You're definitely not going to drink this ... Favorite chef revealed the secret!

"If to choose between coffee and tea, I definitely will choose the second," - says Boris Burda. This favorite TV chef million, a true intellectual and an incredibly charming man - a real fan of tea.

Brewing this delicious drink Boris Oskarovich prefers himself. Black or green - it all depends on my mood. "The main thing - to brew a human being!" - says the expert.

Редакция "So simple!" shares with you simple guidelines Boris Burda, following which you will become a true expert tea!

How to brew tea

  • Do not boil the water for the secondRe-boiled water - and no water at all, and soup cooked germs!
  • Do not wrap yourself KettleIf so passionately wanted rotten hay, better to go to the country with him.
  • Do not use tea leaves twiceIn the East, we believe that the fresh tea is a cure, but the old - is poison!Как заваривать чай в чайнике
  • Food tea literateIn a metal bowl tea kisnet, preet in plastic, and plastic pants at all! Glass or ceramic jar with a stopper - the best option. In such a packaging the tea will not absorb odors.
  • Do not dilute with boiling waterDo not dilute with boiling water a strong brew! Well, because it is not ...
  • "No," kettle!Metallic taste for tea - a solid vulgarity. Ideal - tempered glass or enameled teapot. But stainless steel - in case of emergency.Борис бурда цитаты
  • And metal strainer is also "no"This rule works for the same reason as the rule of metal kettles. It's better to use a plastic strainer!
  • Do not boil the teaDo not put the tea ready to fire even for a moment, even as a joke! And if you do, you will certainly have a drink, and you will have to share.
  • That's all, "impossible." The rest - Experiment all you like!

    Основные правила заваривания чая

    By the way, here are some golden rules for drinking tea, observing that you will always get the most out of your favorite beverage.

  • It is no secret that tea is able to both soothe and excite. You should know that the soothing effect of tea comes after the infusion 2 minutes, exciting - over 5 minutes. But through 6 minutes the tea turns into a soft drink with a light fragrance, because so much time is necessary that the essential oils of tea evaporated.
  • Useful properties of tea are revealed only after the infusion 15 minutes, and after 7-8 hours tea turns into a poison!
  • Brew tea - art copybook. But, if you do not respect the basic rules, you can easily spoil such a sophisticated drink.

    Be sure to take a note on these simple tips, and you'll always be drinking the most delicious tea.

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