Meals with fruits and vegetables

Main dishes of fruit vegetables. (Part 1)

Eggplant with nuts.Eggplant with nuts.
Eggplants cut lengthwise, put in a pan, add a little boiling water and cook until tender. Then they were back in the colander, cool, squeeze and cut along the narrow slices. Walnut kernels mash with garlic and salt, pour chopped bulb or green onion, green pepper, sprinkled with vinegar and all thoroughly mixed. The resulting mass is combined with eggplant.
* Eggplant - 500 g walnut kernels - 125 g onions or chives - 40 g garlic - 2 cloves, chopped green coriander (cilantro), savory, cornflowers, parsley, celery - 20 g, red and black pepper, wine vinegar, salt.
Cooked pumpkin vegetables.
The flesh of pumpkin, zucchini or squash cut into slices, dipped in boiling salted water and cook until done, then back in the colander. Before serving pour melted butter mixed with breadcrumbs.
* Pumpkin vegetables - 500 g butter - 20 g ground biscuits - 45 g salt.
Pumpkin porridge.
The flesh of the pumpkin cut into small slices and cook in milk until tender. Then pass through a sieve, add millet, rice or semolina, sugar, salt, all mixed and boiled until cooked cereals. The quality of the meals will increase if the grains cook separately and mix with the cooked pumpkin. Serve the porridge with butter.
* Pumpkin - 800 g, cereals (wheat, rice, semolina) - 80 g butter oil- 80 g milk -125 g sugar - 50 g salt.
Pumpkin or squash, poached with yogurt cheese.
The flesh of the pumpkin and cut suggest a small amount of water until tender. Then wipe, wipe mixed with pasteurized yogurt cheese, add vanilla sugar, salt and mix well. Serve with sour cream.
* Pumpkin or squash - 500 g milk cheese - 300 g vanilla sugar - 5 g sugar - 75 g cream -125 g salt.
Zucchini with sour milk.
Obchyschayut zucchini and cut lengthwise into 2-4 parts. Spoon seeds removed, washed, cut into thin slices and cook in salted water. Ready zucchini laid on a plate, pour the sauce of yogurt, crushed garlic with salt and chopped herbs. On top pour heated butter and pepper.
* Squash - 500 g yogurt - 250 g garlic - 3-4 cloves, butter - 40 g parsley or dill - 10 g, red pepper, salt.
Breaded Tomatoes.
Tomatoes are washed, cut into thick slices 1 cm, salt, sprinkle with pepper, paneer with flour, moisten lezone and paneer in breadcrumbs. Fry in deep fat heated strongly.
* Tomatoes - 500 g ground biscuits - 60 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Milk - 80 g, oil - 60 g black pepper, salt.
Pancakes with tomatoes.
Flour, milk, eggs, cheese, milk, salt and butter rubbed, to avoid lumps. On a greased pan, pour formed dough, sprinkle chopped herbs and lay sliced ​​thin onion rings and circles kapartsiv and tomatoes. Lightly fry the bottom, turn and bring to readiness.
* Tomatoes - 200 g flour - 250 g milk - 500 g eggs -2 pcs., Sour milk cheese - 125 grams Ghee - thirty grams parsley, celery and fennel - 60 g kapartsi -15 g onion onions - 80 g fat for frying, salt.
Tomatoes, fried with egg.
Large tomatoes cut into slices, dipped in a strongly heated oil and fry without turning. In tomatoes produce eggs, making sure that no yolk roztikavsya. Salt and fry for thickening protein. Before serving sprinkle with chopped herbs.
* Tomatoes - 500 g butter - 80 g, eggs - 4 pcs., Parsley and dill - thirty grams of salt.
Fried eggplant with garlic sauce.
Eggplants cut lengthwise into 4-5 slices, salt and leave for 15 minutes. Then gently squeeze them and fry on both sides in oil. Onion chopped, fried, mixed with eggplant and garlic sauce poured zveruu. Prepare it so. Garlic mash and dilute to taste wine vinegar.
