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Secular reception: good manners

Dinner Party - a welcome and a little exciting event. This is an opportunity to spend time in a pleasant atmosphere and enjoy the fine cuisine. However, to fully relax here does not work, after all, a secular dinner has its own rules.

Nothing decorates a table like simple solutions. How much charm and sophistication in a wooden board on which a jar of ricotta complements a fan of bread crisps. And canapes and tartlets! A few types of Bourget bread, cut into various slices, are enough to turn the table into an original coffee table. Bread triangles, rhombuses, circles will be an excellent basis for red fish, shrimp, cold cuts or pies. Accentuate the composition with green arrows of young onions, lettuce leaves, rings of olives. Add a few drops of white and red sauce on the edges of the plate or on mint leaves, cover the dish with berries of cranberries, currants or pomegranate. A cold bottle of Prosecco, Beaujolais or Lambrusco will effectively complete the serving. 

If you are acting as a guest, it is useful to refresh knowledge of etiquette. Among the general rules occupies a special place bread etiquette. The main rule is that a slice of bread taken from a common dish hands, not a fork, then put it on your plate, or even better - a special Pirozhkov plate left. In no case do not bite off bread slices taken from - break off a small piece and put it in his mouth.

If you want a sandwich with butter, you must first clean the knife put in Pirozhkov plate required amount thereof, then break off a piece of bread and then smear it with oil. Lay a slice of bread on the palm and efficiently spread butter on it - very reckless gesture. This same ritual acts and in respect of eggs, but executed with a special spatula.

If there is a plate with ready-made sandwiches on the table, you need to take them as well - with your hands. As a rule, they act as snacks, which means they eat them with the help of a knife and fork. Bread etiquette provides several unconditional taboos, which are not recommended to be violated under any circumstances. In no case can not dip or chop the bread in the soup. And even more so it is not necessary to collect leftover food from the bottom of the plate. Leaving bitten bread slices on an empty plate is also considered a sign of bad taste. 

The rules of etiquette are a kind of art that allows you not only to look decent in the eyes of others, but also to express sincere respect to the host of the evening.

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