Meals with fruits and vegetables

Main dishes of potatoes.

Potatoes stuffed with rice and mushrooms.Boiled potatoes with garlic in Moldovan.
Purified potato pour boiling water, salt and cook until tender. The broth is drained, and potatoes obsushuyut. Serve, watering with bacon fat and crushed garlic, sprinkled with dill.
* Potatoes - 500 g bacon - 100 g garlic - 25 g, dill - 25 g salt.
Potato gnocchi with butter and breadcrumbs.
I cleaned in lushpinny cartoplyu clean and wipe clean the sieve, but skip through the meat grinder. I add it well, eggs, salt and pepper, Masu kindly cooked, formed from some culture, drop it from the boiled water and boil it with 15 xv without boiling. Go to the drušljak i, if there’s a red hearth, put it near the dish, shave it with melted butter, boil it with melted and dried breadcrumbs and put it on the stove in the oven. Before serving, peppermint greens.
* Potatoes - 500 grams Ghee - 40 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Wheat flour - ZO grams dried ground - 50 g parsley or dill - 35 g, ground pepper, salt.
Potato dumplings.
Potatoes are boiled and cooled. Mash, pour semolina, flour, add eggs and mix thoroughly until smooth. With its oblong cook sausages and cook them in boiling salted water. Served with fried lard, diced.
* Potatoes - 400 g semolina - 25 g flour - 25 g, eggs - 1 pieces. Lard - thirty grams of salt.
Boiled potatoes with mushrooms, tomatoes and zucchini.
Fresh mushrooms finely chopped and fried with butter, then pour in the cream and let it evaporate almost completely. Solid, medium size tomatoes oshparyuyut boiling water, remove them from the peel, cut in half and fried in butter. Young squash cleaned, cut into slices, salt, paneer with flour and fry, pour the cream and bring to a boil. Boiled potatoes are placed on the middle of the dish, and around - fried mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini.
* Potatoes - 500 g mushrooms - 200 g tomatoes - 250 g zucchini - 250 g sour cream - 75 g butter -50 g flour - 50 g salt.
Potatoes cooked in cream.
I’ll peel the potatoes, Narizayut in small pieces, put at the pan, salt, pour the trochies, drive them, curry them and bring them to readiness. Vdvar anger, finish ol_yu, tops and boil until ready. Part of the cartography can be violated, rose and fill the grass. Tops can be replaced with milk.
* Potatoes - 500 g, oil - 25 g cream - 150 g salt.
Boiled potatoes with cheese.
Pasteurization of sour milk sir skip a minced meat chop, salt and good mix. I cleaned the cartoplyu to boil until m'yakostі, vidar poured, dry the bulbi. Put the sir on a plate of garlic, garnish with boiled maple and slices of oil, pour over sour cream, and boil the maple with boiled potato greens tsibuli.
Potatoes - 500 g milk cheese - 325 g sour cream - 90 g butter - 40 grams, green onion, salt.
Dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms.
Just try to sell to 1,5 mm. To prepare the minced meat: I cooked the mashed potatoes and cooked potatoes with pasiruyuyu rychastoy tsibuleyu, pepper and boiled mushrooms. The minced meat from the wiggle kulok is placed on half of the layer of the pasta, curved with the other half of the layer and the virimoy varezayut dumplings. Put ix on the wooden trees. Until varіnya zberіgayut in the cold season. Boil at boiling water. Serve with fat.
* For the dough: wheat flour - 200 g, water - 80 g, eggs and pieces .;
for stuffing, potatoes and 250 grams of dried mushrooms - onions 60 - 25 g g AOR oil, pepper, salt.
Potato croquettes with plums and nuts.
I cleaned the cartoplyu boil at p_solenіy boiled water. Pour water, dry cartilage and roseminate. Masu zmіshyut with oil, peas, eggs and sill. Drain, rinse the bridle, see the bones, put the half of the breast on the skin near the skin and add the clove or cinnamon. Cartoplans form the tisto at the loaf of the loaf, see the slices of the 2,5 curl in the cube and squeeze the plum into the skin piece, so long as you don’t close the tist. Shaped round croquettes to cook with a stretch of 5 xv at a great number of cold and hot water with full boiling. Croquettes do Shumovka and dry. Serve, nibbled with sour peas and crunchy bread.