* Eggplant - 500 g, oil - 80 g, onions - 160 g garlic - 1-2 head, wine vinegar, salt.
Eggplant in Ukrainian.
Purified from the peel eggplant and tomatoes cut into slices, onion - half rings and pepper - julienne. Prepared vegetables fried in sunflower oil, pour sauce "Southern" with a little water or broth, add crushed garlic, salt, pepper and stew about 20 minutes.
* Eggplant - 450 g, red pomidory- 380 g g -160 onions, sweet pepper - 100 g oil -125 g sauce «Southern» - 80 g garlic, black pepper, salt.
Fried eggplant with onions.
Purified and devoid of seeds eggplant cut into slices to 2 cm thick, salt, sprinkle with pepper, spread in a row in the pan with hot fat and fry on both sides until golden crust. At slices of eggplant put fried onions and pour oil.

Eggplant can be cooked with fried tomatoes or fresh mushrooms with garlic and spicy greens.
* Eggplant - 500 g, oil - 70 g, onions - 100 g, black pepper, salt; option: tomatoes or mushrooms - 150 g garlic, parsley and dill.
Eggplant, fried in batter.
Obchyschayut eggplant and cut into slices. With eggs, flour and milk batter prepared. Slices of eggplant salted, wet in batter and fry in the hot oil. Serve hot with mashed potatoes.
* Eggplant - 400 with eggs - 1 pcs., Flour - 80 of milk - • 100 g, oil - 80 g salt, mashed potatoes.
Fried eggplant with peanut sauce.
Purified eggplant cut into slices, salt and leave to stand 10-15 minutes for the disappearance of bitterness. Then each piece of fry on both sides in a pan with fat until golden crusts. Fried eggplant spread on a platter and pour the peanut sauce with garlic.
* Eggplant - 300 g, oil - 125 g peanut sauce, salt.
Schnitzel with eggplant or zucchini.
Purified vegetables cut into slices lengthwise, salt, vyderzhuyut to 30 minutes, squeeze the juice and eggplant (zucchini) fried, each slice individually. Brynza rubbed through a sieve, add egg, chopped parsley, pepper and mix well. Slices of roasted aubergine (zucchini) connecting pairs formed mixture, paneer with flour, moisten with beaten egg and fry in a pan fried to golden crust.
* Eggplant or zucchini -400 g, eggs - 3 pcs., Cheese -. 100 g, oil - 50 g flour - from 30, parsley and dill - thirty grams, black pepper, salt.
Breaded peppers.
Baked obchyschayut peppers, remove seeds, salt, paneer with flour, wet in whipped egg and then in breadcrumbs and paneer fried. Serve hot.
* Bulgarian pepper - 400 g flour - 10 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Ground wheat crackers - 50 g butter - 30 g salt.
Pepper with sauce.
Pepper fried in a pan, cool, peel off, and fry in oil 2 minutes until golden crust. Then pepper spread on a dish, and in the same pan fry the onions in butter over low heat. In a separate bowl pour the tomatoes boiled water, close lid and allow to stand 3 minutes. Then remove them from the peel, cut, mixed with onions, add bay leaf, salt and all is well mixed. Keep the lights on for another 7 minutes until it does not turn into a dense mass. This mass pour pepper. Optional add grated garlic.
* Bulgarian pepper - 500 g, oil - 100 g, onions - 160 g tomatoes - 500 g bay leaf - 4 pcs., Garlic, salt.
Schnitzel with pepper.
Pepper baked, obchyschayut and remove seeds. Brynza rub grated, mixed with eggs and chopped herbs. This mixture is filled pods. Prepare batter
with eggs, flour and milk, he immerse peppers and fry until golden brown. Serve with sour milk.
* Bulgarian pepper - 500 g, g-100 cheese, eggs - 3 pcs., Oil - 50 g flour - 50 g parsley - thirty grams, salt, sour milk.
