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Stewed and jelly with fresh fruits and berries

Stewed and jelly with fresh fruits and berriesCompote
Apples, pears, quince neobchyscheni cut into slices and boiled in sugar syrup, slightly acidified with citric acid. Apples and pears some varieties of boiled soft too, so they put in boiling syrup, immediately stop heating and cool in syrup.
Peaches, apricots and plums cut in half and remove seeds.
Oranges and tangerines obchyschayut and cut into slices or divided into lobes.
Grape, cherry, strawberry and raspberry sorted out and wash in cold water.
Tangerines, oranges, grapes, cherries, pineapples, raspberries and strawberries put in cold syrup raw.
Fresh and cooked fruits and berries placed in a la carte dishes and pour the cooled syrup.
To improve the taste of fruit drinks can add a little wine (5-10 port or Madeira g per serving).
Compote of fresh apples or pears.
Abo pear apples, wash, peel, cut into 6-8 parts (fallow vid rosmіrіv), see the core, put on the pan and fill with cold water, lightly acidified with citric acid. Entrance (shkirka and sertsevina) put a pan in the Inshu, fill with hot water and boil it with a stretch of 10-12 hv. Vidvar percents to dry the sieve, give the zucchar, kindly chop, put the prepared apple slices or pears and cook with a weak baking length of 7-8 hv (fallow variety). For flavoring, add zest of lemon and orange to the compote, or cinnamon, and for flavoring, relish the taste of wine by pouring in the cold.
These recipes are designed to 700 g of water (4 portion compote).
* Apples or pears - 240 g sugar - 120 g wine - 20 g Citric acid - 0,8 hours
Compote h Ivey.
Prepared nyvu cut into slices, remove the core, dipped in cold, slightly acidified with citric acid water and cook until soft. In broth formed sugar is dissolved, add hot water, stir and continue to cook at low boil for 20-30 minutes until tender. In compote can add lemon zest, citric acid, and after cooling to improve the taste pour a little wine.
* Quince - 240 g sugar - 120 g (Shio - 20 g Citric acid - 0,8 hours
Compote of peaches.
Pour the peaches for 2-3 hv to draw water from the hot pot, then draw a noise on a sieve, know the load, cut the water and see the stitches. At the water, like peaches were poured, finished with zucchar, put syrup with water and soars with a length of 6-7 hv, after which we were able to pour. Put peaches in a wide pot, stick with hot syrup, add citric acid and heat until boiling. In refrigerations compote finish wine.
* Peaches - 240 g sugar - 120 g wine - 20 g Citric acid - 0,8 hours
Compote of apricots or plums.
In a vessel pour sugar, pour it with hot water, stir well, put back halves of apricots or plums, pitted, add citric acid, bring to a boil and cooled. Add wine.
* Apricots or plums - 240 g sugar - 120 g wine - 20 g Citric acid - 0,8 hours
188889Compote of cherries.
Wash cherries, see the leaves, lay the porcelain bowl and boil zucre. Pour the tarticles with water, finish the chili and bale with a stretch of 3-5 hv, after which the syrup is poured. Pour the prepared cherries with hot syrup, add citric acid, bring to a boil and cool.
* Cherries - 240 g sugar - 120 g wine - 20 g Citric acid - 0,8 hours
Compote of apples and oranges.
I clean the oranges and dill with circles of the 0,5 cm cocktail. Prepared apples are cooked until fully cooked, and then they nourish as they are, like oranges. Pieces of oranges and apples are laid out, scooped up, at a vase and filled in, boiled and frozen with wine syrup.
* Oranges - 300 g apples - 300 g sugar - 120 g wine - 40 g
Pears in Jerez.
Pears wash, obchyschayut, leaving the stalk. Seeds nest can be removed by dredging. Prepared pears cook until tender in water, which put half servings of sugar and citric acid, and then removed to shumovkoyu sieve. The broth is filtered, it is dissolved in the rest of the sugar, bring to a boil, then heating stopped and added to the syrup sherry.
