Meals with fruits and vegetables

Main dishes of cabbage.

Cabbage cooked with oil.Cabbage cooked with oil.
Purified and washed cabbage boiled in salted water at low heat until tender. Back in the colander, cut into squares and then heated. Serve with butter.
* Biloholovkova or any other cabbage - 500 g butter - 30 hours
Dumplings with cabbage.
I cleaned and washed the cabbage from boiled water, put it on a sieve, let it drain and let it pass through a meat grinder. Paste terti sir, mannі kupupi, pepper, potato, give eggs and good mix. Form dumplings, cook ix in the sprinkles with a weak heat with a stretch of 20 xv. Prepare dumplings to vidkidayut on drushlyak, then vikladayut on a dish, to get a squeak of piddsmazhenimi with toasted breadcrumbs. Serve with Gostrii tomato sauce.
* Fresh or pickled cabbage biloholovkova - 500 g cheese - 60 g dried - 60 g semolina - thirty grams, eggs - 2 pcs., Pepper, salt, tomato sauce "sharp".
Kapustyany roll.
Poshatkovani Passer cabbage and onion in oil. Combine flour, milk, eggs and salt and knead the dough rozkachuyut it in layer thickness 1 cm. In the dough put prepared vegetables and twisted roll, which is wrapped in gauze and boiled in salted water.
* Fresh cabbage biloholovkova - 500 g, onions - 90 g flour - 300 g, eggs - 2 pieces. -125 G milk, butter - 100 g salt.
Cauliflower in cream sauce.
Prepared florets of cauliflower cooked in salted water. Onions finely cut and Passer in butter, add flour, sour cream, pepper, salt. Formed in the sauce put the cabbage and stew for several minutes, and to readily add tomato paste.
* Cauliflower - 600 g, onions - 90 g butter - 75 g flour - 35 g sour cream - 250 g, pepper, tomato paste, salt.
Cauliflower with cheese sauce.
Prepared soups of cauliflower to boil in podsolenіy water, vidkidayut on drushlyak, give drains of water and put on a dish. After boiling vodvar boil, add butter, thoroughly, diluted with milk, i, continuously, boil the sauce with full boil 10 xv. Then weep the grated brinza and the pepper. Bring to kipіnnya and know z vognya. Pour the cabbage with sauce, boil dribbno narizanoy greenery and give it to the hot steeple.
* Cauliflower - 1500 g cabbage broth - 2 cups, butter -15 g flour - 30 g milk - 250 g cheese - 200 g parsley - 30 g, black pepper, salt.
Tsvіtna cabbage s pasta.
Prepared cauliflower florets in salted water boiled with spices over 12 minutes, then back in the colander. In broth pour the pasta and cook until tender. Passer chopped onion in butter with tomato puree, add the flour and continue paseruvannya even 3 minutes. Cooked pasta rejected, and the broth used to make sauce. In the fried onions add the broth and boil. Macaroni put on a dish, side cauliflower tsybulyanym and pour sauce. Serve in hot.
* Cauliflower - 500 g butter - 70 g, onions - 70 g tomato paste - 40 g flour - 30 g pasta - 600 grams, spices, salt.
Cauliflower with tomatoes or carrots.
Purified and washed cauliflower is cooked whole head or buds in salted water. The broth is poured, cabbage spread on a heated plate, sprinkle with finely chopped hard-boiled eggs, fried breadcrumbs and herbs. Serve with butter and tomatoes or carrots, cut into slices. Optional use mayonnaise (160 d) of lemon juice.
* Cauliflower - 400 g sugar-5 g, eggs - 3 pieces. Crackers - 50 g, dill - 35 g butter - thirty grams fresh tomatoes or cooked carrots - 200 g salt.
Brussels sprouts in milk sauce.
Net holovochky cabbage boiled in salted water, back in the colander to glass water, add butter, mix, pour milk sauce and bring to a boil. Serve on a platter, sprinkle with chopped herbs.