* Potatoes - 500 g butter or margarine -100 g flour - 125 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Fresh plums - 550 g kernels - 60 g refined sugar - 70 g dried -15 g, ground cloves or cinnamon, and salt.
Mashed potatoes and carrots.
Purified potatoes cook until done, back in the colander and rub, add milk, carrot juice and grated grated boiled carrot. Mass thoroughly mixed.
Potatoes - 500 g milk - 125 g g -150 carrots, carrot juice - 25 g butter - 20 g salt.
Mashed potatoes with legumes.
Cartridge and beans are cooked until cooked, vidvar is poured, dried products, dried and passed through a meat grinder in a hot steamer. Put mashed potatoes near the pan, heat with oil, gently mix, and pour milk into two or three pryomi. Mustache is good for it. Before serving, watered with rosaceous warming oil.
* Potatoes - 500 g, legumes (peas or beans) - 300 g milk - 250 g butter - 80 g salt.
Mashed potatoes with cheese.
With boiled cartotypes, prepare mashed potatoes and re-cook with cooked dishes. Okremo beat the sour cream, cook with hard syrup, finish the pepper, potatoes and pour the best amount of mashed potatoes. Seal from the clergy until the rum'yano kirochka is approved.
* Potatoes - 500 g sour cream - 250 g hard cheese grated - 100 g, black pepper, salt.
Mashed potatoes with eggs.
With boiled potatoes prepared puree and pour it hot milk with pureed cooked egg yolks through a sieve. Before serving sprinkle with mashed 1 chopped onion and chopped fibers.
* Potatoes - 600 g milk - 125 g, eggs - 2 pcs. Butter or margarine - 40 grams, green onion, salt.
Potatoes, stewed pumpkin.
I clean the potatoes, wash them, dab them with great cubes, put in a good roasting pan with grease, salt and grease them until the golden mantle is assimilated. Then we have to transfer from the pan, give the garlic melancholy, pour the meat broth so that you can shave the vegetables, boil the chukra, sill and stew, periodically change. Before serving, pour over the warming oil.
* Potatoes -500 g pumpkin - 300 g butter - 40 g sugar - 20 g salt.
Potato stew with scallops.
Prepared potatoes and squash cut into cubes and fry separately until half. Then they mix, add fried onions, sour cream and stew on low heat until tender. Before serving sprinkle with chopped parsley or dill.
* Potatoes - 500 g fresh young squash - 250 g, oil - 50 g, onions - 80 g sour cream - 125 g, pepper, salt.
Potatoes, braised with celery.
Until half cooked celery and purified raw potatoes cut into strips and slightly pidsolyuyut. Chopped onions lightly fried in lard, diced. Mixed vegetables and stew together. Milk, eggs, salt rozbovtuyut and pour this mixture dish. Keep on heat until mixture zatverdne.
* Potatoes - 500 g celery - 500 g g -100 bacon, onion - 100 g, eggs - 3 pieces. -100 G milk, salt.
Potatoes, stewed with fresh mushrooms.
Peeled and sweetened fresh mushrooms are scalded with boiling water, sliced ​​and fried in a frying pan along with chopped onions. Chopped potatoes are cut into slices, fry and put in a saucepan with mushrooms, pour water to the level of the upper layer, add bay leaves, pepper, salt, parsley stems and cover with a lid. Stir for a few minutes. Put the sour cream in the potatoes. Before serving, remove the stems of parsley and bay leaf and sprinkle with sliced ​​greens. Instead of fresh mushrooms, you can use dried. In this case, pre-cleaned mushrooms are cooked, sliced, fried with onions. Part of the mushroom broth is used for cooking, the rest - for soup.
* Potatoes - 500 g fresh mushrooms - 300 g, onions - 80 g g -125 cream, butter - 40 g bay leaf - 4 pcs., Parsley stems - 2 pcs., Parsley - 25 g salt .
Potatoes, stewed in milk.
Purified potatoes cut into thin slices and placed in a vessel greased. Then pour the potatoes quite a bit of salted milk and stew until tender.
* Potatoes - 500 g butter - 40 g g -150 milk, salt.
Potato stew with mayonnaise.
Purified potato cut into 4-6 parts obsushuyut cloth and fry in vegetable oil until the formation of light brown crust. Add purified chopped small onion rings, fried again, pour hot water, salt and bring to a readiness for 10-15 minutes. Serve hot with mayonnaise.
* Potatoes - 600 g, oil - 35 g, onions - 50 g mayonez50 g salt.
