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Here's how to cook any meat: add a secret ingredient for the divine softness!

Choice a good piece of meat like art: utrechkom to come on the market (the best friend to the butcher), look, slowly, sniff ... But the store is still pretty difficult to do, nowhere to turn ... the soul and flesh of suitable quality has to choose from the fact that there is.

If it happened that you got a piece of old, stringy pork or beef, do not despair. Of course, juicy steak of such meat does not work, but excellent roast or baked meat - quite. "So simple!" tell you how to save the situation!

meat marinade

How to make the meat soft

There are a number of helper foods that can soften even the most rigid sole, adding the meat juicy and spicy notes.

  • BowNo meat dish is complete without onions and onion juice. You can chop the onion in half rings, finely chop, twist through a meat grinder or even grate (here it is, prevention of acute respiratory infections), then mix with 1: 1 meat and leave for a couple of hours under pressure.
  • MustardThis product - a great companion of meat! Mustard (powder or liquid sauce) not only softens fine meat fibers, but also adds a spicy aroma and a light ostrinku. Just obmazh mustard solid piece of meat once or less often for necessary servings soak 15-20 minutes, then send a fire or bake.
  • AlcoholDry wine (red or white), beer, vodka. The fault pre-soaked meat, and vodka (about 50 g) is filled in already being prepared roast or stew. Beer - an excellent option for fire in it a single piece of pork or beef.

    The fear of alcohol is superfluous: it completely evaporates as it is cooked.

  • Lemon, pomegranate, pineapple juiceAll these juices - excellent emollients, however, using a marinade, try not to overdo it in the flesh, so as not to get in the end the tires.
  • Brinecabbage or cucumber pickle - great, by the way! Gives savory notes and salt dish is no longer necessary.
  • Mineral waterThis is a proven method of softening by chefs with experience, and it is better to choose mineral water treatment and prevention, such as "Essentuki" or "Borjomi".
  • StarchTry to soak tough meat in water with dissolved in it potato starch - surprised by the result! Juicy slices of crispy guaranteed.
  • KefirMix milk product with your favorite fragrant spices and meat hzaley this mixture for a few hours.
  • Soy saucemeat 1-1,5 hours marinated in soy sauce becomes soft, rich dark color and distinctive taste. I recommend!
  • After experimenting with different marinades, you definitely will pick up the option suitable to your taste. And another important point in the preparation of any meat: never, under any circumstances (if you're not going to cook sirloin or salmon) do not salt the meat beforehand! The salt draws out all the juice out of it before the start of cooking.

    Perhaps you have your signature way of cooking meat, it would be great if you share!

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