Brussels sprouts - 500 g butter - thirty grams, milk sauce - 100 g, parsley and dill - 25 g salt.
Savoy cabbage with sour cream.
Pour shabby cabbage with sprinkles, scream and curry and let it through until ready. Potim season with relish otst, fireplace, zucchar and sillu, peppery, diluted with fresh water, boiled and chilled and sour cream. Serve to cartoplі.
* Savoy cabbage - 800 g flour - 20 g sour cream - 120 g cabbage broth - 125 g, vinegar, cumin, sugar, salt.
Spicy cabbage.
Purified and washed and boiled cabbage shinkuem. Passer onion in oil, add flour, boiled cabbage, sugar, spices, vinegar and stew until tender.
* Cabbage - 1000 g g onions -100, lard or butter - 75 g flour - 20 grams, spices, sugar, vinegar, salt.
Cabbage stew with potatoes and mushrooms.
In a pan put layers of boiled potatoes, coarsely chopped stewed cabbage and mushrooms until soft. Passer flour in fat, pour the mushroom broth with continuous stirring until a thick sauce. Pour pepper, salt. Finish sauce poured vegetables, close lid and stew until tender. Fresh mushrooms can replace the dried, they should be pre-cook.
* Fresh cabbage biloholovkova - 500 g potatoes - 650 g fresh mushrooms - 200 g fat, bacon - 40 g, pepper, salt.
Assorted vegetables and cabbage.
Purified and washed biloholovkovu cabbage, kohlrabi, potatoes, root, onion and leek cut, sprinkle with salt, pepper and mix. Put them in heated oil, pour the boiling broth and stew. Serving, sprinkle with herbs.
* Fresh cabbage biloholovkova - 500 g kohlrabi - 200 g potatoes - 350 g carrots - 90 g celery root - 40 g g onions tsybulya- 50, leeks, oil - 40 g parsley or dill, salt .
Kapustyany "pie."
Purified, head cabbage washed and purified without kochanchiki boiled potatoes, fried in oil first large chopped cabbage, then cut into slices potatoes, onions, cut into rings and tomato, sliced. Prepared vegetables layers spread into a deep frying pan, the bottom of which poured oil. Each layer lace cabbage chopped garlic, parsley and dill, top, put the potatoes, tomatoes, sprinkle with seasoning and green onions. "Jumble" cover with lid and stew served on a table in a pan. Optionally you can put on the tomatoes cut into quarters fried meatballs, sausage or hot dogs.
* Fresh biloholovkova cabbage - 1500 g potatoes - 500 g, onions - 200 g tomatoes - 250 g, oil - 50 g garlic - 50 g, parsley and dill - 35 g green onions - thirty grams, pepper, salt.
Cabbage stew.
Purified and washed fresh biloholovkovu cabbage cut into strips, add broth, oil, vinegar, fried tomato sauce and stew until almost cooked. Then add the browned, chopped onions and julienne carrots and continue to simmer until tender. For 5 minutes before the end add browned flour, sugar, pepper, bay leaf, salt. Before serving sprinkle with chopped herbs.

* Fresh cabbage biloholovkova - 1500 g cooking oil - 20 g 3% -s' vinegar - 20 g tomato puree - 40 g, onions - 30 g carrots - 20 g flour - 10 g sugar - 20 g , parsley root - 10 g, parsley and dill, pepper, bay leaf, salt.
Stewed cabbage with tomatoes.
Prepared fresh cabbage finely biloholovkovu shinkuem, salt and allow to stand 20 minutes. Sliced ​​ripe tomatoes stew in its own juice, rub through a sieve, put in a saucepan, mix with squashed cabbage and put on a slow fire. Add slices of fried bacon and onions. Instead, you can take fresh cabbage sauerkraut.
* Fresh cabbage biloholovkova - 1000 g tomatoes - 400 g salo- bacon - 200 g, onions - 120 g salt.
