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Dishes of watermelons and melons - salads, various desserts.

Dishes of watermelons and melons - salads, various desserts.Watermelons are used mostly fresh, sometimes they add in compotes and small - salt. Prepared with watermelon syrup, honey watermelon (nardek) and candied fruit.
Naikrashchy kavuni with Yaskra-Chervona, low and other grained m'yakottyu. Fibrous m'yakot - a sign of great varieties.
Peduncle in watermelon should be dry and shiny surface. From tapping a melon produces clear sound and the light pressing - crack.
For desserts, the victorious kavuni is lower, especially in the mouth, it’s soft, and for compotes, it’s rozipchastoyu. In both vipadas are more beautiful than vikoristovuvati finely graded.
Especially attractive are refreshing watermelon flavor, if slightly cool.
The main nutritional value is considered melons sugar content, combined with excellent aroma and faint acidity.
Dukhmyana dina - a wonderful dessert. її vikoristovuyut for compote, jam, candied fruit, as well as for freezing. In the Middle Asian deyaki sort of ding v'yalit.
The shortest grades can be shchilnu, spring or fiber m'yakot. Boroshnistіst m'yakotі - a sign of low-grade ding.
The color is m'yakot din buvaє bіlii, green is abo light orange, and the color of the kirka is white to brown. Behind the character of the surface, you can cantaloupe (ribbed) and reference (smoothly).
The shape of the fruit melons are spherical, flattened, oval and cylindrical.
To determine the ripeness of a melon, you should click at it from the opposite end of the stalk: the unripe melons this end defies pressing.
The melon should have a high quality thick stem.

Salad of watermelon.
Put the pineapple flesh on the plates and place them on lettuce leaves, consuming them with slices of orange, kavuna and halves of cherries. Garnish the leaves with salad and water the fruit mayonnaise.
* Watermelon - 500 grams pineapple - 120 g oranges - 240 g cherries - 50 g salad - 60 g mayonnaise fruit - 120 hours
Salad of melon.
Pomita dinyu rіzhut on frequentings, obchischayut, vidaylyayut vnutrishnu fibnistu parti і narizayut transverse thin skibochkami. To put on a salad bowl, to cross a powdery powder and doduyat vanilin. Skim with lemon juice, pour wine and hot wolf. Gotyut such a salad for 2 a year before filing for stil.
* Melon - 900 g powdered sugar - 100 g, dessert wine - 100 g vanillin - 0,5 g Citric acid - 4 0,5 g or lemon.
Salad "with melon balls."
Slices of tangerines spread on lettuce leaves as a border, and in the middle put the balls of melon, made hollow and poured cherry mayonnaise. Cherry-mayonnaise sauce made from conventional mayonnaise, cherry juice and honey.
* Tangerines - 600 g lettuce -100 g g -500 melon, cherry mayonnaise -150 g; for cherry mayonnaise, mayonnaise usual - 190 BC, cherry juice - 20 g, honey - 10 hours
"Bowl" of melon.
A small melon is cut in half. One half obchyschayut, take out a spoon from her heart, and the second, obchystyvshy, cut into cubes. Cubes of marinated melon salad filling in and cooled. "Cup" of melons placed on leaves of lettuce, fill it with cubes of melon, garnished "petals" with pineapple and sprinkled with fruit mayonnaise.
* Dinh - 700 g pineapple - 200 g salad - 50 g, Dressings - 40 g, fruit mayonnaise - 80 of
Rings melon with fruit.
Put the prepared dyni on the leaves to the salad, topple the middle with raspberries, grapes, d-diced cubes, sprinkle with fruit mayonnaise, and decorate with m’at leaves.
* Dynya - 500 g, raspberries - 200 g, salad - 100 g, grapes - 200 g, mayonnaise - 120 g, m'yata - 3 g.
Assorted melons.
Watermelon cut into wedges, remove seeds and cloves obchyschayut. With leaf lettuce make "cup" (kulochky) and in each lay slices of watermelon, orange slices, cubes of melon, pear slices. Garnished with cherries and served with fruit mayonnaise.
* Watermelon - 300 g melon - 250 g oranges - 70 g pears - 300 g cherries - 140 g lettuce - 60 g fruit mayonnaise - 120 hours