Potato stew.
Obchyschayut potatoes, finely cut. Fat crushed and roasted onions. Product mix, put in a saucepan, add chopped garlic, salt, sprinkle with caraway seeds and pour a little broth and cream. Simmer, covered over low heat. Serve with a hot vegetable salad.
* Potatoes - 500 g bacon - 50 g, onions - 40 g cumin - 0,5 teaspoon, soup -125 g g -125 cream, garlic - 1 clove, salt.
Potatoes fried with onions and garlic.
Potatoes cooked in the husk until soft, the water is drained, cooled potatoes, cut into slices and obchyschayut thick 3-4 cm. Finely chopped onion, garlic and parsley lightly fried in vegetable oil. In a hot pan with oil layer stack chopped potatoes, salt, stir fry, add fried onions, garlic and herbs and, stirring occasionally, continue to cook potatoes until tender. Before serving sprinkle with grated cheese.
* Potatoes - 1 kg, onions 100 g, oil - 60 g garlic head, grated cheese - 50h, parsley - 35 g salt.
Potatoes fried with greens on pipdennomu.
Purified boiled potatoes cut into slices, sprinkle with chopped parsley, onion, dill, salt, sprinkle with pepper and fry in vegetable oil.
* Potatoes - 500 g, oil - 50 g green onions - 80 g parsley - 25 g, dill - 25 g, black pepper, salt.
Chopped potato with pumpkin.
At the mash, I passed the cartoply through the meat grinder, I finish the jams of the wiped rubbers, watermelon, sіl, eggs, well. Warm the butter, shape it with some meatballs, sauté on the breadcrumbs, spread it on the weak breadth of both sides until the light-golden egg is cooked. Then put on 5 — 8 xv in the oven. Before serving, pour over the warming oil, okremo give sour cream.
* Potatoes - 750 g boiled pumpkin - 250 g wheat flour - 65 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Dried ground - 50 g butter - 70 g salt.
Potato cutlets with apples.
Pass the cooked peel of the maple through the meat grinder, finish the eggs, thoroughly, grate and rub the fat with great openings of apple. Use mustache, salt, and shred the meatballs and pan the breadcrumbs. Potim õkh obmazhayut from both sides. Serve із sour cream or salad with Sirich vegetables.
Potatoes - 500 g apples - 200 g, fat - 20 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Flour - 25 g dried - 25 g sour cream - 75 g salt.
Chopped potato with cheese.
Purified boiled potatoes and hot rub. Mix yogurt with pureed cottage cheese, flour, pour in hot milk, add egg yolks, melted margarine (50% of normal) and whipped in a thick foam proteins. Mass thoroughly mixed, form patties out of it, paneer in breadcrumbs and fried. Serve with sour cream.
* Potatoes - 500 g milk cheese - 150 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Flour - 20 g dried -20 g margarine - 30 g sour cream - 40 g salt.
Zrazy potato with vegetables.
For vegetable mincemeat carrots, cabbage and greens salad dribno narizuyut. Pour milk into kip'yakhene, add margarine and add. In hot vegetables, I give them parsley greens, eggs (50% norm) and strangely change. Wipe the boiled potatoes and wipe the brown sieve, pour the margarine i from the warmings, continuously change the milk, pour two or three priioms into the hot boil milk. Kartoplyanoi masi to rob shortbread, put in the middle of the skin preparing preparations of minced meat, briskly. Virobi paniruyut at boroshі i grease. Serve with sour cream.
* Potatoes - 800 g carrots - 80 g biloholovkova or cauliflower - 80 g butter margarine - 20 g wheat flour - 40 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Milk - 125 grams Ghee - 60 g green salad - 80 g sour cream - 80 g, herbs, salt.
Potato Patties with cabbage.
Potatoes cooked in hot passed through a meat grinder. Add salt, egg and mix well. Make cakes and put them in the stuffing. To prepare the cabbage finely minced shinkuem, roasted, salted, fried onions and add the eggs and mix well again. Form patties semicircular shape, paneer them in flour and fry. Serve hot with fat.
* Potatoes - 500 g, eggs - 1 pieces. -10 Flour g;
For the stuffing: fresh cabbage - 75 g, fat - 30 g egg - 1 pc., Onions - 15 g margarine - 25 g salt.

Potato patties with mushrooms.
