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Rich Club Sandwich: Five recipes for all tastes

Club sandwich - a colorful representative of the family of sandwiches, which can be found in restaurant menus worldwide. Ease of preparation and plenty of hearty toppings make it the best dish for a big company. We propose to discuss the most popular recipes for club sandwich.

Feathered hit for all time

Club chicken sandwich can be considered a culinary canon. Although variations involving this bird will be quite a lot. First of all, grease the chicken breast with salt and spices, fry until golden brown and cut into slanting thin slices. In a toaster or oven, grill 3 toast. Sauce mixed from 1 Art. l sweet mustard and 1 Art. l mayonnaise. Now we are building our sandwich. Lubricate the sauce with the first toast, cover it with a leaf of lettuce, put chicken pieces on it. Put a second toast on top, smeared with sauce on both sides, 2 slices of ham, 3 – 4 tomato mug and a couple of slices of cheese. Hiding them under the second leaf of lettuce and finish the composition with the third toast, not forgetting to smear it from below with the sauce. We wrap the sandwich with cling film and lightly press it - so it is better to compact. The chicken club sandwich recipe is easy to change by taking turkey as the main ingredient. In this performance, it will especially appeal to children. 

Breakfast for great achievements

Such a sumptuous sandwich for breakfast will energize and good mood until lunch

Club sandwich with bacon and egg - another classic version of a delicious and incredibly hearty sandwich. Stir 2 slices of bread in a dry frying pan. Then pour in it vegetable oil, reheat and cook a glaze from one egg. Carefully put it on a plate and fry in the same pan 2 strips of bacon until crisp. The dried toast is generously blended with tomato sauce and covered with a lettuce leaf. Then alternately lay out thin slices of tomato, a glaze, fried bacon and a thick piece of cheese. We close it all with a lettuce leaf and press it with a second slice of bread, after having properly smeared it with tomato sauce. Before serving, send the sandwich for a couple of minutes in the microwave, and then cut it diagonally. Such a luxurious sandwich for breakfast will energize and cheer up until lunchtime.

Gourmet Sweet Impromptu

Unusual ham and apple sandwich

A ham-and-cheese club sandwich is also delicious, especially when combined with something unexpected like an apple. Toast two toasts. Brush the first toast with melted cheese and place a slice of cheddar cheese on top of it. Cover it with slices of ham, thin slices of fresh apple and another slice of cheddar. Next, put the second toast, having previously spread it with melted cheese. After that, we send the sandwich to the oven at 190 ° C for another 5 minutes. And before serving, cut the sandwich diagonally. By the way, the combination of ham and pear will also surprise you and your loved ones with a delicate and harmonious taste.

Miracles of the deep sea

Replace tuna with salmon, and anchovy sauce with Philadelphia cheese, and even the most discriminating gourmets will not refuse such a sandwich

There is also a delight for the sea soul - in the form of a tuna club sandwich. Hard boil 4 eggs and cut them into circles. Cut 2 tomatoes in the same way, chop the red onion in half rings. Thoroughly knead 300 g of canned tuna with a fork. Now let's get to the sauce. Finely chop 100 g capers, 10 pitted olives and 2-3 anchovies, then mix with 80 g mayonnaise. Rye bread is more suitable for this recipe. To prevent the tuna from scattering, mix it with the sauce and grease the bottom toast with this mass. Lay the mugs of tomato, eggs and red onion on top. The composition will be crowned with a leaf of lettuce and another slice of bread. We send the sandwich to the oven preheated to 180 ° C, after which you can cut it diagonally and serve. Substitute salmon for tuna and Philadelphia cheese for anchovy sauce, and even the most discerning gourmets will not refuse such a sandwich.

Feast of plenty of vegetables

Mustard Sauce Sandwich

A club sandwich can be made original with a variety of sauces. For example, try adding mustard sauce to a classic ham sandwich. Mix 2 tsp. mustard (can be Dijon) with 1 tsp. balsamic sauce. Cut the tomato, ham and cheese into thin slices. Grease the dried toast with mustard sauce, put cheese, ham, tomatoes, a few leaves of iceberg lettuce, 2-3 sprigs of arugula on it. Next, put 2 cups of mozzarella, 3-5 iceberg lettuce leaves, sprinkle with 1 tsp. olive oil, grease with mustard sauce and cover the layer with a second toast. The sandwich can be pan-fried or grilled.

Do you often cook sandwiches for family and friends? Please send us your personal ratings of the most beloved Club sandwiches and, of course, interesting recipes copyright.

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