Cabbage porridge in Estonian. Cut cabbage mixed with cereals, pour a little water and stew until soft cereals. Then add milk, fat, salt and stew cooking for all products. Cooked cereal mixed and served on the table.
* Fresh cabbage biloholovkova - 1000 g barley grains - 60 g milk - 500 g pork zdir - 100 g salt.
Cabbage, stewed in milk.
I cleaned the bilogolovkov cabbage shakily, shabby, and poured water. Pour the cabbage with boiled milk and tushkuyut p_d krishka until cooked. I cook the cabbage seasoned with oil, salt.
* Fresh cabbage biloholovkova - 800 g milk - 200 g butter - 20 g salt.
Dumplings with sauerkraut in Ukrainian.
Prepare fresh dough rozkachuyut his thick 1,5 cm, cut slices and laid on each of them stuffing, zaschypuyut province. For the stuffing are stewed until soft sauerkraut, add chopped carrots and onions, fried in oil. Dumplings boiled in salted water, caught a slotted spoon and serve hot with fried onions in vegetable oil.
Just prepare and dumplings with cabbage.
* For the dough: wheat flour - 300 g, oil - thirty grams of sugar - 20 g, salt, milk or water;
* For the stuffing, sauerkraut - 500 g carrots - 75 g, onions - 75 g, oil - 75 g salt.
Sauerkraut stewed with quince.
Stew sauerkraut with fat, having finished pepper, bay leaf and cloves. I cleaned the quince without a core, cut with shmatochki and stew with apple juice and honey. Ready products are ready and mixed. Tsya strava can be but a garnish to cartridges, dumplings, greased birds.
* Sauerkraut - 300 g goose fat - 30 g quince - 200 g apple juice - 125 g, honey - 25 g bay leaf - 2 pcs. Cloves - 3 pcs., Pepper, salt.
Sauerkraut stewed with yachnymy cereals.
Passer onions in oil, put the cabbage, pour broth so that the cabbage was covered with it, add soaked grains and stew until tender all products. At the end add sugar and salt and mix.
* Sauerkraut - 600 g, onions - 80 g barley grains - 50 g pork fat - 100 grams, sugar, salt.
Cauliflower, braised with carrots, peas and beans.
Remember the vegetables and carrots in small quantities of water and salt. With margarine, it’s good to get light pasherka, topping it with fresh vegetables and boiling water. Pour sauce with lemon and lemon sik. Stew the products vidkidayut on drushlyak, give a drain of water and fill the sauce.
* Cauliflower - 700 g morkva- 200 g peas - 200 g green beans - 200 g beans ripeness - 100 g margarine - 40 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Flour - 30 g milk - 50 g lemon juice - 15 g vegetable broth - 400 g salt.
Braised Brussels Sprouts.
Holovochky cabbage stew with fat and finely chopped onion in a little broth, salt. Serve with butter, sprinkled with herbs.
* Brussels sprouts - 500 g butter margarine - thirty grams, oil - 20 g, onions - 80 g, parsley and dill - to 15 g salt.
Chervonoholovkova cabbage stew with beans.
Chervonogolovkova cabbage stewed at a small amount of water and that fat. Yak tilki vona become m'yakoy, give zvaren kvassol to beef, paserowan oil oily, tomato puree, tsukor, sil. We have to kindly mix and flesh out with a stretch of 5 - 7 xv. Serve before cooked cartoplі.
* Chervonoholovkova cabbage - 1000 g butter - 60 g boiled beans -250 g flour -15 g tomato puree - 50 g sugar-15 g, onions - 80 g salt.
Chervonoholovkova cabbage stewed with apples and onions.
