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Soups of potatoes

Potato soup with sorrel.Potato soup with sorrel.
Onions finely cut roots - cubes and Passer in butter. Sorrel leaves washed well cut into 3-4 parts. In the boiling broth or water immersed browned vegetables, and when the soup boils again, add diced potatoes and cook over 20 minutes. For 5 minutes before end of cooking, put the leaves of sorrel and salt. Serve with sour cream and herbs.
* Potatoes - 250 g sorrel - 150 g carrots - 75 g petrushka- 50 g, onions - 75 g butter - 40 g sour cream - 50 g greens - thirty grams of salt.
Potato soup with cereals.
Roots, diced in 5-6 mm and finely chopped onions with fat Passer. Wash the rice in boiling water to pour 5 minutes, millet - 3 in minutes, and then back in the sieve. Prepared cereals dipped in boiling broth or water (if using semolina, they poured in soup 10 minutes before end of cooking). Bring to a boil, add the root and potatoes, diced. Cook over 20-25 minutes, before the end of cooking salt.
* Potatoes - 200 g carrots - 150 g parsley root -120 g, onions - 75 g, cereals (barley, rice, semolina or other) - 60 g butter - 40 g salt.
Soup field.
Millet washed with cold water and hot water oshparyuyut. In boiling salted water put prepared cereals, bring to a boil, then add potatoes, diced and fried bacon and onions.
* Potatoes - 560 g millet - 100 g g -120 bacon, onions -160 g salt.
Potato soup with rice.
In salted boiling water, add oil and chopped onion. Purified potatoes cut into small cubes and put there too. At the same time poured pure rice mix. Cook over 15-20 minutes. Serve with chopped herbs.
* Potatoes - 500 grams, rice - 80 g, oil - 50 g, onions - 80 g parsley - thirty grams of salt.
Potato soup with legumes.
Rinse bean seeds, pour cold water into a bottle of 2,5 liters of water per 1 kg and in a closed bowl, proceed steadily until boiling, after which boil for about 1 year with a weak boil. Dice carrots and parsley in cubes (5-6 mm), part of the compass dibbno, and all over again, paste with fat. I also drank cartoplyu in cubes, ale trokhi bіlshogo rozmіru. At ready-made kvasol (peas), pour hot meat, meat broth or water, add the pasta roots, cook the maple and cook with a stretch of 20 hv. 5 hv before zakіnchenchennya varіnnya soup treba salt.
* Potatoes - 500 grams, beans, peas or lentils - 250 g carrots - 25 g parsley root - 120 g, onions - 80 g butter - 100 g salt.
Potato soup with dumplings.
Z is good, ya ,c, drive it and let it cool cool, lightly pinch and draw on 10x10 mm squares. Lard to dice with other cubes and grease. Seeing the cracklings, in the thistle fat, boil narizan tisto, finish with chopped red pepper and grease until assimilated rum'yano kirochki. Having drunk water in the boiling water, boil it at once with narcotic cubes of cartoplay, salt.
* Potatoes - 120 g flour - 100 g egg - 1 pcs., Smoked bacon - 36 g red pepper - 8 g salt.
Potato soup with mushrooms.
Prepared and purified carrots, celery and onion cut into strips and Passer. Mushrooms soak, boil and cut into strips. Potatoes cut into slices, dipped in boiling mushroom broth and cook until soft. Passer flour, put him cumin, mushrooms, browned vegetables and stew over 5-8 minutes, put in the soup and bring to readiness. Then add to the soup with salt pounded garlic, finely chopped parsley and seasoned extract from the roots.
* Potatoes - 400 g carrots - 50 g celery root - 60 g ripchas¬ta onions - 20 grams of dried mushrooms - 10 g flour - 10 g garlic - 2 g extract from the roots -10 g cumin, parsley, salt.
Potato soup with cheese.
Obchyschayut potatoes, cut into cubes, put in boiling water and cook until soft. Then add the chopped cheese, herbs, butter and bring soup to a boil. Serve with lemon slices.
* Potatoes - 500 g cheese - 150 g, parsley, celery - 40 g butter - thirty grams lemon - 0,25 pieces.
Ciorbă (Moldovan dish).
Prepared and cleaned carrots and parsley roots, chop straws, part of the compass, and carefully chop and pass the meat until it’s ready. To give an oversight and to boil over, quickly change. At the boiling chicken bouillon, lower the cartoplyu, narizanu with great cubes, but often, and boil them until ready. Then we finish the preparation of the root of the tsibul, lightly paserowan it is good, mellowing chervonii pepper, potato and boil until cooked vegetables. Before serving, put a slice of boiled chicken, sour cream and boil dibno narizanoy green parsley chi kropu at the skin dish with soup.
* Potatoes - 700 g carrots - 100 g g -100 onions, parsley root - 70 g wheat flour - 25 g butter or chicken fat grams 40-vinegar 3 1% -nyy- century. Spoon red pepper, sour cream, parsley, salt.
Milk soup with potatoes and cereals yachnymy.
Sort the cereals to boil the water and boil until boiling water until m'yakostі, then add the cartoply and boil the mustache until cooked. After milk pour milk and give boil. Serve with ginger butter.
* Potatoes - 300 g barley grains -40 g milk - 400 g butter - 40 g salt.
Cream of potato.
I’m giving my voice to others. I cleaned the cartoplyu to boil at the hot and cold water until it’s cold, clean the pottery, clean the potatoes and rubbed the potatoes and pasteurized tsibulyu. Before serving, rub the bucket with the tops and the top to sum the soup. Work yoga on a steam, do not finish to boiling.
Potatoes - 450 g, onions - 50 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Cream - 50 g salt.
Potato soup is pureed.
I cleaned the cartoply to boil. Vіdvar pouring water in the pan, cartoplyu wipe the crooked sieve. Prepare the sauce: pidssushene in the spiritual cooling refrigerate to plant vigorously at the carton, boil and percent. I wipe the cartoplyu, the sauce and the cartonas vidvar zmіshuyut, add the syri eggs and the oil and strangely mix, after which boil and salt. Before serving, fill in the sour cream and boil the freshly diced green greens of parsley and chilli.
* Potatoes - 600 g butter - 40 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Cream-80 g flour - 20 g greens - 20 g salt.
Potato soup.
I cleaned the cartoplyu to boil at the meaty bouillon, vidkidayut on a sieve, knead on mashed potatoes and lower it again at the bouillon. Give narizan with diced carrots and selera, narizan tsibule-leek and salted pork fat. Cook until cooked vegetables. Salt ready soup, pepper with pepper, season with nutmeg and sour cream. Before serving, peppermint with greens of green tsibuli.
* Potatoes - 300 g bacon - 60 g carrots - 75 g green onions - 100 g leeks - 1 pcs., Celery - 50 g sour cream - 100 g, black pepper, nutmeg, and salt.
Potato soup white.
Cartoplyu boil in p_solenіy water (і l) until ready. Vidvar poured, and cartoply vigorously knead, but wipe the crumb sieve. Syria zhovtok rozmіshuyut at the young, z'єdnuyut with mashed potatoes and fill with cartoplane vidvarom. Add trochies of verkhovaya oil, season greens, pid_grіvayut and give on st_l. Put the crop just in the plate.
* Potatoes - 500 g milk - 0,75 cups, butter - 50 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Parsley and dill - 15 g salt.

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