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Old recipes for pickling mushrooms

Autumn season pleases the eye with a colorful variety of fungi. They are avid fans have already wandered through the woods in search of a tasty prey. After fragrant homemade mushrooms, pickled own hands - a dish irresistible. The main thing - to have time to stock up for the future with them.

We bring to your attention old recipes for pickling mushrooms from our great-grandmothers. Barrel mushrooms

In ancient times, it used the so-called dry method of pickling mushrooms. One of the secrets of a successful recipe was a large wooden barrel, and flat wooden cover from non-resinous tree species. It was adjusted so that the diameter is slightly less than the barrel and placed freely inside.

Most often used for this recipe dry autumn mushrooms. Repeat this recipe at home, you can easily today. Barrel will replace the wooden tub, which you can find on the market of handicrafts. If the search is not successful, suit normal enamelled tank. And instead of a wooden lid, you can take the usual round shape tablet.

First of all, the mushrooms must be thoroughly rinsed under cold water, remove the lower fringe and all the rotten areas. At the bottom of the tub we put a few leaves of currant and cherry tree, as well as twigs of ripe dill for pickling. Next, start laying the mushrooms layers, well salting them in the proportion of 50 g salt per 1 kg of mushrooms. We fill the tub in such a way that 8-10 cm of free space remains to the brim. On top again we lay cherry and currant leaves with dill sprigs and close with a round wooden plank. It must be crushed with a weight of 3-4 kg, and the box itself should be transferred to a dark and cool place. There the mushrooms will "ripen" for at least a month and a half. After that they can be removed from the tub, added to vegetable salads and soups or simply eat with fried potatoes.

Kind mushroom boletus

Very unpretentious when harvesting mushrooms. For domestic workpieces, young mushrooms, grown in autumn or late spring, are best suited. Preliminarily place the mushrooms for a few minutes in boiling water, then recline into a colander and rinse thoroughly under a stream of cold water until they cool. Then we put them in a sieve or on a dry towel, so that the glass is superfluous, and the mushrooms dry properly. After that, we spread them layers in the kadushka with their heads up, not forgetting to salivate each layer. On a bucket of mushrooms it is necessary to take 1,5 glass of table salt. From the top we cover the layers of mushrooms with a wooden circle and set the yoke.

A few days later, when the mushroom layers have settled, add some fresh boletus and put a few tablespoons of melted butter. We remove the mushroom blanks in a cool dry place and leave for several weeks. Before use, they must be soaked in cold water for an hour, and then rinsed thoroughly. Mushrooms salted in this way practically do not differ in taste from fresh ones. They can be served as a regular snack or added to hot meals.

The whims of the wave

The waves are a wayward mushroom, therefore it requires special attention. Their hats are woolly to the touch and have shaggy edges. Most often they are subjected to heat treatment, however cold pickles from them also turn out to be unusually tasty. Before salting mushrooms are traditionally soaked in water throughout the day. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise they will deteriorate, and all efforts will go to nothing. Before soaking it is necessary to salt water, so that the freckles gave all their bitterness. In addition, during the day, until the mushrooms are soaked, this water must be changed several times.

For salting also best suited barrel or any other wooden container. Mushrooms spread layers, this time down the caps. Sol take the rate of 50 1 g per kg volnushek. Between the layers put the leaves of black currant and cherry, dill, caraway, horseradish and garlic slices. The thickness of each layer should not exceed 6 cm. Pickled mushrooms so send for storage in a cool, dry place.

Fragrant russula

The russula, loved by many, can also be salted according to an old Russian recipe, which does not require much effort. Mushrooms do not even have to be soaked in water - just wipe with a clean, damp cloth. Thanks to this, russula will retain an exquisite aroma and pleasant taste. Since the aroma of the mushrooms is really amazing, this recipe can do without spices and herbs. Otherwise, russula will lose not only their signature smell, but also a wonderful and completely self-sufficient taste.

Mushrooms should be laid in the tub is already familiar to us and thoroughly prosalivaem each layer. For one kilogram of 45 syroezhek enough salt. When all the layers are tightly packed, cover them with a clean cloth, put a wooden board and the top yoke. Store salt harvesting as usual in a cool place, but if you put them in the refrigerator, it will not cause absolutely no harm fungi.

If you have not had time to join the mushroom season, it's time to stock up on mushrooms and engage blanks for the winter. Lovely pickles according to ancient recipes will be a great gift for the coming winter, which is sure to please you and remind the hot summer days.

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