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Cabbage soup with fresh cabbage with potatoes biloholovkovoyi.Cabbage soup with fresh cabbage with potatoes biloholovkovoyi.
Root this tsibulu with dots, cut them in small pieces or cubes, cabbage in squares of 2-3 cm, and maple in cubes. Dip the cabbage into the boiling bouillon, boil it, add the cartoply, paste the roots and the tsibula and cook with a stretch of 25 xv. Add passerowe over thoroughly, diluted with a cold bouillon, and cook with a stretch of 7 — 10 xv. Then we put the dill on the slices of the sweet pepper, bay leaf, pepper and boil 5 hv. Zamіst pomіdorіv can finish pasting with fat tomato puree. Щі it is possible to refuel with an hour watch. Before serving, put a piece of meat and sour cream at the plate.
* Cabbage - 120 g potatoes - 60 g carrots -20 g root petrushky- 5 g, onions - 20 g tomato puree or -10 g fresh tomatoes - 20 g, fat - 10 g g cream -10 black pepper, salt and garlic.
Cabbage soup with mushrooms.
Purified and washed biloholovkovu shinkuem cabbage, stewed with butter. Pidhotopleni cut mushrooms, cook until soft, add the carrots, potatoes, dill and parsley root and continue to cook until cooked mushrooms. Then add the cabbage and boil a little. In the finished soup pour lemon juice, fill with browned flour and butter.
* Biloholovkova fresh cabbage - 400 g fresh mushrooms - 100 g carrots - 75 g potatoes - 250 g flour - 15 g butter or oil - 40 g juice 1 lemon, parsley root - 15 g, parsley and dill - 15 g salt.
Cabbage soup lazy.
I cleaned and remember the tsibul lightly pasutiruyut on oil at a low-temperature stewing pan, add cabbage, narizan large, pour trochi to the broth and let them, screaming, on a weak bake. Finish the cabbage until it’s ready, put the root pot at the stewpan, add the pieces in circles and Circles, and stew until ready. Potim vegetables shift from the casserole, pour in the meat broth for water, dilute the paserowana thoroughly and bring to a boil. P_d hour tushkuvannya cabbage good dodati tudi svizhzh pomidori. Before serving, put the narizan with shmatochki, warene m'yaso, at the tarilku. They call it "livimim" to the fact that cabbage is big for them, but they don’t pare the roots.
* Fresh cabbage biloholovkova - 160 g carrots - 20 g, turnip or rutabaga - 10 g celery root - 5 g, onions - 20 g borosh¬no - 5 g, fat - 10 g sour cream - 10 g salt .
Cabbage soup in the Urals.
Peel and clean the tsibulu and parsley for selera, pasiruyte through kilka hvilin, add tomato puree and pasuyuti with 5 — 7 xv. In the cookery, boil until cooked, pearl barley, chives, grits, or pshono. At the boiling meat’s meat bouillon, lower the Narizan squares with the Blanchovan cabbage, and grind the cereals and cook with a stretch of 25 xv. For 10 — 15 xv until the end of the season, pour the pasovanu refueling in the bouillon. Щі to give із sour cream.
* Sauerkraut - 200 g, cereals - 20 g, onions - 40 g carrots - 40 g tomato puree - 40 g cooking oil or lard - • 40 g sour cream - 20 g root parsley or celery - 20 g of salt.
Cabbage soup with sauerkraut vegetarian.
Cabbage can be eaten slightly, carrots, parsley roots and tsibulu narizayut and lightly pass it on olії. Having finished tomato puree, sell Smazhiti. Put cabbage in the pan, give ol_yu and stew close 1 year, finish up the vegetables and stewed potatoes 30 xv. Thoroughly warm in a frying pan, change, dilute with a small amount of water and fork at a bowl. I rule the country with a token watchmaker and boil 5 — 7 xv. Serve, hissing greens.
* Sauerkraut - 500 g carrots - 75 g parsley root - 60 g, onions - 80 g, oil - thirty grams, tomato puree -15 g flour - 15 g garlic - 4 cloves, parsley - 20 g of salt.