Roasted pumpkin with mashed potatoes.
The flesh of the pumpkin cut into thick slices 1 cm, slightly prisalivaem give stand 15 minutes, obsushuyut, wet killed in the egg and paneer in breadcrumbs crushed. Fry in oil or fat. Serve with tomato sauce and mashed potatoes. You can serve with sour cream.
* Pumpkin - 500 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Wheat crackers - thirty grams butter or margarine - 40 g, salt, tomato sauce, mashed potatoes.
Roasted pumpkin with cream.
Slices of pumpkin salt, sprinkle with pepper, paneer with flour, fry in a pan until golden color and baked. Serve with sour cream.
* Pumpkin - 600 g flour - 25 g butter - 20 g sour cream - 75 g, black pepper, salt.
Pumpkin, fried in batter.
Slices of pumpkin fried with butter. Flour pour into the pan, diluted with milk, add egg yolk, salt and stir thoroughly. Protein whisk, pour in batter and again mix. Slices of pumpkin wet in dough and fried in oil. Serve, sprinkled with herbs.
Pumpkin - 480 g butter - 20, oil - 85 g, eggs - 3 pcs., Flour - 45 g milk - 125 g, parsley and dill - 30 g salt.
Zucchini with garlic sauce.
Purified zucchini cut into long slices 0,5 cm thick, salt, paneer with flour and fry in boiling oil. Whisk yogurt, add crushed garlic, chopped dill, mashed kernels and mix. Before serving zucchini arranged on a plate pour sauce.
* Squash - 500 g, oil - 85 g yogurt - 500 g flour - 30 g garlic - 35 g kernels - 120 g, dill - 50 g salt.
Fried zucchini with boiled potatoes and tomatoes.
Prepared as above, zucchini baked in the oven. Crude purified potatoes cut into cubes, pour boiling water, salt and cook. For 5 minutes until cooked drained the water, put the butter, bring to readiness under the closed lid, sprinkle with chopped dill. Before serving on the middle plate heaped put boiled potatoes, and the edges - fried zucchini vperemizhku with fresh tomatoes, sliced ​​rings. Pour sour cream and dill.
* Squash - 500 g potatoes - 400 g butter - 20 g, oil - ZO g, dill - 50 g tomatoes - 200 g sour cream - 100 g flour - thirty grams of salt.
Pancakes with squash or pumpkin.
Purified squash without seeds or pumpkin cut into pieces, pass line grinder, add the flour, eggs, salt and mix well. If the mass of thick, pour a little milk. Pancakes fried in a hot pan. Serve with sour cream.
* Squash or pumpkin - 400 g flour - 200 g, eggs - 2 pcs. Butter - 50 g salt.
Squash Pancakes with raisins.
Purified zucchini cut into slices, add milk, sugar, salt and readiness to assume. Then all carefully stir until smooth consistency, add the flour, butter, beaten eggs, pre-soaked raisins in warm water, baking soda and salt. The mass and stir through 10 minute bake muffins in sunflower oil. Serve with melted butter or sour cream.
* Squash - 500 g milk - 125 g butter - 20 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Raisins - 50 g flour - 150 g, oil - 50 g, baking soda, and salt.
Chicken with zucchini and potatoes.
Purified zucchini rubbed on a grater with large holes, boiled potatoes and mince. Then they are mixed, add eggs, finely chopped parsley, flour, pepper, salt and mix well. With mass form patties, paneer them in flour, wet in whipped egg and fry in oil. Serve hot with salad.
* Squash - 500 g potatoes - 250 g, eggs - From pcs., Parsley - 35 g flour - 60 g, oil - 60 g, black pepper, salt, salad.
Cutlets from zucchini with cheese or yogurt cheese.
Purified zucchini rubbed on a grater with large holes, salt and allow to stand 10 minutes. The juice is drained zucchini to add eggs, flour, cheese or dairy cheese and chopped parsley. The mass is then mixed thoroughly, form patties and fry them in oil. Serve with sour milk and greens.