Boil the uncleaned potatoes, pour water, pour bulbs on a weak top with a stretch of 2 — 3 xv, clean them and clean them with a wooden trolley. Dry mushrooms, rinse, boil, dry and cook on olії. Give others a good look at the cymbal, strength, pepper and shake. From ready-made carton mashings, small biscuits are to be robbed, in the middle of which put mushroom mincemeat. Kraї z'єdnuyut, on the occasion pirizhkam form pіvmіsyatsya. Piss with egg, pan with breadcrumbs and brush with olives. Okremo give mushroom sauce, cook on mushroom sauce with the addition of sour cream or tomato puree.
* Potatoes - 500 grams of dried mushrooms - 50 g, onions - 80 g, eggs - 1 pieces. Suhari- thirty grams of crushed oil - 40 g, pepper, salt.
Bytochky potato.
Obchyschayut potatoes, rub on a grater, and squeeze the excess water is drained. Add milk, eggs, spices, flour and rub with salt and garlic. All mix and form bytochky, which are fried in the hot fat on both sides until a crispy crust. At the request dough can add finely chopped sauerkraut.
* Potatoes - 500 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Flour - 100 g lard - 100 g garlic - 4-5 cloves, molo¬ko - 50 g, black pepper, oregano, salt.
Sausages, potato.
Purified raw potatoes rubbed on a grater and gently squeeze, posypa¬yut salt, pepper, add the fried onions. This is not a mass-produced tightly fill the intestine. Fry in an oven until a brown crust appearance. Before serving cut into pieces 7-10 cm. Served with bacon and fried onions.
* Potatoes - 500 g, onions - 75 g, fat - 50 g, pepper, salt.
Potato Pancakes on yeast.
Purified raw potatoes rubbed on a grater, put in a saucepan, pour in diluted 0,25 cup warm water yeast, add flour, salt and eggs. All mix well and put in a warm place! Fry pancakes on strongly heated pan. Serve hot with sour cream or butter.
* Potatoes - 500 g flour - 100 g yeast - 25 g, eggs - 1 pcs. Butter - 25 g sour cream - 60 g salt.
Potato Pancakes with cheese.
Purified raw potatoes and onion rub, add flour, salt, eggs and carefully moved. Bake muffins on a well heated pan with oil. Serve with grated cheese and butter.
* Potatoes - 400 g flour - 10 g, oil - 20 g, onions - 40 g egg - 0,5 pcs., Cheese - 20 g butter - 25 g salt.
Potato Pancakes with cheese.
Obchyschayut potatoes and rubbed on a grater with large holes. Potato salt mass, squeeze, add eggs and flour. With this mass form pancakes which are fried in a lot of fat and sprinkle with chopped (cheese. Serve hot.
* Potatoes - 500 g cheese - thirty grams flour - thirty grams lard - 80 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Salt.
Potatoes fried omelet.
Purified boiled potatoes cut into slices and fry in butter. Raw eggs and milk and stir salt. Fried potatoes pour the mixture and bake.
* Potatoes - 500 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Milk - 125 g butter - 40 g salt.
Potato Croquettes fried.
I cook the potatoes, clean and clean them and skip the meat chopper. Introduce masu to finish thoroughly, eggs, peppers, strength, kindly mix and hold with a stretch ЗО хв. Potim z ne ї shape the bags, pan ix at the good and obscure the fryers. Serve potato croquettes with hot and sour cream and greens.
* Potatoes - 500 g flour - 60 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Oil - 75 g sour cream - 50 g greens - 15 g, black pepper, salt.
Fried potato.
I’ve cooked uncooked chickpeas and chilled them, clean them, rub them on the ground with great openings. Bacon, narizaniy with other pieces, vitoplyuyut on a full vogn. Put the potatoes in a pan, mix with fat, season with sill, nutmeg, pour the milk on top, stir over and bake with a bowl. Through 15 xv vm_st, transfer to a bowl with a rum'yanoy k_rochkoy burn. Pidzharku can fill in with eggs and ginger sir.
* Potatoes - 400 g smoked bacon - 100 g milk - 60 g cream - 60 g Walnut nutmeg and salt.
Potato croquettes with cheese.
I cook the potatoes, clean them and pass them hot through a meat grinder. Introduce masu thoroughly finish, tertium sir, eggs, peppers, sіl. Kind to change I see through the extension of ZO hv. Potimi masi form croquettes in a hanging bag or a cylinder, pan them in a bowl or breadcrumbs, soak in an egg and fry in a fryer until the golden brown is assured.
