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Fish and cheese: soft squared

Fish and cheese - two products that embody soft in its pure form. When they meet in one dish, born born surprisingly tasty combination. To enjoy them, not necessarily go to a restaurant - you can cook something delicious at home.

  Fish philosophy

Fish is not the most capricious product. And yet, one cannot do without culinary secrets. The success of the finished dish depends not only on the quality and variety of the product, but also on the method of heat treatment. For frying, fish is usually chosen fatter: flounder, halibut or salmon. When baked, it better reveals the taste of cod or hake. The most rich and fragrant soups are obtained from zander, horse mackerel or tuna.

Culinary professionals are advised to hot roll a la carte fish pieces in flour - so they do not fall apart in the process. And so they got an even golden brown, add a little vegetable oil butter. And one more detail: on the first side of the fish fry a little longer than a second. As a result, it is a more tender and juicy.

Sometimes the fish before baking rubbed with salt. Instead, the chef recommended it to lower the salt water is literally a couple of minutes. Just do not overdo it, otherwise the fish fed with the excess moisture. If you are using the optional sauce, enter it in the end. To satiate the flesh flavored sauce, enough 5-7 minutes. But to get a tasty baked fish, remove it from the oven at 3-5 minutes earlier than required by the recipe, and then wrap it in foil and soak the food in her remaining time.

With cooking, everything is a little bit easier. If you cook the fish in batches, take a medium-sized pot and immerse the pieces in water in small quantities. And not to split apart the whole big fish, Cover the bottom of the pan clean gauze and fix its ends clothespins. When the fish reach the desired condition, you can easily eject it safely.

Cheesy Truths  

There are a lot of cheeses in the world, and each of them has its second half of fish. Hard cheeses, mainly parmesan, are ideal for making pasta with trout or pink salmon in a creamy sauce. The Italians heartily sprinkle hot rosy pizza with seafood or red fish. Maasdam and cheddar fit perfectly into fish sandwich recipes, especially if they contain anchovies, herring or smoked fish. These cheeses are best suited for the preparation of delicate cream soups with salmon or salmon. And if you bake fish in the oven and want to get a golden fragrant crust, use gouda or edam. However, the Dutch and Russian cheeses will cope with this task no worse.

Soft cheese savory fish dishes presented with fascinating notes. For example, the sharp taste of cheese camembert perfectly with trout baked with crisp, fried flounder with vegetables and homemade meatballs of cod. For layered salads with fish and seafood it is also recommended to choose soft varieties such livarot cheese. And if you set out to bake pies or Pond on old Russian recipe, unexpected but a very good complement to them will be soft cheese rikkota.

Admirers of Asian cuisine will love fish rolls with cheese. The main role here is best salted salmon in combination with cream cheese. Fans of gastronomic experiments can try to introduce her to feta, suluguni and even cheese. But the noble cheeses with mold, like Roquefort or Dorblu, are quite self-sufficient. Their intense savory taste and tart flavor are good without any addition.  

Whatever you cook, remember: fish with cheese prefers to be eaten on the first day. For tomorrow, she will lose the tasted taste. We suggest applying the knowledge gained in practice and preparing several branded dishes from fish and cheese, the recipes of which you can find below. To prepare these dishes our chefs used Brest-Litovskiy Light cheese and Brest-Litovsk classic cheese, because with these cheeses the fish dishes are especially delicate and fragrant. The rich creamy taste of the Brest-Litovsk cheeses adds new shades to the fish and will not leave your guests indifferent!

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