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That's why I no longer buy cereal bars! After all, I have this recipe ...

Cereal bars that are sold in the store is considered to be a useful snack. But, after reading carefully their composition, it is possible to do a disappointing conclusion: too much sugar and harmful food additives present in this product!

Domestic cereal bar, in contrast, quite easy to prepare without sugar. Honey and peanut butter in the original recipe give a special taste treat. Through 30 minutes you're done!

Domashnye bars


  • 3 Art. oatmeal
  • any nuts, dried fruits
  • 1 Art. puffed rice (optional)
  • 1 Art. honey
  • 1,5 Art. peanut oil
  • melted chocolate for the glaze

The process of preparation of these wonderful bars fascinating! That they were more crispy, before preparing sweets, you can lightly fry oatmeal and nuts. Dried fruit - not a mandatory ingredient, but thanks to them, you can experiment with flavors ...

Awesome that these energy bars You do not need the oven! Enough to prepare oat and honey weight, put it in the form of a layer and allow to cool.

Prepare delicious Snacks at home - My goal for this weekend. You can always carry a snack in a bag and treat them close. This is a great idea for a useful children's dessert!

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