* Squash - 500 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Flour - 35 grams, cheese or milk cheese - 40 g, parsley and dill - thirty grams, oil - 40 g, salt, sour milk.
Fried scallops.
Prepared squash cut into slices thickness 0,5 cm, paneer with flour, mixed with salt and a little fried. Closing cover the pan, put it on a slow fire and bring to readiness.

* Squash - 500 g flour - 60 g, oil - thirty grams of salt.
Fried scallops in vegetable marinade.
Trained youth squash cut into slices thickness 1,5 cm, sprinkle with salt and paneer with flour. Then decompose them into zcholiyeyu preheated pan and fry on both sides until golden crust. Then put in the oven and bring to readiness. Cool. Serve on a plate dessert or salad, vegetable watering marinade with tomato and sprinkled with green onions or parsley and dill.
* Squash - 600 g wheat flour - 20 g, oil - 40 g in tomato marinade - 400 g green onions - or thirty grams parsley and dill - 30 g salt.
Tomatoes, stewed with carrots and garlic.
Prepared chopped vegetables (except garlic) crushed, put in a pan, salt, sprinkle with pepper, pour vegetable oil and stew for thirty minutes until tender. Then add the crushed garlic and spread on a platter to cool.
* Green tomatoes - 500 g, onions - 80 g carrots - 225 g vitochky celery - 2 pcs., Garlic - 35 g, oil - 50 g, black pepper, salt.
Tomatoes, stewed with peppers.
Prepared chopped peppers stewed in broth and margarine until soft. Add purified finely chopped tomatoes and continue to cook a little. Salt and sprinkle with herbs.
* Tomatoes - 500 g pepper - 500 g butter margarine - 50 g meat broth - 500 g, January parsley and dill - 30 g salt.
Scrambled eggs with tomatoes.
Tomatoes and onions chopped, whites whipped to a foam and whipped yolks separately for 1-2 minutes. Beaten egg whites and yolks are mixed, salt. 4 prepared omelets. Fry the onion until golden brown, add tomatoes, chopped ginger, green pepper, water and salt. Simmer over medium heat. Omelets cut into small pieces and dipped them in tomato gravy. Vyderzhuyut 5 minutes on low heat. Serve with boiled rice.
* Tomatoes - 250 g green pepper-150 g, eggs - 4 pcs., Ginger - 5 g, oil - 50 g, water - 100 g salt, steamed rice -100 g
Eggplant stewed in sour cream.
Purified eggplant cut into slices, dipped in hot salted water on 5 minutes, then back in a sieve or colander. Give drain, paneer with flour and fry. Then put the eggplant in the pan, pour cream and stew until tender. Serve with sauce in which they tushkuvalysya, sprinkled with pepper and herbs.
* Eggplant - 500 g flour - 45 g, oil - 70, sour cream - 300 g parsley or dill - 35 g, black pepper, salt.
Eggplant stewed with tomatoes.
Purified eggplant cut into slices, tomatoes cut in half and fried in oil. Translates into a shallow pan, pour the sauce "Southern" dilute broth, add the pounded garlic, pepper, salt and stew about 15 minutes. Before serving sprinkle with green onion and decorated with leaves of lettuce.
* Eggplant - 400 g tomatoes - 280 g, oil - 50 g sauce «Southern» - 120 g soup - 200 g green onions - 50 g g green salat- 25, 15-g garlic, black pepper, salt.
Pilaf with vegetables.
Purified eggplant cut into small cubes, tomatoes - slices and fry in butter. Prepared pepper, chopped coarse noodles, heated in butter. The cut onions and prepared fried mushrooms, carrots Passer. The washed rice boiled in salted water, back in the sieve. All vegetables and rice are placed in a pan (preferably in a saucepan), pour broth and stew on low heat until tender. Serve sprinkled with dill.
