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Small culinary secrets in cooking potatoes.

Small culinary secrets in cooking potatoes.New potatoes can not scrape a knife, and sprinkle with salt, carefully wipe with a cloth and rinse with cold water.
New potatoes lehsche obchyschatymetsya if it 5 minutes to pour cold water.
Without water purified potatoes can be stored no more than 1 hours, covered jar clean with a damp towel.
Pare the potatoes and cut her with a knife should be stainless steel. 
To blackened potatoes purified, it is necessary to heat treatment to keep it intact tubers in cold water. However, keep potatoes in this way should be long, because it loses some of its nutrients.
Potatoes need to cook on low heat, then it evenly prohrivatymetsya; tubers or potato pieces should be the same size.
Potatoes cooked on high heat, crack outside, but inside remains moist.
Blue spots during cooking of old potatoes can be eliminated by adding 1 century. spoon (15 d) vinegar to 1 kg of potatoes.
Boiled potatoes will be tastier if the water in which it varytymetsya, throw 3-4 cloves of garlic.
Old potatoes will be much tastier if during cooking, add a little sugar.
Frozen potatoes must be put in cold water, then it quickly vidtane and will be suitable for cooking.
Powdery varieties often easily boil soft, they are difficult to cook a whole neobchyschenomu form, and the more purified, even in well-salted water. To cook potatoes for such further use in vinaigrettes or salads should be added to water or cucumber pickle cabbage or a little vinegar.
Pozlenіlі abo overgrown bulby treba need to cook tilki cleaned up, but they can take revenge on salmon - solanin. If you have a great knowledge and a significant ball, I’m green and green.
Potatoes cooked in the husk obchyschayetsya much faster if it is immediately after cooking, pour cold water.
Boiled potatoes for the side dish will light white when the water in which it is cooked, add a little vinegar.
Potatoes can bake in the oven, pre nakolovshy fork such that they are not cracked.
Fry the potatoes in well-heated pan and salt if formed a golden crust on all sides. Earlier salt should not be released because the juice and slices lose their shape, color and overall look.
Before frying the sliced ​​potatoes necessary to dry on a napkin.
Crude purified potatoes, cut in small slices during frying pan with the lid comes to readiness rather than without cover.
Mashed potatoes will be puffy and tender if you add butter, milk and a good knock kopystkoyu still hot. Milk should only add hot because of cold milk sauce becomes gray.
Sauce will taste better if the potatoes cook for a couple.
Wipe boiled potatoes should be just hot.
Hot milk if it add to mashed potatoes for cooking pancakes and prevents its darkening.
In potato soup should be put before the beets.
Potatoes, fried in oil, cook as needed.
Let mashed potatoes during storage is not formed crust, it must pour melted butter.
When potato breading cutlets should ensure that crackers do not fall into the product, because takomu.vypadku during frying burgers rozvalyuvatymutsya.
Potato casserole and roll will have a beautiful surface before baking if their coat with egg and sprinkle with breadcrumbs and sprinkle fat.
To raw potatoes evenly prosmazhylasya, it should be put on the hot pan or baking sheet with a layer no more than 3-4 cm.
Croquettes potatoes dipped in hot just fried (160- 180 ° C), otherwise they roztriskayutsya.

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