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Other stravi z root crops (part of 2) - Secrets of the kulіnara.

Swede, baked with an egg.Swede, baked with an egg.
Purified and washed turnips cut into small slices and fry with butter until tender. Then the slices are placed evenly in pan. Raw eggs are well mixed with sour cream and grated cheese. This mass pour prepared turnips and bake in the oven. Before serving sprinkle with chopped parsley or dill.
* Swede - 800 g butter - 40 g, eggs - 4 pieces. -120 G sour cream, hard cheese grated - 40 g parsley or dill - 30 g salt.
Swede baked in cream.
To roast, as described in the previous recipe, turnip sour cream, butter, mixed with toasted as for the sauce, wheat flour, or add sour cream sauce is ready. All mix, give rolling boil, spread on a pan, sprinkle with grated cheese mixed with crushed wheat breadcrumbs, sprayed with melted butter and bake. Before serving sprinkled with oil and sprinkle with finely chopped greens.
* Swede - 800 g butter -60 g ground dried-15 g g flour 120, 200-cream g cheese - 20 g greens - ZO g
Celery in a cream sauce with tomato and onion.
Publications і помитий корінь селери розрізають на чотири частини і варять у підсоленій воді до готовності. Zvarenu sellers syllable in sour cream sauce with tomato and zibulei і finish up kipinnya. Before serving, put in a frying pan і по по по по по по по по по по по по по по по по по по по по по по по по по по по по по по по др др др др др др др др др др др др др др зелен зелен зелен зелен зелен зелен зелен зелен зелен зелен. For sauce ripchata zibulu dribno narizayut, paseruyut on top oil to napіvgotostnosti, dodayut tomato-mash, salt and prodovzhuyut paseruvati stretching 7 xv. Potim dodayut smetanniy sauce і and cook with a weak kipinnі stretching 10-15 хв.
* Celery - 800 g butter - 40 g, dill - 25 g sour cream sauce with tomato and onion - 200 g salt.
Croquettes with celery.
Purified and washed celery and potatoes cook each separately in salted water (with celery stalks). Obsushuyut and rubbed through a sieve, then mixed, seasoned raw egg yolks and butter. With Mashed make balls obkachuyut them in flour and moisten protein, then paneer in breadcrumbs. Fry in very warm fat (fried). By croquet can apply the tomato sauce separately.
* Celery - 320 g potatoes - 500 g, eggs - 0,2 pcs., Oil for frying - 100 g flour - 40 g dried - 60 g butter - 40 g tomato sauce - 200 g salt.
Celery braised with vegetables.
Korіn celery іz stalks cleaned, miut і narіzayut lumps of 5 haunting, see Morkva, narіzanu straw, і rіpchasu tsibulyu paseruyut, not giving іm pіdrum'yanitsya. Pomidor clean shkirochku і narіzayut їх quarters. In castrules, they put celera, passers-by tsibulu and morkvu, pom_dori, cіl, pepper, pour small kіlkіstyu broyonu and the pump with a pull of 60 xv.
* Celery - 600 g carrots - 160 g, onions - 120 g g pomidory- 200, 200-broth g butter - 100 g, black pepper, salt.
Celery, cooked sauce.
Purified and washed celery (root with stalks) cut into slices and suggest butter and broth. Cooked celery spread on a pan, pour thick milk sauce, sprinkle with grated cheese and bake in the oven. Before serving sprayed with melted butter.
* Celery - 800 g butter - 40 g milk sauce - 200 g soup - 100 g hard cheese grated - 20 g salt.
Celery in batter.
Purified and washed celery root boiled in salted water, cut into slices. Flour mixed with cream, rub the yolks, salt and carefully mix with beaten egg whites. Celery dipped in this mixture (batter) and fry in oil until golden crust.
* Celery - 800 g flour - 160 g cream - 200 g, eggs - 4 pcs., Oil for frying - 100 g salt.
Pancakes with carrots.
For water, to temperature up to temperature 30 — 40 ° С, to let it pass through a meat grinder, to clean a morkuv, in front of a small garden, to another, to sweep, to sweep and to give it boroshno. Three hundred percent for brood in a warm miss on 1 — 2 a year. In the process of brood tisto obminyut. Lubricate milky in the coolest way, serve szmetanoy.
* Wheat flour - 240 g yeast - 15 g carrots - 300 g, water - 350 g sugar - 15 g, oil - 80 g sour cream - 150 g salt.
The protein cake with carrots.
Bilki on the thick pіnu, finish the tsukor and zbyvayut with the 10 — 15 hvc stitch, dodayuchi boroshno, citric acid and cleaned і skip the cream of the meat in a bowl. Masu watch out. Bіlkovomorkv'yany bіskvіt vіpіkayut on the leaves with a parchment paper at temperatures 160 — 180 ° With the length of 20 — 30 xv.
* Protein - 7 with eggs, sugar - 100 g wheat flour - 150 g Citric acid - 2 g carrots - 200 hours
The main roots for cooking broth considered carrots, parsley, celery, sometimes turnips and onions.
For broth to 4-6 1 portions must bulb (50 d), 2 carrots (100 d), 1 parsley root (75 g), 1 / 3 celery (25 g). Good taste gives a bunch of parsley and celery, which is generally cooked along with the roots.
Koreans for bouillon clean, miyut. If it is known to the broth, it is the root of the people that they have to put in the broth; Rozorom root put on a clean stove abo a frying pan without grease, scab stink good pidrum'yanili, ale not p_dgorіli. Pisdsmazheni in such a way korobі nadayat broyonu primnogo gusto in i golden zablevlennya. To psdsmazhenih korenіv (Morkvi, parsley, celery) that tsibuli dobre datati two skibochki rip.
Nayaromatnisha and most juicy carrot root vegetables napivdovhymy. Since it is recommended to cook salads, wring juice.
The best varieties of beet consider those with dark peel and rounded or flat root.
The red table beets should cook neobchyschenymy and sugar - purified, because the latter provides the peel of bitter taste.
The most delicious radish - pinkish-red with white tip.
White radish conical much sharper in taste compared with a round black.
Salad from radish will be savory, yakshcho zapraviti yogo rіпчастою цибулею, злегка підсмаженою на олії.
Scob prigotovuti smachny hrіn, demanding vibrati v_drіzki root zavdovzhki 20 — 25 cm and the 2 — 3 curtains, see.
Koren Khrіnu shvidko hang. They smelled stupidly, their demands on 4 — 6 a year, in cold water, and only then cleaned.
To grated horseradish is not darkened, it is sprayed with lemon juice or vinegar and mix.
Root vegetables during cooking should be covered by water for no more than 1 cm.
Carrots with long root vegetables require prolonged heat treatment. Therefore, this carrot stew or better use for cooking casseroles, burgers and puddings.
From long stewing and boiling beets with dark red are brownish-yellow. Vinegar, sour kvass or citric acid added to the water, keep original color of beets.
Beets should pare shortly before heat treatment, as they quickly darken.
Beet good broth used for cooking borsch and soups, kvass, vinegar.

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