Almond pour hot water, heat to boiling, removed from the water, remove from no¬ho peel and cut lengthwise into 4-5 parts. Almond slices fried in the oven to brown appearance.
Chilled Pears placed in vases or kremanki stem up and prick them slices of roasted almonds, then pour the syrup.
* Pears - 300 g almonds -20 g sugar - 160 g sherry - 40 g Citric acid - 1h.
Jelly is cooked from fresh and dried fruits and berries, as well as juices and syrups and other natural fruit and berry products.
For fruit and berry jelly, use potato starch.
Jelly should be uniform consistency without lumps, not viscous, and their appearance, color, taste and smell - correspond to the product from which they prepared.
In one portion of thick jelly (200 d) must 12-15 g starch jelly for medium thickness - 7-10 g and consistency of semi - 4-8 hours
Before vikoristanni starch to be planted with refrigerated boiled water, or syrup, prepared for kissel.
At deyaki fruit and berry sour for zaberezhenny zavarlenneniya and polypshennya of the most savory foods to give troches (0,1-0,3 g per portion) of citric acid, diluted beforehand with cold boiled water.
Kissel from cranberries or currants.
Sort the berries, kindly wash, toddle with a tree and wipe and wipe. Syk poured into non-oxidizing dishes, and put m'yazgu at the pot, pour hot water and boil with a stretch of 5-7 hv, after that, warm the potato, put it into the pot, and let me know beforehand.
Potato starch is diluted with cold water, strain and pour it into hot berry syrup, stirring well. Pot of jelly and put on fire, stirring rapidly, quickly bring to a boil. When starch brew in jelly immediately pour chilled juice from the berries. Ready jelly and stir well to cool immediately poured into a la carte dishes, sprinkle with sugar.
Cranberry or black currant, red currant or red - 100 g sugar - 100 g starch - 40 hours
Stewed and jelly with fresh fruits and berriesJelly with strawberry, raspberry or blackberry.
Sadovі sunitsі, raspberries, but I’ll sort out the supper, see the fruiting, wash it with cold water and wipe it with a sieve. Sіk anger at neokislyuvanu vessel. Put m'yazgu at the pot, fill with hot water, finish the cucumber, mix well, bring to a boiling water and percent. In ready-made syrup, pour starch mash, dilutions with cold boiled water and percent, and bring to a boil quickly. If you boil kisіl, add heat, add cooling to the berries, mix with citric acid, mix, pour from the dishes and boil it.
* Garden strawberries or raspberries, or blackberries - 100 g sugar - 100 g starch - 40 g Citric acid - 1 hours
Jelly cherries.
Sort the cherries, wash them with cold water, see the stems from them, sip them with zucre and periodically mix them with a stretch of 30-40 hv. The assurances sik anger at the non-oxidizing utensils. Tubes are filled with hot water and boiled with a stretch of 3-5 hv. Vidvar percent, nourish cucumbers with nyu, pour cherries and boil them with syrup. For zaberezhennya zarleblenlennya and pol_psennya relish to give the trocha citric acid. Pislya zakіnchenchennya varinny syrup percent_yuyut, again, heat up to boiling і and pour infusions of water from starch. Pour the ready-made sour cherry cherry, chop, pour on the porcelain dish and boil the chuck.
* Cherries - 130 g sugar - 100 g starch - g 40, 1 g Citric kyslota-
Kissel from dogwood, plum or gooseberry.
Kyzyl, plum or gooseberry sorted out, washed in cold water, put in a pot, pour hot water and boiling for yatyat 7-10 minutes. Ready broth is poured into another vessel. Cooked fruits knead well, add broth, bring to a boil, strain through a sieve, wipe the fruit. Wipe mass mixed with broth. In prepared a lot of added sugar, citric acid and then heated to boiling. Add starch dissolved in water and prepared pudding cool.
* Dogwood or plums - 13 g or gooseberries - 100 g starch - 40 g sugar - 100 g Citric acid - 1 hours

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