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Tse cinnamon - All about cabbage.

Biloholovkova cabbageCabbage - Universal vegetables, cheap, always available and very useful product. The presence of special varieties of different ripening terms of economic purpose and make it possible to have fresh cabbage and pickled form throughout the year.
You can see and see cabbage: bilogolovkova, color, brussels sprouts, savoyska, chervonogolovkova, kohlrabi, broccoli and leafkov. I will remain virochuyut in the main on the Far Descent. It’s a pity that bargain sprouts have broccoli at the auction. Valuable vegetables can significantly increase the menu, but an irrepressible addendum to the grubbing of your skin homeland.
Energy value cabbage is low, but its usefulness is determined by the content of mineral elements, carbohydrates, nitrogen compounds, various vitamins, organic acids and others. The number and ratio of these components cabbage determine its value as food and raw materials for processing.
Minerals - essential food components that provide livelihoods and development of the organism. They have a high biological activity and are involved in redox processes in metabolism, blood, affecting the body's resistance to disease.
As for the content of phosphorus, potassium, iron champion among vegetables is Brussels sprouts.
«The Queen of Vegetables» - Biloholovkova cabbage - an excellent source of potassium (185 100 mg per g), calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine. In the presence of calcium is higher than potatoes 4,8 times, onions - on 17 mg. Of trace elements in it is dominated by zinc, iron, manganese. Aluminum, for instance in this plant more than carrots and onions, and manganese and zinc as much as the potato.
Carbohydrate composition of different types of cabbage is quite diverse. Since carbohydrates are sugars are starch, cellulose, hemicellulose and pectin. In biloholovkovoyi, cauliflower, savoy cabbage and Brussels main sugars are glucose and fructose, and in the last three types also contain sucrose.
Glucose biloholovkova cabbage is not inferior to the most common vegetable crops, as well as apples, oranges and lemons. As for saturation fructose is richer for potatoes in 16 time for a carrot-1,6 times and this indicator may be on a par with beets, onions and even lemons. Concerning the total sugar content biloholovkova cabbage yields only to beets, carrots and onions.
Although proteins in cabbage, vegetables contain only 1,8-5,0% (per wet weight), and their importance in human diet big as cabbages consumed almost every day. Keep in mind that Brussels sprouts and cabbage contain savoy according 4,8 and 3,3% protein.
Amino acid composition of proteins cabbage very diverse. It contains more arheninu and histidine less lysine, leucine, valine, alanine, and others. Contained other nitrogenous substances (choline, betanin) and others.
Biloholovkova cabbageBiloholovkova cabbage - A rich source of vitamins. So it ascorbic acid more than in lemons and tangerines, root and bulb vegetables; Niacin more than chervonoholovkoviy and cauliflower. Especially, famous biloholovkova cabbage discovered it antiulcer factor U. isolated in pure form of this vitamin has been successfully used in medicine. Many of his source is cabbage juice.
Many scientists are paying attention to the study of vitamin Brussels sprouts. The content of vitamin C (120 100 mg per g), Bi V6, V9 it noticeably prevails biloholovkovu.
Chervonoholovkova cabbage from biloholovkovoyi richer in carotene, ascorbic acid and B vitamins
Certain physiological role of organic acids contained in cabbage vegetables. This is mainly malic and citric acid, the content of which depends on the type and variety of cabbage (0,05- 0,7%).
The structure includes cabbage polyphenols, volatile, glycosides, flavorings and colorings.
Slide memory, in the process of harvesting vegetables and vegetables, there is a significant decrease in the number of fruits, bilkiv, vіtamіnіv, ash elements. That all the same, and through a small amount of food, store them well enough to respect the most valuable grubby products.
Biloholovkova cabbage has healing, diet and antimicrobial properties. Systematic its consumption improves metabolism, proper digestion, beneficial effect on the human nervous system.
A small carbohydrate content gives reason to recommend this culture menu with diabetes. Due to the high content of fiber, mineral elements, especially potassium and sodium, it is characteristic excitatory effect on the secretion of digestive glands.
