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What the stars we predict: culinary horoscope

Our taste preferences Verkhovod stars, say astronomers. Having studied the favorite food of the zodiac signs, you can show the wonders of clairvoyance and to feed family and friends the most delicious dinner.

Ardent Aries  

Guess what they like to eat Aries is easy. After all, this is a fiery and passionate sign. Therefore, hot spices and garlic sauces can be safely added to the main and second courses. From meat they like lamb and veal, from vegetables - radish and sweet pepper. Rarely, Aries will refuse a plate of spaghetti, generously sprinkled with parmesan cheese. And they will prefer juicy ripe watermelon to any desserts.   

Homebodies Taurus

Grilled meat for Taurus

What Taurus loves to eat is clear from the name of the sign. First of all, it is beef in any form. My dearest to the heart of many Taurus is home cooking: buckwheat with mushrooms or jacket potatoes with herring. And they are not indifferent to spinach, parsley, dill and green vegetables. Taurus is equally fond of both fresh fruit and pies with sweet fillings.

Unpredictable Twins

Gemini Strawberry Cheesecake

The question that Gemini loves to eat sometimes puzzles. After all, most of them natures are sudden and contradictory. They are equally delighted with oysters in bechamel and ketchup dumplings. The twins are sure that the best meat is a bird, be it a domestic chicken or a partridge. They love sweets immensely, especially vanilla ice cream with caramel and strawberry cheesecake.

Tremulous crayfish  

Refreshing dessert with mango for Crayfish

The water element for Cancers is dear, and they are irresistibly drawn to the gifts of the sea, first of all to crabs. But just do not try to feed them with crab sticks. However, they are very sentimental. The favorite dish of crayfish is pike cutlets that grandma cooked as a child. They are not averse to eat turnip, pumpkin and other vegetables from the garden. Fruit exotic, like papaya or mango, they also like.

Brutal Lions

Homemade Leo Berry Pie

Lions - predators from whiskers to the tip of the tail and the meat is ready to eat always and everywhere. Lev's favorite dishes are steaks, chops and gourmet cutlets with a crispy crust and spicy sauces. From vegetables they like zucchini and eggplant. Fruits, many Lions eat willingly, especially pineapples and oranges. Another weakness is homemade pastries with berries and nuts.   

Model Virgin

Turkey cutlets for Virgin

Many Virgos are fanatically following the rules of healthy eating. If meat, then veal or turkey. If vegetables, then only fresh or stewed. They know dozens of recipes for healthy cereals, soups and salads. Peaches, pomegranates and strawberries of the Virgin are able to eat without stopping. For the rest of the sweets they are cold. The only exception is bitter chocolate.

Aristocratic scales

Delicate fish for Libra

Almost all Libra are innate culinary aesthetes. Tender salmon with cream sauce, refined French meat, salad with grapes and goat cheese have a magical effect on them. However, they adore tropical fruits and vitamin smoothies from them. They have a special passion for desserts. Homemade "Napoleon" or puff tubules with protein cream for them - the top of bliss.

Humble scorpions

Fragrant Meatball Soup for Scorpions

Scorpions, on the contrary, can be called ascetics. They will be happy with the usual soup with meatballs or fried potatoes with beef. Meat and fish for them can be cooked without any tricks. The main thing is to submit to them a suitable sauce. But sometimes in some Scorpios wakes up craving for shrimp, scallops and mussels. Citruses are even nicer than even the most tempting desserts.

Omnivorous Sagittarius

Sagittarius Julienne

The question that Sagittarius loves to eat has infinitely many answers. Indeed, for the most part they are international gourmets. They like both French julienne, and Hungarian goulash, and German sausages with braised cabbage, and Russian okroshka with kvass. And Sagittarius adore dates, figs, dried apricots and dried berries. Any other delicacies of stormy enthusiasm they do not cause. 

Gourmet Capricorns

Curd casserole for Capricorn

Once you know that Capricorn loves to eat, you will always know how to treat it. By nature, almost all of them are conservatives. They prefer meat to fish, especially if baked in cheese oven. They add spicy sauces wherever they can. Capricorns thrive on cottage cheese casseroles, cheesecakes and cheesecakes. And their most ardent love is chocolate desserts.

Curious Aquarius

Grilled prawns for Aquarius

Shrimps, squids and mussels are the favorite food of Aquarius. They add them to salads along with cherry tomatoes, olives and fresh herbs. They love homemade pies with fillings, mostly with cabbage or mushrooms, as well as fish pies. Some Aquarius eagerly try something intriguing, like frog legs or ostrich liver in a wine sauce.

Unpretentious fish

Sea bass with vegetables for Pisces

Fish love fish, and there is nothing strange about it. White or red, sea or river, baked or boiled - does not matter. It is important that their favorite green beans or vegetable purees are served. Some fish agree on meat, but only if it is fried to a crispy brown crust. Homemade pastries are also held in high esteem, especially with cherry jam.

We hope the culinary horoscope on the signs of the zodiac will help you deliver a lot of pleasure to your loved ones. The main thing is to cook for them with inspiration - then success is inevitable.

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