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Culinary psychology: What is your favorite food is silent

Tell me what you eat - and I will tell you who you are. Modern nutritionists and psychologists put a special meaning in this saying. Our favorite dishes and taste preferences can really tell about us much more than ourselves.

Animal grin and iron grip

Meat cuts, homemade meatballs, juicy steaks and other snacks are found in the refrigerators of natural predators - natures of energetic, powerful, self-confident without a shadow of a doubt. They are accustomed to always and everywhere achieve success and receive as a reward the desired prey, be it a prestigious post in the company or a steak of medium roast. Meat eaters have a fighting spirit and always fight on the front lines. Like many predators, they are monogamous. However, before finding the one and only, you have to make a lot of effort. Since being close to a meat-eater is a feat that requires a fair amount of courage, perhaps it’s another meat-eater. And creating a strong union, together they will earnestly take care of the young all their lives, even when they acquire their own offspring.

Do not panic

seafood Fans of fish and seafood, according to psychologists, are a peace-loving and friendly people. Their Olympic calmness and unwavering endurance make them excellent diplomats capable of resolving world conflicts. Thanks to the good-natured sense of humor and self-irony, they walk through life laughing, striking envious people with genuine optimism. At the same time, they have a hidden character and not everyone will share a signature salmon recipe in a creamy sauce. The heated debate about the existence of extraterrestrial life or the advantages of a pencil over a ballpoint pen remain without their attention. Therefore, fish lovers are often considered spineless creatures who do not know how to defend personal opinion. However, this conclusion does not hurt them at all.

In harmony with nature

If a bunch of carrots gives a person more joy than a romantic dinner in a restaurant, in front of you is a bright representative of herbivores. Such people earnestly care not only about their health, but also the universal accession of harmony and order. They have unbreakable will power, hard work and dedication. And therefore, under the onslaught of their patient siege, sooner or later any bastions surrender. Among admirers of vegetables and fruits one can often find convinced ascetics, indifferent to both material and sublime pleasures. The apples, carefully grown in their own garden, make their soul a hundred times stronger than the exquisite French dessert. However, such personalities are marked by intolerable tediousness and persistently strive to preach the love of celery and parsley to the masses.

In the arms of milk tenderness

Yoghurt with muesli after waking up, low-fat cottage cheese for lunch and a cup of yogurt at dinner. This is the standard menu of typical mammals. They are open to the outside world and to all who are met on the path of life. People with such culinary preferences consistently demonstrate honesty, decency, and aristocratic manners, while maintaining equanimity, even in moments of all-consuming hysteria. The main mission of mammals is to surround others with care, and at the same time to check whether someone is left without a glass of warm milk. Milk gourmets are very picky about food and any other everyday issues. Therefore, almost all of them are perfectionists, striving to realize high ideals. It is not surprising that the painful craving for total control and obsessive pedantry often unnerve others.  

Bitter Tears - Sweet Dreams

ice creamThe best solution to any problems is this cream cake, seized with chocolates and caramel ice cream. Such is the simple formula of happiness derived by true sweets. Most of them are gentle, naive and overly impressionable natures. They sincerely cry over vanilla melodramas and dream of catching a goldfish to solicit world peace from her. Sweethearts are very susceptible to other people's sorrows and are always ready to feed all sufferers with candy and gingerbread. They are able to find a reason for joy in any trifles of life. At the same time, they are subject to drastic mood swings and attacks of merciless self-criticism. After that, with a sense of accomplishment, sweets are made to rustle with foil of another chocolate.  

Sour mine tiranu not a hindrance lemon pie

Fans of acidic foods are insidious and contradictory personalities. They look at this world with a depressingly pessimistic look and do not expect anything good from life. The whole world for them is one big lemon pie in which they forgot to put sugar. At the same time, a convinced leader is slumbering in them, able to cleverly manipulate others to achieve secret plans to enslave the world. Scientists claim that it is among sour lovers that many tyrants are noticed. For example, Ivan the Terrible was very fond of sour milk, and for comrade Stalin they always kept fresh lemons and young wine with sourness in reserve.

Passion in hot sauce

Admirers of excessively hot seasoning make up the menu at the call of the heart, because they are distinguished by the same explosive and unbridled temperament. Their rebellious soul yearns for vivid adventures, constant adrenaline feeding and sharp emotions, while the body shell has to put up with everyday reality. And in order to somehow compensate for the disappointment, they kindle a fire of African passions in the plate. It is not surprising that in almost any business, be it a romantic date or a trip to the library, they are looking for a reason for an epic adventure. Their most serious shortcoming is impenetrable egoism. And therefore, to be close to them, unless experts in spicy spices.

We hope that in the presented psychological portraits you have identified not only your relatives and friends, but also those you love. Or maybe they learned something new and interesting about themselves. 

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