Meals with fruits and vegetables

Processing of fruits, berries, vegetables and mushrooms

Processing of fruits, berries, vegetables and mushroomsFresh fruits and berries to your food sorted, cleaned, and cut obchyschayut.
Fruits and berries are washed several times in cold water under the tap or at least in a large bowl. Watermelons, melons should be washed under the tap only.
Obchyschayuchy apples and pears, cut them with a thin layer of the peel and remove the core.
In a pineapple cut with a knife the top and peel.
In apricots, peaches, plums, Mirabel, plum remove seeds in fruit - stalk.
For stewed fruit cut into slices, fruit salad - slices, slices or sticks for filling - cubes or slices.
Cut the fruit in a better part of the same size and shape as during heat treatment once they reach readiness.
Withdrawals after the initial processing of the fruit used to make broths, jelly, jelly, fruit sauces.
To prepare fruit desserts previously rubbed. Before wiping apples and pears are boiled or baked (apples). Plums, apricots, peaches and other stone fruit, except cherries, suggest in syrup over 25-30 minutes. The berries are rubbed raw.

Tubers. Potatoes sorted out, washed and obchyschayut. Potatoes obchyschayut during washing. Prepared potato cut into slices of different sizes and shapes.
Root. Beets are sorted out, washed and obchyschayut. Cut slices, strips, cubes, cubes.
Carrots are sorted out, washed and rbchyschayut. Long and thin copies obchyschayut hand, identical in size and shape can pare the car.
Parsley, celery, parsnip sorted, cut them with herbs and obchyschayut. Greens also sorted, washed, chopped or finely excised for filling soups, sauces and marinades. Objectives vitochky used for decoration of dishes.
The main forms of cutting carrot, parsley and celery, straw - for soups; wedges - for broth with vegetables; blocks - for soups with cereals and legumes, cooking side dishes and salads; circles - for schiv of cabbage; wedges - for stews; figure cutting (scallops, sprockets, Shesterenko) - for marinades, decoration of cold and hot dishes.
Radish wash, cut roots and greens (for meals "Radish and butter" leave a few short green sprouts). The resulting white radishes obchyschayut.
Cabbage vegetables. In biloholovkovoyi, savoy cabbage and chervonoholovkovoyi cut polluted and damaged leaves. Then head wash, cut in half or into four parts, kochanchiki removed. If cabbage or cabbage intended for stuffing, kochanchiki cut without disturbing the integrity of the head.
Shinkuem cabbage into strips, cut into squares, pickled whole heads of cabbage - cubes.
In Brussels sprouts holovochky cut from the stem, leaves and remove corrupt wash in cold water.
Cauliflower and cabbage broccoli (broccoli) cleaned of contamination, remove leaves, cut kochanchiki in 1 cm below the branch heads, wash and 20-thirty minutes immersed in cold salted water, then wash again. To prepare main dishes using targets heads for soups and side dishes they are divided into florets.
Kohlrabi obchyschayut by hand, washed and cut into strips, cubes or slices.
Bulb vegetables. In the onions cut bottom and neck and relieve dry husk. Wash the onions just before heat treatment. The main forms of cutting onions, rings, cubes, slices, rings.
In the leeks remove roots, yellowed and decayed leaves, then cut greens. White part and cut along the wash. Green leeks plucked and cut into strips. White part cut into strips or slices.
Garlic is treated the same as onions. The head is divided into cloves and remove them from the husk.
Fruit and vegetables. Pumpkin, squash, eggplant wash and obchyschayut. Young eggplant peel is not removed. Pumpkin cut into several pieces, remove seeds and cut into slices or cubes. The same process large zucchini, but cut them into slices, or slices. Zucchini stuffing used for the whole or a cut in the form of cylinders.
Cucumbers are washed and sorted by size. Large and yellowed copies obchyschayut.
Capsicum pepper plucked, washed, make a circular incision around the stem and remove it along with the seeds. Then again wash the pepper.
Young beans (blades) beans, peas and beans, along with grains sorted out, remove the stems and wash. Beans (pods) beans and cut beans, peas and blades used in whole form.
Salad vegetables. All varieties of lettuce, spinach and sorrel cut roots. Then plucked vegetables, remove yellowed and rough stems and leaves and wash thoroughly.
Dessert vegetables. Rhubarb sorted, cut the bottom of the stems, brushes the top film, wash and cut.
Artichokes sorted, cut the stem and upper sharp end of the scales, remove core and wash. To cut no temnishaly their wet rub lemon or citric acid solution.

Fresh mushrooms are sorted by type and size, highlighting the large, medium and small. On the bottom of the foot brushes the ground. Boletus mushrooms and remove the peel from shapynok. Then mushrooms dipped in 30 minutes in cold water, then washed, changing the water 3-4 times.
To mushrooms is not getting dark, they put in after treatment with citric acid acidified water.
Shapynky large mushrooms finely excised. Mushrooms small and medium size used for cooking side dishes intact.
Dried mushrooms are sorted, washed and soaked in cold water. Salty and pickled mushrooms are removed from the brine, washed and sorted. Large mushrooms cut into wedges or slices.

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