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Cabbage Passion - Cabbage Salati

Salad with fresh cabbage biloholovkovoyi.Salad with fresh cabbage biloholovkovoyi.
The first option.
Shredded cabbage and salt give stand 25 minutes. Piled in a deep pot, oshparyuyut boiling water, cover with a lid and leave for another thirty minutes. Back in the colander, add vinegar, oil and sugar.
A second option.
In add shredded cabbage and salt and sugar in a pan vyderzhuyut of stainless steel for 20 minutes. Then served at table, having filled citric acid, oil, onion and green onions, fresh or pickled tomatoes. Lovers of spicy food instead of sugar can make use of red pepper.
* Cabbage - 600 g, oil - thirty grams of vinegar - 20 g; citric acid, sugar, salt.
Salad of fresh cabbage and tomatoes biloholovkovoyi.Salad of fresh cabbage and tomatoes biloholovkovoyi.
Purified and washed cabbage finely shinkuem and mixed with finely chopped tomato and pepper vegetable. Juice separated, drained. Vegetables shift in a salad bowl and pour the dressing of lemon juice, sugar and salt.
* Cabbage - 500 g fresh tomatoes - 250 g, capsicum peppers - 200 g; Refills: lemon - 0,5 pcs., Sugar - 40 g, oil - 40 g salt.
Salad with fresh cabbage with vegetable biloholovkovoyi peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes.
Purified and washed shinkuem cabbage, peppers cut into strips, ohirky- cubes, tomatoes - sliced. All products are mixed and added to cooked crisp rice, finely chopped onions and parsley, mustard and salt. In this salad can add chopped ham (100 g).
* Cabbage - 200 g sweet pepper - 200 g cucumbers - 100 g tomatoes - 100 g boiled rice - Mr. 75, 20 g onions, mayonnaise - 50 g, mustard, parsley, salt.
Salad with fresh cabbage with vegetables biloholovkovoyi.
Purified and washed cabbage finely shinkuem, fray with salt, mixed with sliced ​​julienne carrots, peppers and onions. Pour oil, pour the sugar and mix everything thoroughly, add the tomatoes, cut into slices, spice mix and serve, sprinkled with herbs.
* Cabbage - 500 g, capsicum peppers - 200 g carrots - 150 g tomatoes - 200 g, onions - 40 g, oil - 70 g tsu¬kor - 20 g, parsley and dill - thirty grams, black pe¬rets powder and salt.
Salad of fresh cabbage and tomatoes biloholovkovoyi.Oriental salad.
Purified and washed cabbage cut into cubes and oshparyuyut boiling water. In hot oil dipped dried red pepper, put cabbage adds a little sugar, lemon juice and mix. Salad allow to stand about 4 hours, then served on the table. Thanks to an unusual salad East cooking acquires unique taste and vitamins are stored.
* Cabbage - 600 g, oil - 50 g dried red pepper - Chalk struc- 1, 1 juice from a lemon, sugar and salt.
Salad with fresh cabbage biloholovkovoyi with nuts and garlic.
Purified and washed cabbage coarsely shinkuem, pour salt boiling water, close lid, put on a strong fire and, once the contents boils, remove the lid, then cook the cabbage open to get rid of peculiar smell. Walnut kernels with garlic mash in a mortar until smooth. Cooked cabbage wringing in gauze up in a bowl with nut-garlic mixture and grind to a homogeneous condition, add mayonnaise, salt and pepper and mix.
* Cabbage - 500 g walnut kernels - 100 g garlic - thirty grams mayonnaise - 50 g, black pepper, salt.
Salad with fresh cabbage with apples biloholovkovoyi.
Purified and washed cabbage finely shinkuem straw, fray with salt, add the chopped onion and pinch of citric acid. Apple peel without core and cut into slices, mix with cabbage, seasoned sour cream and sugar part. Then mix the salad, put in a bowl and pour the remaining cream. On top is decorated with apples.
* Cabbage - 500 g apples -. 200 g sour cream - 75 g sugar - 50 g, onions - 40 g, citric acid, salt.
Salad with sauerkraut with caraway seeds.
Poshatkovanu cabbage sprinkled with chopped leaves and young shoots of cumin and fill with oil.
* Kvasha cabbage - 600 g "kmin - 5 g olіya - 40 of
Salad of pickled cabbage with apples.
The first option.
Poshatkovanu cabbage mixed with sliced ​​apples, finely chopped onion, sugar and fill with oil. If desired, add garlic (2-3 teeth) and radishes (100 g), and use oil instead of mayonnaise (50 g).