* Potatoes - 500 g cheese - 50 g, oil - 50 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Black pepper, salt.
Potato chops with rice.
Potatoes are boiled, cooled, obchyschayut and rubbed on a grater with large holes. Rice boiled in salted water (1: 2). Passer onions and carrots in oil. Potatoes mixed with rice and vegetables, sprinkle with salt and pepper and herbs. Mass thoroughly mixed and vyderzhuyut for thirty minutes. Then with her form cutlets, paneer them in flour, wet in egg and obsma-munching fried. Serve with sour milk or salad.
* Potatoes - 750 grams, rice - 120, onions - Mr. 35, 75 g carrots, butter - 80 g parsley - 0 g flour - 35 g, eggs -
pcs., black pepper, salt.
Cheesecake with potatoes.
Cook the cartoplyu in lushpinni, pass through the meat grinder, add the sour milk syr, the syr egg, the syl and it is good (two thirds of the norm). Use us and pass through the meat grinder again. From the approved masi form the cherries and grease them from both sides to the assimilation of the rum'yano pot, give them hot sour cream.
* Potato-400h, sour milk cheese -300 g, eggs - 1 pieces. -100 G flour, butter - 40 g sour cream - 125 g salt.
Potato bagels.
I’ve boiled water at once with fat, added thoroughly, rose, warm up on weak bones, permanently mixed up, do not forget to see the glass of dishes. Know by bending, cooling and rubbing the bed of the bucket, and then the whole egg.
I pass the cartoplyu through the meat grinder, cool it and keep it cold with a brewed test. From approved masi to preschool, cut the stratum, cut it with small tricks, twist the bagels from them, grease it from the boiling olives to a golden color. Garyachі bagels to sprinkle with tsukr or we rub sir. Serve until hot milk.
* Roasted potatoes -150 g water -125 g butter or lard -50 g flour - 100 g, eggs - 1 pieces. Yolk - 1 pcs., Oil for frying - 200 g grated cheese - 50 g salt.
Potato donuts with prunes.
Purified boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes and knead to cool, then add the flour, eggs, sugar, salt and mix well. Net steamed prunes in boiling water, take out the seeds and finely chopped, pour sugar. With potato dough make cakes, put on every bit of prunes and baked donuts round, moisten them with egg, paneer in breadcrumbs and fried in oil. Hot donuts served with sour cream, cold - sprinkled with powdered sugar.
* Potatoes - 500 g flour - 160 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Prunes - 200 grams, sugar, salt.
Potato roll.
Wipe the boiled potatoes and peeled them, pour the hot milk into it, heat the butter, mix and chill. Give syri eggs and know how to change. I approve the fluff of mashed potatoes to put the ball of the 1,5 — 2 cockpit at the sight of a rectokutnik at the vologist servetka anyhow a rushnyk rushnyk. Uzdovzh layer in the middle of the minced meat. Pіdnіmayut servetka from both sides, from the bottom of the reservoir and give you a form of loaf, which will migrate to the sheet with oil coverings. Sprinkle over the top of the roll with sour cream, beaten with egg, or sour cream with zhovtkom, or else, boil it with grated sir and seal until the golden rum of the egg appears.
options minced: Cabbage - fresh sauerkraut or fried in oil, add fried onions, pepper or nutmeg; tsybulyanyy eggs - onion finely chopped, Passer, mixed with boiled and chopped eggs, sprinkle with pepper, salt and chopped parsley. Instead, you can use onions green onions; mushroom and onion - fresh fried mushrooms, fried onions add a little cream and a little stew, after adding salt and pepper. By the mushroom stuffing, you can add a small amount of cooked rice.
* Potatoes - 1,5 kg, eggs - From pieces. -250 G milk, butter -50 g flour - 75 g sour cream - 50 g, pepper, salt.
Potato cakes with carrots.
Wipe dried boiled chives with a minced meat chopper, finish the chews and mix. From the mashed potatoes to rob the biscuits, on the yaki lay the carrots minced. Form pirizhki, paniruyut osh at boroshnі, daub with an egg, lay on sheet a sheet and zapіkayut.
To prepare the minced meat, syra carrots, let it pass through the meat grinder and carcasses with zucrom and butter, after which we add the finest varieties of cool egg and force.