With the heads of red-headed cabbage, you can find the veins and the shaky straw with the straw. Dip the water at once from the pressure cooker into the boiling water and boil. I’m cooking cabbage on a dushlyak. At rozigrіtu pan with oil, put narizan slices of bacon, tsibulu and pidrum'anyuyut ikh. Pislya tsyogo finish cabbage, diced apples, peppers, potatoes and stewed meat stretched 25 xv.
* Chervonoholovkova cabbage - 100 g fat, bacon - 200 g butter - thirty grams, onions -160 g fresh sour apple varieties - 250 g, water - 125 g, pepper, salt.
Kohlrabi stew, vegetables and mushrooms.
Vegetables and mushrooms boil skin with cream at a small amount of water and stew with margarine. Store products at the casserole, fill them with vegetable vodvar, finish them thoroughly for cooking and boiling. Serve with greens that greens.
* Kohlrabi - 250 g cauliflower -150 g fresh mushrooms - 150 g carrots - 250 g green beans - 200 g margarine - 80 g butter - 50 g flour - thirty grams parsley and dill - 35 g salt.
Kohlrabi stew in Czech.
I’ll prepare the kohlrabi to add thin skibochki. I’ll shibkuyut ’and pass it on sal_ to m'yakostі. Take care of the cabbage, finish the fireplace, potatoes, trochs of hot water, periodically change, cook until tender. Boil well, mix well, add acetate and tucor, again mix and boil. Serve by pouring rosemary oil and boiling greens.
* Kohlrabi - 400 g, onions - 80 g, fat - 30 g cumin - with g, g flour-10, 3% th vinegar - 20 g sugar - 20 g butter - 20 g, parsley and dill - thirty grams of salt.
Pancakes cabbage.
Cabbage finely shinkuem, put in a saucepan, pour the milk and cook over low heat until tender. Then pour cereal, sugar, salt and mix. In the formed dough add the cream and beaten egg whites. Pancakes fried in hot pan in boiling ghee. Serve with sour cream.
* Biloholovkova cabbage - 800 g milk - 250 g semolina - 50 g sugar - 25 g cream - 125 g, eggs - 3 pcs., Sour cream - 75 grams Ghee - 100 hours
Chopped cabbage.
Finely chopped cabbage are placed in a pan, pour in the milk, butter and stew until soft. In boiling mass of thin squirt pour semolina and cook, stirring constantly, over 10-15 minutes. Cool, add raw eggs, salt and mix. Shape oval cutlets, paneer them in breadcrumbs and fry on both sides. Serve with sour cream or melted butter.
* Fresh cabbage biloholovkova - 1000 g semolina - 65 g, oil - 50 g butter - 60 g, eggs - 3 pcs., Wheat crackers - 65 g sour cream, salt.
Schnitzel with cabbage.
Cabbage head is carved kochanchiki cook in boiling salted water for 5-10 minutes. Back in the colander, allow to drain water and dismantled into individual sheets. Thickening reflect tyapkoyu. Each piece of doubled up, giving oval, sprinkle with salt, pepper and paneer with flour. Then moisten in beaten eggs and bread crumbs crushed with paneer. Schnitzel fried on both sides in oil. You can fry in batter and eggs. Serve with sour cream or butter.
* Biloholovkova cabbage -1000 g flour - ZO grams dried milled - thirty grams Ghee - 40 g e -125 cream, eggs - 2 pcs. Butter - 20 g, black pepper, salt.
Vegetable schnitzel in Czech.
Head cabbage and carrots cooked in salted water, back in the colander and finely chopped. Add peas, a little parsley, beaten eggs, flour and all mix well. With mass form schnitzel and fried them in oil. You can serve with mashed potatoes and bacon.
Fresh cabbage biloholovkova - 1500 g carrots - 150 g canned green peas - 150 g egg -3 pcs., Flour - 60 g parsley - thirty grams fat, bacon - 200 g salt.
Zrazy cabbage and mushrooms.