Cabbage is useful for gastritis, liver disease and stomach ulcers.
The healing qualities of cabbage confirmed by scientific research, and it is now administered as a dietary product for rations in case of treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
Tsvіtna cabbage - For the sake of detail, I can stock up on many short stitches, which will end with the buds of buds.Tsvіtna cabbage Today cauliflower kapueta lost its exoticism, but it is diluted compared to Golovkova in very small quantities.
Cauliflower rightly belongs to the premium naypozhyvnishyh and vegetables. Unfortunately, the consumption of culture is much behind the average standards recommended by the Academy of Medical Sciences. That is why it is necessary to introduce wider experience of cultivation in home gardens and collective gardens.
Due to the peculiar structure, better compared with other types of cabbage digestibility and small fiber cauliflower is considered a dietary product. It is useful in various diseases of the stomach and intestines, recommended for baby food.
The most valuable is the cauliflower with thick snow-white head. Gray and green head with a bitter taste, their taste is somewhat coarser, and therefore their pre blanshuyut.
Cauliflower well make the first and second courses, it is good to marinate, pickle, dry and freeze.
Bryusselska cabbageBryusselska cabbage is a long stem, which in the leaf axils are numerous small dense holovochky (up to 70 pcs. or more) weight 8-14 g each. They have a nice, delicate flavor, contain a lot of phosphorus, protein.
Regarding the biological value of this cabbage dominated the rest of the cabbage vegetables. It is a source of complete protein, vitamins (carotene, ascorbic acid, niacin) and mineral elements and other nutrients.
Gentle, kind of taste Brussels sprouts belong to the delicious vegetables. holovochky cook it and eat as a separate dish with butter, milk or cream sauce, or as a garnish. put them in soups, dried, canned, pickled and frozen. Soups Brussels sprouts gives a special taste and aroma. From it prepare tasty and delicious dishes.
Savoysyka kapusta hAries like biloholovkovu, but has a slightly wrinkled, as if Corrugated curly leaves that form a loose Savoysyka kapustahead. The taste resembles a cauliflower. Despite the seemingly unconditional pere¬vahy before biloholovkovoyu, savoy cabbage is not widespread. The reason is the low productivity and lack of varieties which can be long maintained. its advantage - not afraid of the first autumn frosts, so it is stored at a temperature below 1 ° C.
In kulіnarії savoy cabbage, the victorious cabbage is as it is, as bilogolovkova, ale, is especially kind to the syrup of the wiggly and in salads. її give in ovochevy soups, shchi, victorious for other strav. Duzha savory greased, stewed Savoy cabbage. Ії victorious yak garnіr to meat and tribe strav. Miraculous cabbage rolls with corrugated leaves, yakі tonshі, gnuchkіshі, significantly lower, lower leafs of bi-headed cabbage. So dozens of good piddsmazuyutsya. Із савойської cabbage to cook savory stuffing for pirіzhkіv. Proteus is a kind of cabbage unfriendly for pickled, preserved and sushinnya.
Sinyaya-kapusta-poleznye-svostvaChervonoholavkova cabbage biloholovkovoyi color different from the external and internal layers, due to the presence of anthocyanins - pigments. The leaves of this cabbage dark red or red-purple, sometimes with purple tinge.
Dense heads, their weight 1,5- From kg. Fresh cabbage chervonoholovkovu used for cooking side dishes, salads, salads. it is recommended to marinate and simmer but do not boil.
kohlrabi - Biennial plant of the cabbage family. In the food usekohlrabi stolen from above the earth’s meat, the stems of the rosini were stolen; Behind the relish there’s nagaduє the little bunny cabbage cabbage, prote m'yakot is significantly malt, juicy, nizhny. Kohlrabi bagata on a mineral rivovini, vitamin, zucchini. Trikutnі leaflets. Zabarlennya of a staplopod fallowly in a sort - it is more green abo violet-blue. Rosmir - in 10 to 15 cm in diameter.
In cooking, use kohlrabi raw, boiled, stewed, fried, canned and pickled. it can be dried and frozen. From it are prepared salads, snacks, different first and second courses.

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