Recepty-fruktovyh-salatov articleVarious sweet dishes
Watermelon jelly.
Ripe juicy melon obchyschayut, remove seeds, cut into slices and cook with sugar. Cool in syrup and back in the sieve. The syrup is poured into a pan, add the prepared gelatin, bring to a boil and flavored lemon zest. Cooked melon slices placed in forms and pour prepared jelly.
When the mass hardens, form dipped in 2-3 s in boiling water and melon jelly spread on a dish.
* Watermelon -500 g tsukor - 150 g gelatin - 8 g tsedra - 1g.
Compote of melon.
Prepare sugar syrup by adding citric acid. Melon obchyschayut, remove seeds and cut into cubes, put in porcelain container and pour the cooled syrup. Mass vyderzhuyut 2 in the cold for hours. You can add wine (Madeira or nutmeg - 50 g).
* Melon - 500 g, water - 500 g sugar -100 g Citric Acid g -2
Jam with melon.
I clean the dyny, cut the napil, see the nasinnya, and m'yakot dice the cubes, boil the parts), put the chukra on the refrigerator for 2 years. Decide zucra and drive to boil the syrup, fill it with dyne and suppress for the present for 12-15 years. Syrup anger, bring to a boiling point and fill it with slices of dyni and I wish to insist for the present for 18-20. Then we will cook the syrup for the cook until the jam is ready. For example, add a vanilla.
* Purified melon - 1000 g, water - 300 g sugar -1200 g vanillin - 1h.
Zamorozhena watermelon.
Melon obchyschayut, remove the seeds, chop, rub through a sieve, the resulting mass carefully mixed with the cooled syrup, whipped and frozen in the freezer.
Melon - 1000 g sugar - 850 g water to syrup - 300 hours
Kavunoviy honey.
Kavun miyut, cut on chotiri chastini, with a spoon vibrate m'yakot, see nasіnnya. I’ll prepare the milk to wipe the crumpled sieve, then we’ll wipe the filter 2–3 balls of gauze and heat the strong bake. In the process of variating, know the pin and once more, let me know why I’m worried about the weakest one, strangely shifting. Preparedness for honey is as follows. If
the volume of the masi is 7 times shorter than the previous one and the speckle doesn’t go cold, it’s ready for me. Zberigati yogo treba in the cold.
A similar "honey" can be cooked with sweet ripe melons.
Melon with sugar.
Melon washed, obchyschayut, cut lengthwise into two or four parts depending on the size and carefully remove the seeds. With each piece of cut melon slices 1 cm thick and neatly laid out flat in their weight. Separately, on the outlet serves powdered sugar.
* Dinya- 600 g tsukrova powder - 80, the
Watermelon sugar.
Watermelon wash and obchyschayut. Cut it into 4-6 pieces depending on size, and individual pieces - in thick slices 1-2 cm. You can cut watermelon in a blossoming lotus. For this obsushuyut rinsed watermelon napkin, cut off the tip of the stem and bottom, set on stilnychtsi and a sharp knife make incisions along the fetus, cutting elongated triangles in a circle. Roznimayut end neatly in half and placed on a dish.
By watermelon served unsweetened powdered sugar.
* Watermelon - 600 g powdered sugar - 80 hours
V'yalena Dinya.
Give V'yalena Dinu for dessert. її Treba Good Change and Date Water. Potimi lay on a dish and give on style.
Ice cream in melon.
Melon washed, obsushuyut cloth and cut in two. Carefully remove the seeds. Prepared melon cool, but not frozen. Chilled melon halves filled with ice cream.

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