* Sauerkraut - 330 g g -180 apples, onions - 40 g sugar - 5 g, oil - 50 hours
A second option.
Poshatkovanu cabbage without brine mixed with apples, sliced, seasoned with sugar, vegetable oil, put in a salad bowl and decorate with greens and cranberries.
* Pickled uapusta - 250 g apples - 150 g sugar - 20 g, oil - 50 g, parsley and dill - 20 g cranberries - 25 hours
A third option.
Ross_l ready to cabbage zlityv in emalovanu kastrulyu, dodayut before new cranberry water, cloves, cinnamon, tsukor i boil. Potim oholodzhuyut. Do nashatkovana cabbage dodayut part of the barberry, peremіshuyut, put in a salad bowl and watering with rosemary. Along the edges rozmіschyuyut reshut brusnitsі that urchen apple, narіzanі chastochkami.
* Sauerkraut - 400 g mo¬cheni apples - 40 g cranberries - 50 g cloves, cinnamon and sugar.
The fourth option.
Pour chopped onion cabbage brine, heated to a boil and cooled. In slaw add onions, seasoned with sugar, oil, mixed and placed in a bowl. Before serving top decompose pickles, sliced, decorated with cranberries and herbs.
* Sauerkraut - 300 g, pickles - 60 g, onions - 60 g sugar - 40 g g -20 oil, cranberry 25 g; parsley and dill - 20 g and h ;;
Sauerkraut salad with honey.
Sauerkraut finely chopped, add the apples, worn on a grater with large holes, onions, chopped straw, and thyme. Salad seasoned with oil, lemon juice and honey and cast a light on oppression 4-5 minutes, then serve.
* Sauerkraut - 250 g yablu¬ka - 200 g, onions - 40 g, oil - thirty grams lemon juice - 35 g, honey - 50 g cumin.
Salad with pickled sauerkraut or pickled mushrooms.
Slaw mixed with chopped onions, pickled or marinated mushrooms, sliced, cinnamon, cloves, oil and sugar. Before serving sprinkle with herbs.
* Sauerkraut - 500 d, salted or pickled mushrooms - 150 g, onions - 40 g, oil - thirty grams of sugar - 50 g, cinnamon, cloves, parsley and dill.
Vegetable Salad.
Potatoes, beets and carrots are cooked, cooled and cut into cubes. Beets separately filled with oil that they are not painted other vegetables. Sauerkraut prepared vegetables and mix, pour salad dressing and if necessary pidsolyuyut. Vinaigrette placed in a bowl or on a platter, decorated with greens and slices of boiled vegetables. Sauerkraut can be replaced with salty mushrooms and pickles - pickled apples and plums.
* Sauerkraut - 40 g potatoes - 50 g, beets - 50 g carrots - 20 g, pickles - thirty grams onions - 40 g or green onions - 40 g salad dressing - thirty grams parsley and dill - 20 g salt.
Salad Fantasy.
Wash the cauliflower is cooked, dismantled into small florets and mix with grated na¬tertymy otvo¬ramy with small boiled carrots and potatoes, cucumber, add green onion or bulb.
parsley and dill. Dressed with sauce or mayonnaise. Ready salad spread on a dish. Decorate inflorescence of cauliflower, tomato slices, salted or fresh cucumbers and pour lemon juice. This salad can be used as stuffing for tomatoes and red peppers. Serve it with boiled potatoes with parsley sauce or béchamel.
* Cauliflower - 250 g carrots - CO g potatoes - 100 g fresh or pickled cucumbers - 100 g onions or chives - 50 g mayonnaise - 150 g tomatoes - 75 g lemon juice - 20 g boiled potato.
Cauliflower salad with radish and lemon.
Cauliflower cook in boiling salted water, cooled and disassembled on the inflorescence. Radishes cut into slices. Prepared vegetables put in a salad bowl. Prepare a dressing of oil, lemon juice, chopped green onion, sugar, pepper and salt. Salad dressing poured over and decorate with greenery.
* Cauliflower - Mr. 400, 350 g radish, lemon - 1 pcs., Oil -50
g, green onions and parsley - 20 g sugar, pepper, salt.
Cauliflower salad with tomatoes and cucumbers.
Wash tomatoes and cucumbers cut into thin slices and lettuce leaves - parts. They give the finished inflorescence of cauliflower, green peas and canned seasoned sour cream, mixed with half the rules of mayonnaise, salt, sugar and pepper. Decorate leaves of lettuce, green onions and other vegetables and remaining mayonnaise. Sprinkle with herbs.