* Eggplant - 300 g tomatoes - 200 g butter or margarine - 50 g sweet red pepper - 200 g, fungi (mushrooms or any other) - 200 g carrots - 75 g, Fig. 250 g, dill - 35 grams, broth or water - 375 g salt.
Pepper, stewed with vegetable mixture.
Chopped onion until soft stewed in oil. Then add more oil and na¬rizani eggplant slices and stew still 15 minutes. Then add chopped Bulgarian-sky hangover ,, potatoes, herbs and salt. Then combine with tomato rub through a sieve, close lid and stew until tender.
* Bulgarian peppers - 400 g eggplant - 350 g onion-160 g potatoes - 270 g tomatoes - 360 g oil or butter or ghee - 160 g, parsley and dill - 35 g sil.-
Pepper, braised in the marinade.
Prepared pepper boiled in salted water for a minute 12, back in the colander, give dry off, finely excised, placed in a shallow pot, pour the marinade with vegetables and tomato puree and stew in the oven until Readiness. Serve chilled in a salad, sprinkled with herbs.
To prepare the marinade purified vegetables cut into strips or small cubes, fry in oil, pour poshatkovanu cabbage, salt, mixed with pepper and stew prepared.
* Bulgarian pepper - 400 g carrots - 75 g, onions - 40 g biloholovkova cabbage - 500 g celery root - 60 g, oil - 70 g, marinade or tomato puree - 220 g parsley or dill - 35 g of salt.
Cucumbers stewed in cream sauce with toast.
Sliced ​​cucumbers salt, sprinkle with pepper, paneer and fry in butter. Then they pour meat broth, add sour cream, tomato sauce and stew until soft. Ready stewed cucumbers spread on a platter, sprinkle with herbs and serve with croutons. This dish can be served white meat sauce.
* Ogіrki - 500 g, well - 20 g, melted butter - ЗО g, meat broth – 150 g, sour cream - 100 g, tomato puree - 20 g, parsley greens, or Kropu - 35 g, black pepper, green ; for grіnok: hlіb - 100 g, egg - 1 pc., milk - 100 g, zucor - 10 g, sіl.
Cucumbers in a brown sauce.
Obchyschayut cucumbers, cut in half lengthwise, remove seeds and cut into strips or cubes and stew in its own juice with onions, vinegar, salt and lard. In the prepared sauce, put the pieces of stewed tomatoes and allow to infuse. Vegetables sprinkled with chopped herbs. Serve with potatoes and smoked bacon. This spicy side dish to meat.
* Cucumbers - 800 g lard - thirty grams onions - Mr. 80, 3% -s' vinegar - thirty grams, oil - 20 g parsley or dill - 50 g potatoes, salt.
Cucumbers stewed with mushrooms and raisins.
Obchyschayut cucumbers, cut into thick slices crosswise to 2 cm and stewed in butter, adding split fresh mushrooms, salt and raisins. The broth from the stewing mixed
with the yolks, rub with grape juice, and do not boil. This broth is poured stewed cucumbers.
* Cucumbers - 500 g mushrooms - 250 g raisins - 65 g butter - 50 g yolks of eggs -with 2, 125 grape sik- g salt.
Stewed pumpkin.
Cut the pumpkin flesh immersed in boiling milk and stew until half the lid. Then add dried flour mixed with butter, sugar and salt, chopped parsley and bring to readiness.
* Pumpkin - 500 g milk - 125 g butter - 20 g flour 15 g sugar - 25 g, parsley and dill - 20 g salt.
Stuffed pumpkin.
For the stuffing pumpkin pulp and cut suppose with margarine, add cooked until half rice, sugar and salt. All mix. Minced small portions placed on the prepared cabbage leaves and stuffed form. HF placed in a shallow pan, pour the broth, suggest, then pour cream sauce and stew over 15 minutes.
* Watermelon - 215 g, bilogolovkova cabbage - 280 g, jam rice - 130 g, zucor - 20 g, margarine - 10 g, sour cream sauce - 150 g, parsley greens, Abor Kropu - 15 g, bouillon, strength.