* Potatoes - 900 g, eggs - 2,5 pcs .; For the stuffing: carrots - 300 g sugar - 20 g butter - 60 g, eggs - 2 pcs., salt.
Vegetable casserole.
Add carrots, ripe, cabbage to the straws and allow them to be small in fat and fat, boil the whole cereals and cook until browned. Immediately boil the cartoply, enter the dish on the drushlyak, then pass through the meat grinder. Vegetables and tsibulyu zmіshyut with passing through the meat grinder cartoplay, finish the eggs, sіl, meleniya pepper and good peremisyut. I put the masculine ball on the avengers with oil and pouring greens with breadcrumbs, cover it with sour cream, sprinkle it with breadcrumbs and seal it in the oven until it is ready to be served. Give zap_kanu iz from sour cream chi with cream sauce or oil.
* Potatoes - 500 g biloholovkova cabbage - 200 g carrots - 200 g turnips -160 g, onions - 100 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Semolina - 50 g ground biscuits - 50 g butter margarine - 75 g sour cream - 150 g or cream sauce - 200 g or butter - 60 g, salt and pepper.
Potatoes "Diplomat"
Purified potato cut into slices, fry in butter until soft and salt. Then this levy potatoes bottom and walls form, greased. The remaining potatoes mixed with grated cheese and finely chopped cooked mushrooms. The mixture is spread in the form prytyskuyut and so formed a compact mass. Bake in the oven.
* Potatoes - 500 g butter - 100 g fresh mushrooms - 60 g cheese - 60 g salt.
Baked potatoes and green peas.
I cleaned the hot boiled boiled maple, preserving the peas, and the troches to pass the citrus cake through a meat grinder with a grinder and other openings. Salt the masu, add the egg, stir, put the rest of the ball (up to 4 cm) onto the sheet with oil. Razrіvnuyut to the surface, cover with eggs, season with sour cream, and seal with the clergy until the confirmation of the cream. Before serving, pour sour cream and worm with sauce.
* Potatoes - 500 g canned green peas - 350 g, onions - 120 g butter - 100 g, eggs - 120 g sour cream - 150 g ground biscuits - 60 g, red sauce - 400 g salt.
Potatoes, baked with pickled mushrooms.
Potatoes cooked in the husk in salted boiling water, allow to cool, obchyschayut, cut into slices and fry in butter. Pan placed in layers, alternating with sliced ​​mushrooms, sprinkle with grated cheese, sour cream sprinkled, sprayed with oil and bake in the oven. Serve with sauce.
* Potatoes - 500 g pickled mushrooms (mushrooms or white) -100 g cheese - 75 g sour cream - 60 grams Ghee - 20 g salt.
Potato pudding with bread crumbs.
Purified potatoes boiled in salted water, rub a hot, cool, add egg yolks and cream mix. Then the mass, stirring constantly, pour in proteins. Pudding taught in shape, buttered, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and bake in the oven. Served in a hot, watering cream.
* Potatoes - 500 g cream - 75 g butter - 15 g, eggs - 3 pcs., Sour cream - 80 g ground biscuits - 45 g salt.
Potato cheesecake with cottage cheese.
Obsushenny cooked potatoes and rub, add flour, raw egg and mix. Mass rozkachuyut in layer thickness 2 cm notch cut circles out of it and put them on the baking sheet, greased with butter. In the middle of each circle make concavity, which put the filling on
pureed cottage cheese, seasoned egg, butter and sugar. Cheesecake coated with egg and bake in the oven. Before serving sprinkled with oil.
* Potatoes - 500 g flour - 50 g fat milk cheese - 160 grams Ghee - 50 g butter or margarine - 100 g sugar - 25 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Salt.
Potatoes, baked with cheese.
Crude purified potato rubbed on a grater with large holes. Knead sour milk cheese, diluted milk, stir, add the beaten egg whites and gently mix. The resulting semi-liquid mass spread on grated potatoes, put in a pan or on baking sheet, greased, spread, sprinkle with grated cheese mixed with breadcrumbs and bake in the oven. Before serving cut into portions and pour melted butter.
* Potatoes - 500 g milk cheese - 250 g, eggs - 5 pcs., Milk - 250 g cheese - 60 g butter - 80 g ground biscuits - thirty grams of salt.
Baked potatoes 'Hassel'.