Ukrainian borsch with donuts.
Beetroot chopped straw, add salt, vinegar, pork fat, sugar and stew, then bred with broth or water and stew until ready. Carrots, parsley root and onions are cut with straw and served with fat and tomato. In the broth or water, chopped slices of potatoes, bring boiled rice, add shredded strawberries and boil for 10-15 min. After that, add stewed and sautéed vegetables, porridge flour, chilled and broth broth, spices and boil more 5-7 min. Ready borsch is filled with bacon and garlic, tufted from greens, brought to a boil, removed from the fire and allowed to stretch for 25 min.
In warm water diluted yeast, pour of flour, stir thoroughly and put in a warm place to come up batter. Then add
the rest of the flour, oil, sugar, salt, diluted in a little water. Well then mixed and left to ferment for 1,5-2 hours. During fermentation, the dough is mixed twice to remove residues of carbon dioxide. With the finished dough form a ball weight of thirty grams, put them on a greased sheet and leave to come. Before baking donuts coated with egg, then bake.
Chasnichny sauce. Pour the chapel with sill, pour in the ool and cool the kip'yachenu water. Give the borscht sour cream.
Separately donuts served with garlic sauce.
* Fresh cabbage biloholovkova -40 g potatoes - 80 g carrots - 20 g g -15 onions, garlic - 5 cloves, parsley root - 10 g tomato puree - 15 g or fresh tomatoes - thirty grams lard - 20 g flour - 5 g bacon - 5 g sugar - 5 g 3% -s' vinegar - 5 g pepper - 10 g g -10 cream, bay leaf, black pepper, parsley, salt ;
for donuts: 80 g flour, water - 35 g sugar - 5 g yeast - 3 g, oil - 5 g, eggs - 1 / 2 pcs., salt;
For the sauce: garlic - 5 g, oil - 5 g voda- 25 g salt.
Poltava Borsch with dumplings.
Purified and washed beets cut into slices, add salt, vinegar, lard and stew until soft. Sliced ​​carrots and parsley root and chopped onions Passer fat, adding a late tomato puree. In the boiling broth put potatoes, diced, bring to a boil, put the cabbage, cut into squares and cook over 10-15 minutes. Add stewed beet, browned vegetables, fried flour and spices and cook until tender, then give the brew for 20-25 minutes.
In boiling water pour of flour, stir well, cool to a temperature 60 ° C, add the eggs, the remaining flour and carefully placed. Dough shall spoon dipped in boiling salted water and cook until tender.
* Buriaks - 240 g, smalets - 20 g, bacon-fat - 20 g, carrots - 40 g, parsley root - 40 g, part of tsibulya - 60 g, tomato puree — 60 g, cartop - 300 g - 160 g, bay leaf, pepper, zucor, acetate, parsley, sil, sour cream - 40 g, chicken meat - 100 g; for dumplings: well - 200 g, eggs - 2 pcs.
Cabbage soup with mushrooms.
Spleen cabbage finely chop and stew on broth and fat. Dried mushrooms wash, pour water and leave to swell at 3-4 h. Mushrooms are taken out, washed, water is filtered, poured mushrooms and cooked until ready. Then mushrooms are removed and cut into small cubes, and the broth is filtered. Onions and roots are sliced ​​and served with oil. Potatoes are cut into cubes. In a boiling broth, lower the potatoes and boil for 25 min, then add stewed cabbage, prepared mushrooms, roots and onions and cook for another 10-15 min. At the end of cooking, spit, sugar, salt. Serve cabbage with sour cream.
* Sauerkraut - 600 grams of dried mushrooms - 40 g, onions - 60 g carrots - 80 g, parsnips and celery root - in 40 g, oil - 35 g potatoes - 300 g sugar -10 g bay leaf pepper, salt, sour cream.
Soup. peasant.