Pumpkin, stewed with rice and raisins.
The flesh of the pumpkin cut into small slices, put in a pot, pour hot water, cover with a lid and cook over 15 minutes. Add milk, boiled rice, oil and sugar and stew over 20 minutes, stirring. After stewing pour pre-soaked raisins, and stir a little stew. Serve in hot.
* Pumpkin - 500 g, water-125 g milk - 180 grams, rice - 200 g butter - 100 g sugar - 25 g raisins - 70 hours
Pumpkin, stewed with onion and bacon.
In the melted margarine fried diced bacon, bacon, add the chopped onion, crushed garlic and stew. Then put the diced pumpkin, pour in broth, seasoned with vinegar and sugar, cover with lid and stew over medium heat for 15 minutes until tender. Then salt, sprinkle with pepper and, if necessary additionally seasoned with vinegar and sugar. Serve, watering cream and sprinkled with herbs.
* Pumpkin-1000 g margarine - 25 g, fat-streaked meat bacon - 100 g, onions - 125 g garlic - 3-4 teeth, broth - 125 g of vinegar - 30 g g sugar -5 , fennel - 50 g sour cream - 250 g, black pepper, salt.
Pumpkin in cheese sauce.
The flesh of the pumpkin cut into cubes, salt, pour a small amount of boiling water and stew until tender. Yogurt or sour milk, grated cheese and flour is ground and boiled, adding pepper. Pumpkin is back in the colander, allow to drain water and pour the prepared cheese sauce. Yogurt can replace the tomato sauce.
* Pumpkin -1000 g, yogurt or yogurt - 250 g cheese - 80 g, g-15 flour, pepper and salt.
Zucchini, stewed with tomatoes and onions.
Prepared zucchini cut into slices, salt, paneer with flour and fry on both sides. Tomatoes cut into slices and fry in oil. Passer chopped onion. In a frying pan squash laid out, alternating with onion and tomatoes, pour the sour cream or cream and sprinkle with dill and stew on low heat until tender. Before serving sprinkle with chopped herbs.
* Squash - 600 g flour - 30 g g -400 tomatoes, onions - 120 g, fat - 50 g smetana- 250 g, dill - 50 g, black pepper, salt.
Zucchini, stewed with mushrooms and tomatoes.
Cut onion and fry in vegetable oil. Purified and scalded mushrooms cut and connect with onions, then continue to cook even 15 minutes. Then put the vegetables in the pan, add sliced ​​and sauteed zucchini and stew to soft. Then add sour cream sauce, diced small slices of tomatoes and stew until 10 minutes. Serve sprinkled with finely chopped greens.
* Squash - 300 g fresh mushrooms - 100 g g -180 tomatoes, onions - 40 g cream sauce - 125 g, oil - 50 g, parsley and dill - thirty grams of salt.
Courgettes in Russian.
Purified zucchini cut lengthwise in half, remove seeds and pulp of. The resulting "boat" is immersed in boiling water for 10-15 minutes. Remove the pulp is pulverized and mixed with finely chopped mushrooms, adding salt, pepper and herbs. Passer chopped onion in oil injected prepared vegetables and fry, stirring. Zucchini filled with this stuffing, put on baking sheet, pour a little broth and stew until tender. Then fill with sour cream and eggs. Serve hot, sprinkled with herbs.
* Squash - 500 g fresh mushrooms - 75 g, oil - 50 g, onions - 50 g parsley - 50 g sour cream - 100 g, black pepper, salt.
Tomatoes, baked with potatoes and eggs.
Separately, fried tomatoes, potatoes and onions, sliced. Then spread the vegetables to the pan, greased, pour beaten eggs and bake in the oven. Serve, sprinkled with herbs.
Tomatoes - 400 g potatoes - 200 g, onions - 80 g, eggs - 4 pcs. Butter - 50 g parsley or dill - thirty grams of salt.

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