Potatoes obchyschayut, each tuber is cut crosswise into thin slices, but not the end, that it seemed a whole. The form of grease inside with oil and put it in the potatoes, sprinkle them with pepper, salt and each slice thin knife put the pieces of butter. Sprinkle with grated cheese and bake in the oven for heating the average zolotnsto brown. Serve with green salad or stewed fish.
* Potatoes - 500 g butter -100 g hard cheese grated - 60 g, pepper, salt.
Potatoes, baked with milk and cheese.
I will account for price and narizan with thin circles of maple, potato, pepper, nutmeg and half of the portions of grated syru. Pour in milk, add syringes and eggs to the ground. To rub clay on a dish, rub the watchmaker and cover it with oil, put it in a cooked masu, add grated syra with grated, put pieces of oil on top and put it in the hot oven until the roman'yano kirochki appears.
* Potatoes - 500 g cheese -100 g butter - 40 g milk - 250 g, eggs - 5 pcs., Nutmeg - 2 g garlic - 1 clove, pepper, salt.
Baked potato with cheese.
Bubbles in the husk of the same size cook obchyschayut, cooled and cut into thin slices. In a greased sheet stack layer of potatoes, sprinkle with grated cheese, sprinkle with the remaining second layer of cheese, and the third poured heated oil. Casserole pour milk sauce with cheese and bake in medium heated oven.
* Potatoes - 500 g, hard sir - 100 g, melted butter - 50 g, il.
Potato Rosa.
Boil the potatoes at the lushpinni, peel them and toss them a little, but let them pass through the meat grinder hot. At qiu masu finish thirtium sir, well, butter, rosette with zhovtkom, and good mix. I will prepare the masu for the help of the confectioner’s mishka vipuskayut at the foresight rosette on a sheet of oil with oil on the floor. Cartoplans of roses should be coated with egg and vip_kayut at the clergy.
* Potatoes - 500 g butter - 50 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Cheese - 35 g flour - thirty grams of salt.
Potatoes with cheese sauce.
I cleaned the boiled potatoes and put them on the plate covered with oil, drizzled with sauce and sealed with a stretch of 15 — 20 xv until the rum'yano kirochki was assimilated.
* Potatoes - 500 g mayonnaise - 50 g cheese -100h oil - 15 g potato broth - 30 g, black pepper, salt.
Potatoes, baked with cheese.
Potatoes baked in husk, obchyschayut, cut into small cubes and spread on a greased sheet. On top put slices of butter and cheese baked in the oven.
* Potatoes - 500 g butter - 75 g cheese - 150 hours
Drachena potato.
Obsushuyut purified boiled potatoes, mash pestle, diluted with hot milk and cooled, add the eggs, butter, mix well and put in a pan, greased. On the surface mozhem or fork pattern applied and baked in the oven.
* Potatoes - 500 BC, milk - 250 g, eggs - 1sht., Butter - 50 g salt.
Potatoes baked in cream.
Obchyschayut potatoes, cut into thin slices, put in two or three layers in a saucepan, the pan or baking sheet, greased, sprinkling each layer with nutmeg, pepper and salt. All pour cream, sprinkled with melted butter and bake.
* Potatoes - 1 kg cream - 500 g butter - 40 g, nutmeg, pepper, salt.
Kuhelis (Lithuanian cuisine).
Purified potato rubbed on a grater, add eggs, milk cheese, pepper, salt. Letter smeared with melted fat, and the remaining fat from bacon mixed with potato mass and laid it on the bed sheet in 3-4 cm. Bake in the oven. Before serving pour sour cream, mixed with fried onions in lard.
* Potatoes - 1 kg, eggs -1 pieces. -200 G milk cheese, onion - 80 g fat, bacon - 75 g sour cream - 200 g, pepper, salt.
Shanhy potato.
From an unobtrusive dzhizhzhogo test, form round bags, put them on a fat-coated confectionery sheet on the 5 — 6 page, see one kind at a time, give them a go, a wooden vendor should click on the sheet. Give me new food, shave with rosin-frying oil, grate with grated sir and vip_kayut. Ready the shangs to smear with sour cream.
Filling. Dry Varen Kartoplyu, skip a hot meat grinder in a hot steamer, pour in hot milk, a third of sour cream normi; syr zbitі eggTsYa, salt and good mix to the same consistency.
* For the dough: wheat flour - 400 g sugar - thirty grams butter - thirty grams, eggs - 1 pcs., Yeast - 15 g milk - 200 g salt; For the filling: potatoes - 700 g milk - 70 g, eggs - 1 pcs. butter - 10 g sour cream - 75 g cheese - 50 hours
Dragonfly "Desnyanka."
