man destroyed his beautiful gardens. Miraculously managed to survive only one ordinary-looking tree of cocoa, which continued to bring to mankind the magic fruits.

Conquest of Europe 

Opinions on who first brought chocolate to Europe, have not yet been reduced to a common denominator. According to one version, it was the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés in the early 16-century conquered part of Mexico and discovered in the storerooms of Montezuma's rich reserves of the country dried beans. Trophy with recipe beverage preparation was brought to the royal court in Spain.

According to another version, a pioneer of the chocolate was Christopher Columbus. Some historians claim that he was the first European to have tried it on the island of Guyana. However, the bitter taste of the drink and the strange odor of unknown herbs, which was spiced up, disappointed Columbus, and he has not shown to cocoa beans no interest.

Thus, the Spaniards became the first owners of a recipe for a magic drink in Europe. And since the volumes of supply of cocoa beans were more than modest, they zealously guarded the secret of the chocolate recipe from spies from neighboring states.  

The rest of Europe learned and fell in love with chocolate only in 1616, when Anna of Austria brought a whole box of cocoa beans to Paris. Soon a wonderful drink was enjoyed in the best aristocratic houses in Europe. However, only men could resist the fortress and bitter bitterness, the ladies overseas treat indulgently rejected. For sweetness in cocoa, try to add cane sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon. But finally the situation was corrected by the British in the beginning of the 18-th century, having decided to dilute hot chocolate with milk. Then the drink and subdued the mild taste of the hearts of society ladies.

Among other things, chocolate has had time to cause confusion bright spiritual minds. The fact that the Catholic Church strictly enforce all regulations of fasting. From the list of allowed to eat product eliminates all that pleasure. Mysterious chocolate has caused heated debate, so the extent of his depravity was asked to identify Pope Pius V. After drinking a cup of badged just once, he sluggishly winced and uttered the following: "Chocolate does not break fasting, the same can not bring this stuff to someone fun! ".

Happiness - to the masses

In the early 17-century cacao plantation began to grow, and chocolate came to the people, very quickly won universal love. For a while his fate is controlled by the French. In 1659, David Schein launched the world's first chocolate factory, and in the mid-century 18 across France began to open a private bakery, where guests are offered a flavored drink.

Surprisingly, until 19-world century it was exclusively known chocolate in liquid form. Turn it into our favorite and the familiar tiles guessed Swiss Francois Louis Cailler. He also built the first factory for the production of solid chocolate. Like mushrooms after the rain, such as factories began to appear in Europe. Wanting to bypass the hated rivals, Confectioners desperately trying to invent its own branded recipes by adding chocolate nuts, dried fruits, candied fruits, wine and even beer.

In 1875 was on stage with her head held high left Swiss chocolate, and later became a recognized standard. The secret of its preparation was very simple - cocoa mass, mixed with condensed milk. At the same time, another Swiss Rodolphe Lindt invented a special machine for milling the chocolate mass through which it acquired a more dense and delicate texture.

Today, the technology of making chocolate has not changed significantly. But production volumes have reached a truly cosmic scale and amount to over 4 million tons annually. But the variety of varieties of delicacy is not amenable to any calculations and is constantly updated with new original ideas. 

To this day, a bar of your favorite chocolate remains the best way to get rid of a bad mood and feel an inspiring euphoria. Even extra calories cannot overshadow this magical sensation, since these are calories of happiness.

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