* Cauliflower - 60 g tomatoes - 60 g cucumbers - 60 g green salad - 20 g green canned peas - 20 g sour cream - thirty grams mayonnaise - thirty grams, green onion, 30 g sugar, black pepper pepper, herbs, salt.
Salad with cauliflower "hedgehogs".
Wash the cauliflower is cooked in water and vinegar until tender, to reject drushlyah and spread on a dish. Cucumbers, carrots and beets cut into thin strips and evenly nashpyhovuyut them cabbage. Pour mayonnaise, decorate boiled boiled eggs, sliced ​​cucumber, green salad, sprinkled with lemon juice.
* Cauliflower - 500 g of vinegar - 30 g fresh or pickled cucumbers - 120 g raw or cooked carrots - 75 g boiled beets - 100 g mayonnaise - 50 g, eggs - 60 g green salad - thirty grams, 1 juice of lemon, salt.
Cauliflower salad with carrots and apples.
Wash the cauliflower is cooked, divide into florets, cooked carrots, finely chopped, cut apple slices. Product mix, pour sauce with sour cream, oil, lemon juice and sugar, pepper and salt and mix well.
* Cauliflower - 800 g carrots - 500 g apples - 250 g sour cream - 500 g, oil - g 50, 1 juice of lemon, sugar, black pepper, salt.
Cauliflower salad with vegetables and berries.
Wash the tomatoes, cucumbers and apples cut into thin slices. The leaves of lettuce cut into two or three parts. Everything is mixed, add the florets cooked cauliflower, grapes or ripe gooseberries, cherries, pitted. Fill with sour cream sauce and sprinkle with herbs.
* Cauliflower - 120 g tomatoes - 120 g cucumbers - 120 g grapes or gooseberries - 60 g cherries - 60 g cream sauce - 120 g, parsley and dill - 35 hours
Brussels sprouts salad with beets and greens.
Wash the cabbage shinkuem, mixed with chopped onions, dill, parsley and celery, salt, seasoned mayonnaise. All mix and decorate beet.
* Brussels sprouts - 300 g, onions - 80 g, beets - 100 g, dill, parsley and celery - 60 g mayonnaise - 100 g salt.
Brussels sprouts salad with carrots and green peas.
Holovochky Brussels sprouts washed, cut into strips. Carrots rubbed on a grater with large holes, add peas. Everything is mixed, add pepper, cumin, salt, stir and spread in a bowl, pour mayonnaise and decorate with greenery.
* Brussels sprouts - 400 g carrots - 100 g canned green peas - 50 g mayonnaise - 120 g, parsley and dill - thirty grams, pepper, cumin and salt.
Brussels sprouts salad with marinated.
Net holovochky Brussels sprouts stewed in a little water and back in the colander. When the water drain, fill with marinade, cooked with grated horseradish, finely chopped onion, vegetable oil, lemon juice and crushed herbs, salt and mix.
* Brussels sprouts - 500 d, horseradish - 40 g, onions - 40 g, oil - thirty grams lemon juice - 10 g green onions - thirty grams parsley - 15 g salt.
Salad savoy cabbage with apples and garlic.
Purified and washed cabbage cut into strips, apples - sliced ​​and mixed by adding crushed garlic. Pour mayonnaise and sprinkle with chopped herbs.
* Savoy cabbage - 500 g apples - 300 g garlic - 3-5 cloves, mayonnaise -100 g, parsley and dill - 35 hours
Chervonoholovkovoyi salad with cabbage juice.
I cleaned the red-headed cabbage and dabno shakykuyut, grind to my camp, bring nariban tsibulyu, apple, lemon abo fruit fruit іbo abto ocet і roslinnu olіyu. Give lemon zest, succulent, honey, greens. Strangely peremіshuyut і wikladayut have a salad bowl. Top sypyat greens.
* Chervonoholovkova cabbage - 500 g, onions - 40 g -180 g apples, lemon juice or fruit - 100 g or vinegar - 45 g, oil - 50 g lemon zest - 10 g sugar - 25 g, honey - AOR g, parsley and dill - 35 hours
Kohlrabi salad with radish and carrots.
Cleaned and washed by rubbing on tertsi with great otvoryam, zm_shuyut z radiskoy, narіzanoyu mugs, another rubbed with seaweed and two cool stellar cubes, narіzanih cubes. Zhovtki wipe, pour in olіyu and sour milk, add to my'yata, green tibuli that parsley, sіl. Mustache peremіshuyut, put on a dish і embellish greens.
* Kolrabi - 200 g, radish - 100 g, morkva - 100 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Oliya - 15 g, sour milk - 20 g, mint –10 g, green tibuli —- 20 g, parsley greens - 25 g, sl.

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