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Kvass - Russian drink earth

Kvass - traditional Russian drink that is drunk not only in Russia but also in many other countries around the world. And let it not be as popular as overseas soda, brew is unmatched for useful properties.

  By chance

The exact date of origin of kvass is hidden under the cover of centuries. Some researchers argue that it appeared in ancient Egypt about five thousand years ago. Descriptions of preparing similar drinks can be found in the writings of Hippocrates, as well as some written records of Mesopotamia. However, the composition of components in them is more like beer.

This kvass, as the chronicle testifies, appeared in Ancient Russia. The first documentary mention of it, dated 989-th year, is associated with the decree of Prince Vladimir of Kiev, who ordered "to distribute food, honey and kvass to the people". Tradition says that the drink was accidentally invented by one sluggish baker. Once the storehouse with sacks of wheat was flooded with water. The flour from the dried grain turned out to be unsuitable for baking bread, but the malt came out excellent (although the baker did not even know about it). Wishing to somehow correct the omission, he tried to prepare a spoiled grain drink, which was very tasty and nutritious. The recipe was quickly adopted in neighboring villages, and the rumor quickly spread it across towns and villages. Very soon, kvass became a popularly loved drink, almost the second bread.

Kaleidoscope of tastes

Over time, they began to cook kvass not only from wheat, but also from buckwheat, rye, barley in combination with various herbs, spices and roots. Often, apples, pears, strawberries, raspberries, black currants, lingonberries and cloudberries were added to kvass. Incredibly popular was honey kvass, which was considered a noble drink. The sweet grades of the best varieties were brought from all the provinces to the city of St. Petersburg, in order to prepare kvass from it for crowned persons. He gained fame and monastic kvass, which the monks insisted on rolls, adding wild honey collected in their own apiaries.

A special brew on rye malt brewed in the Siberian villages. To cook it in a clay jar filled with boiling water and add the flour malt, then left in the Russian oven. In the morning of heavy dough molded and baked bread balls. Then they are dried, finely crushed and prepared in breadcrumbs brew. Dried balls can be stored for months, from what they do not spoil.

However, this number of varieties of kvass not limited. Traveling around the country, you can taste the thick brew, soup, white and okroshechny, sour and sweet, Kvass with raisins, mint, horseradish, at different crackers and dozens of variations. In each case, the preparation of a specific technology was very labor-intensive and time-consuming. All the necessary procedures, starting with soaking grains, finishing preparation of the wort (a special yeast, fermented) took at least 70 days.

Our ancestors valued kvass not only for a pleasant tart taste, but also healing properties. For a long time it was known that this drink prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and improves health. Kvass in the old days were treated scurvy, calloused and cold sores. The main advantage is that it is a long time satisfied thirst and hunger. Besides kvass increases the overall tone, helping to overcome fatigue and regain strength quickly. Therefore, the peasants took with them kvass, going on field work, and the soldiers received him with basic rations.

Recipes for a note

Today supermarket shelves are full of kvass of various varieties. However, real kvass can not be found in a bottle with a colorful label, but you can easily cook at home. The easiest recipe is kvass from crackers. It is best to bake them from black or rye bread in the oven. Around 200, crackers pour a liter of boiling water in a small saucepan and infuse under the lid for 3 hours. After decanting the infusion, add to it 50 of sugar and 10 of yeast, previously diluted with warm water. Then remove the infusion in a warm place on the 5 hours. If desired, in the cooking process, you can add a little raisins and mint leaves.

Northern kvass has a deep rich taste. To prepare it, we need 1 kg of rye crackers, 750 g of sugar and 20 g of black currant leaves. Pour all the ingredients with a liter of boiling water and put them in a warm place for 3-4 hours. At the end of the period, filter the infused mixture through cheesecloth and add 3 tbsp. spoons of liquid brewer's yeast. We leave this blank in a cold place for 2-3 days. After that, the wort needs to be boiled for 5-7 minutes, constantly removing the resulting foam. At the end, we cool the drink, filter it again, bottle it and leave it in a cool place for another day.

too, there is a special recipe for lovers of spices. We need wheat and rye bread in equal proportions (for convenience, you can take on 1 kg). Cut the bread into small slices, pour boiling water and insist on a familiar technology. The resulting mash add sugar, the 300 and 25 of diluted yeast. We reserve the mass wander during the day and after we remove the foam and pour a mixture of oregano, mint and lemon zest. Good mix all the ingredients, bottling, add to each according 4-5 raisins and leave at room temperature for a day.

In summer heat fruit kvass is especially good, for example, apple. First you need to boil the rind and core of 1 kg of apples and pour the broth with 1 kg of rye crackers. Next, prepare the kvass in the traditional recipe: insist and enter the yeast. Apple pulp rubbed on a grater, pour already infused ready-made kvass, filter through cheesecloth and add sugar to taste. Using a similar technology, you can make a drink from any fruit or berries.    

Prepare and drink home brew. This wonderful drink will saturate the body with useful substances, perfectly quench thirst and give a good mood hot summer day.

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