At the boiling ovococum vidvar put a “bouquet” of green, narcotic licorice and boil on a weak bake with a stretch of 2 xv. Then we lower the cartoplyu, narizana in small pieces, cabbage, shabby straws, that root, narizany in small pieces and passer on fat. Cook until ready, and at the end of the varieties put on the table without the need for green peas and specials. Before serving, a “bouquet” of green із soup wil. Soup iz with sour cream and rye greenery.
* Fresh cabbage biloholovkova - 600 g g -170 peppers, potatoes - 250 g carrots - 75 g celery root and petrushky- on 30 g, fat - 40 g tomatoes - 300 g canned green peas - g onion onions - 40 g leeks incised - 30 g green onions with the head - 30 g parsley or dill - 30 g (for "bouquet"), sour cream - 75 g salt.
Soup with sauerkraut ears.
Gotuyut cool tіsto z boroshna, drive that salt. Pink the yogi from a thin layer, cut into small squares, put the minced meat on the skin square with cabbage and pinch it. Lower the froth at the boiling meat’s meat broth: cook until cooked.
* Sauerkraut - 600 g flour - 500 g, onions - g, oil - 30 g, black pepper, salt.
Soup of sauerkraut to chicken broth.
Onion cut into thin slices, peppers without seeds - cubes, crushed garlic. Paraseruyut onion, add garlic, pepper, tsapustu, bacon, bacon, caraway, pour in broth and cook until done, finished dish is served with boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes.
* Sauerkraut -600 g, onions - 80 g garlic - 3 teeth, sweet pepper - 90 g, oil - 30 g fat, salty or smoked bacon - 50 g, black pepper, salt.
Cauliflower soup with potatoes.
Clean the beans are soaked in cold water, then cook until done. Roots cut into cubes, leek and bulb shinkuem and Passer. In the boiling broth put prepared vegetables, disassembled on the inflorescence cauliflower, cut into cubes potatoes. Cook with the lid. For 5-10 minutes until cooked add the cooked beans with the broth and salt. Serve soup sprinkled with herbs.
* Cauliflower - 150 g carrots - 40 g parsley root - 20 g, onions - 20 g leeks - 20 g beans - 50 g butter - 40 g, parsley and dill - 35 g salt.
At the request of this soup add canned green peas (40 g).
Milk soup with kohlrabi and Brussels sprouts.
In the boiling milk first put the diced kohlrabi, and a 15 minutes - Brussels sprouts. Cook until tender, salted. In soup add oil or boiled green peas and chopped carrots. Serve, sprinkled with herbs.
* Kohlrabi - 250 g Brussels sprouts - 250 g butter - 50 g or peas - 75 g carrots - 75 g salt.
Vegetable soup.
The prepared cabbage finely shinkuem, purified finely chopped vegetables, sprinkle with sugar, salt and lard in Passer. Pour broth
and cook until tender. Cooked vegetables wipe and put in the broth. Fat thinly sliced, fried, put the top slice of bread, links cheese and baked in the oven. Soup served with prepared as follows croutons.
* Fresh cabbage biloholovkova - 400 g carrots - 300 g celery root - 30 g leeks -2 stalks, onion - 80 g potatoes - 320 g lard - 50 g bacon - 100 g bread - 4 slices, grated cheese - 70 grams, sugar, salt.
Cream of cauliflower.
Purified and washed carrots, celery, onions both types of finely cut and lightly in a skillet Passer. Then there pour broth or water and readiness to assume. Cauliflower cooked in the broth, add to stewed vegetables and wipe with a decoction. In the strained puree mass pour white sauce. Soup cooled to 85 ° C. Refuel lezone (a mixture of raw eggs and milk) and butter and mix.
Serve with boiled fruit and vegetables cauliflower (20 g per serving) and other greens. Zamіst grіnkіv can serve corn, plastіvtsі abo pirіzhki with dzhizhzhogo tіsta with rice, meat and chi maple.
* Whitney cabbage - 200 g carrots - 20 g leeks and onions - in 20 g celery root - 20 g butter - 40 g flour - 40 g, milk or cream - 30 g, eggs - 0,5 items ., parsley, tiny croutons, salt.

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