Crude purified potato rubbed on a grater, add raw eggs and mix. The mass portions taught in shape and bake in the oven. Before serving on the grandmother put fried bacon and onions and sprinkle with grated boiled boiled egg or pour sour cream.
* Potatoes - 600 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Lard, bacon - thirty grams onions - 40 g egg dishes for spreading - 1 pieces. or sour cream - 60 g salt.
Potatoes, baked with eggs and tomatoes.
Chopped chopped potatoes, chopped cubes, or chilled boiled potatoes, sliced, salt and fried until cooked. Finely chopped onion parser to semi-ready, add peeled and peeled tomatoes and continue to sauce until ready. Massage salad, mix with finished potatoes, spread everything with equal layer on greased sheet or pan, pour the whipped salted eggs and bake. Before serving, dish it with melted butter and sprinkle with finely chopped onion or parsley and dill.
* Potatoes - 500 g g -100 onions, fresh tomatoes - 200 g butter - 50 g, eggs - 4 pcs., Salt.
Baked potato puree.
Wipe the boiled and dried drained mash up hot, add the oil and mix. Pour the boiling milk into the milk and vibrate with a saffron masu, delivering an egg. Place mashed potatoes on a pan covered with fat, spread the surface, coat with the sum of eggs and sour cream, apply a spoon on the viglyad’s hennail line and seal. Before serving, pour over the warming oil.
* Potatoes - 500 g milk - 100 g butter - 40 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Sour cream - 50 g, salt, oil for watering.
Mashed potatoes with cheese and yaeshneyu.
Mashed potatoes, prepared for an advanced recipe, put in a frying pan, fry, grate with grated sir, pour with roasting oil - seal in the oven until the rum'yano kirochki is approved. On the surface of the baked maple plate, spooning in the pan zablibini more than once before taking them and letting them sir eggs. Let’s know again to put the oven in the oven for 3 hv and give it to the stove in the pan.
* Potatoes - 500 g butter - 40 g milk - 125 g hard cheese grated - 200 g, eggs - 6 pcs., Salt.
Potatoes stuffed mushrooms.
Potatoes correct form obchyschayut make circular incision and cook until almost cooked. The middle removed. Depressions filled with fried mushrooms and onions. Stuffed potatoes are placed in a deep frying pan or skillet, pour cream sauce, sprinkle with grated cheese or breadcrumbs and baked.
* Potatoes - 500 g, onions - 50 grams of dried mushrooms - 50 g cream sauce - 400 g grated cheese - 20 g salt.
Potatoes stuffed with sour milk cheese.
Purified potato cut in half. With core halves are removed so that the remaining wall thickness 1 cm. Sour milk cheese, eggs, flour and salt and stir carefully weighing formed halves filled with potatoes, put them in a pan, greased, and bake in the oven.
* Potatoes - 500 g milk fat cheese - 200 g, eggs -2 pcs., Flour - 25 g salt.
Potatoes stuffed with cheese.
Well-washed potatoes cook neobchyschenoyu. Obchyschayut, smeared with oil, rubbed with salt, put in a pan and bake in the oven. Then
3 each potato cut top, take out the inside of a spoon, knead it, mixed with butter, cheese, egg yolks and sour cream, salt and pepper za¬pravlyayut. The resulting mixture stuffed potatoes, sprinkle them with grated cheese and baked.
Potatoes - 1 kg butter - 150 g egg yolks - 3 pcs., Grated cheese - 100 g sour cream - 250 g, salt and pepper.
Potatoes stuffed with rice and mushrooms.
Jammed rice, other spices, mushrooms and tsibulu, whole and parsley cooked with sour cream, pour over lemon juice or salt and salt. Masu strangely change. We clean the syrup of the cartoplyu, wash it diligently, scrub the top of the skin with a skin cartoply, and in the middle to rob the zaglibina, fill the yak with the preparation of minced meat. Place cartridges in a pot covered with oil, and lightly grease them. Tilki-but stink zarum'yanyayutsya, top up trohi drive and stew until cooked.
Potatoes - 800 grams of dried mushrooms - 125 grams, rice - 50 g, onions - 75 g butter - 50 g g -125 cream, lemon juice - 1 teaspoon, dill, parsley - 25 g salt.

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