It’s good to rub the cabbage to the ground, rub it out with the juice until the juice and the carrots are cooked with milk until ready. Hand over manni cereals and sell carcasses to readiness. Potim season with narzanoy tsibuleyu, Sirim eggs, pepper and pass through a meat grinder. With ready-made masks, they form small circles, play with them zagibini, put the filling and pinch the edges, give them a napivoval form. Pisla tsyogo paniruyut in breadcrumbs and grease from both sides. Serve with mushroom sauce.
Stuffing. Sorted clean mushrooms soaked in water, boiled, finely cut and mixed with fried onions.
* Fresh cabbage biloholovkova - 1000 g semolina - 80 g milk -125 g, onions - 80 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Cooking oil - 60 grams of dried mushrooms - 60 g milled white bread - 50 g mushroom sauce - 400 g, pepper, salt.
Pancakes with cabbage.
The flour, eggs and milk are preparing the dough for pancakes. Cabbage rubbed on a grater with large holes, salt and mix with the dough. Bake pancakes, make them lubricating melted butter, pile on a plate, put on a pot of boiling water, so they do not get cold. Serve with sour cream.
* Fresh cabbage biloholovkova - 1000 g flour - 125 g, eggs - 3 pcs., Milk - 250 g melted butter - 60 g cream - 100 g salt.
Patties with sauerkraut.
Prepare the dough with flour, sour cream, eggs, melted butter, baking soda and salt. Make him balls rozkachuyut, in the middle of the stuffing and put zaschypuyut region. For the stuffing shredded cabbage, mixed with pureed through a sieve with fresh or canned tomatoes, add chopped fried onion, pepper, salt. Patties fried in oil. You can also bake them in the oven.
For the dough: wheat flour - 800 g cream - 500 g, eggs - 3 pcs. Butter - 200 g g -10 soda and salt;
For the stuffing, sauerkraut - 500 g tomatoes - 450 g, onions - 40 g, oil - 200 g tsukor- 25. g, black pepper, salt.
Cabbage, potato bytochky.
Excised sauerkraut, potatoes rubbed on a grater, finely chopped onion. All products are mixed, add the remaining ingredients, provided the recipe, form bytochky and fry them on both sides in the hot lard. Serve with sour cream.
* Sauerkraut - 500 g potatoes - 500 g, onions - 80 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Cumin - 8 g starch - 30 g lard - 150 g cream - 200 g salt.
Cauliflower fried in Bulgarian.
Remember to cook the cauliflower in boiling water and cook it until it’s cooked, to cook the bread and toss the cabbage in breadcrumbs, but to wash it in grease and grease it. Serve on steel with milk sauce, seasoned with grated sir, wines and tartaric acid. Vinnu acid can be replaced with citric acid.
* Cauliflower - 600 g milled flour or breadcrumbs - thirty grams yaytsya- 1 pcs., Milk - 1 cup butter - 20 g tartaric or citric acid -2 g cheese - thirty grams of salt.
Cauliflower or Brussels sprouts, fried in dough.
Suzvittya but boil the cabbage heads in podsolenіy water, vidkidayut on drushlyak, dry, peel with a quick tidy and grease on a strongly roasted fat until the rum'yanoy kirochki is approved. Serve with a hot viglyad, before pouring it over with roasting oil or tomato sauce.
* Dough. Yolks grind, pour the milk, mix, salt, add the flour, beaten egg whites and mix.
* Cauliflower Brussels sprouts or g-400, 100 g flour-milk - 0,5 cups, eggs - 4 pcs., Ghee - 50 g butter - 25 g or tomato sauce -100 g
Roasted Brussels sprouts.
Welded obsushenny holovochky and put in a pan and fry in butter with salt and pepper. Fried cabbage served as a separate dish or side dish, sprinkled with pre-fried in butter with breadcrumbs or chopped dill and parsley, watering hot oil. You can apply for a side dish to fried potatoes.
* Brussels sprouts - 500 g butter - 60 g ground wheat crackers - 20 g greens - 35 g, oil - 50 g, pepper, salt.
Kohlrabi, fried in breadcrumbs.
Prepared kohlrabi cut into slices 1 cm thick and boil in salted water until tender. Back in the sieve obsushuyut, obkachuyut in flour, wet in eggs, obkachuyut in breadcrumbs and fry on both sides.
* Kohlrabi - 1000 g flour - 15 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Fat - 60 g ground wheat crackers - 50 g salt.
Pancakes with cream of cauliflower.
Prepared kohlrabi rubbed on a grater with small holes, pour the flour, baking soda, salt, sugar, add eggs and mix everything well. If desired, add stewed apples. With mass baking pancakes in a frying pan with a well-heated oil. Serve with sour cream.
* Kohlrabi - 1000 g flour - 125 g egg -2 pcs., Cooking fat or oil -100 g sugar - 10 g bicarb - 5 g cream - 125 g apples -200 g salt.
Kohlrabi, fried slices.
Kohlrabi purified cook until soft in salted water, cut into thick slices 1 cm, coated on both sides of tomato puree and obkachuyut in flour, then in beaten eggs. Fry on both sides. Serve, watering melted butter. and
* Kohlrabi - 1000 g tomato puree - 100 g flour - 50 g, eggs - 2 pcs. Butter - 80 g butter or margarine - 100 g salt.
Vorschmack vegetable.
I cleaned and dibno posіchenu bіlogolovkova cabbage add oil and stew until ready. I’ve wiped kartoplyu with a kryz sieve, and fill the bread with milk. Strengthen the product, give it the flesh of the settled іvasi abo kіlki, pepper, sіl. Beat the mixes, mix them with the prepared butter and put them on the dipped butter and sprinkled with breadcrumbs the form of a frying pan, topple the grated sir from above and store it in the hot cakes. Ready mincemeat is placed on the dish. Serve with sour cream.
* Fresh biloholovkova kapusta- 800 g potatoes - 500 g wheat stale bread - 200 g milk - 250 g herring or more Ivas - 150 g butter - 80 g, eggs - 5 pcs., Sour cream - 100 g flour - 100 g ground wheat crackers - 25 g cheese - 50 g, pepper, salt.
Baked cabbage and carrots with beets.
Biloholovkovu purified fresh cabbage and onion finely chopped. Carrots and beets rub on a grater with small holes. Mixed vegetables, add tomato puree, butter or margarine, sour cream, eggs, flour, salt and mix thoroughly. The dough is spread on a sheet or pan, greased, and bake in the oven until golden crust. The finished pudding smeared with butter or sour cream.
* Cabbage biloholovkova -1500 g, onions - 60 g carrots - 300 g, beets - 200 g tomato puree - 25 g butter - or margarine g 100 - 125 g, oil - 20, eggs - 2 pieces. flour - 150 g cream - 100 g salt.
Baked cabbage with rice.
I cleaned the shrimp bilogolovkov cabbage shakuyut, boil until m'yakostі in p_solenіy water and vidkidayut on drushlyak. In paserovanie tsibulu and carrots, give rice and allow oil. Pour in water and boil until cooked, zmіshavshi zakrishennoy brinzoyu. At the venues with fat, the stew-pan contains half of the prepared cabbage and rice, curls with a bowl of cabbage, shave it with frying oil and fill it with egg and milk sum, after which it is cooked.
* Fresh cabbage biloholovkova - 500 g, onions - 60 g carrots - 150 g, eggs - 5 pcs. Butter - 100 g fat - 15 g, Fig. 100 g cheese - 200 g milk - 2 cup salt.
Pudding cabbage in Romanian.
I cleaned the staggered cabbage and put the cabbage at a neglibok pot and stew with oil until it’s soft. Give narizan tsibulu that parsley greens and sell carcasses to m'yakosti tsibuli. Give oholonuti, give breadcrumbs, eggs, zbiti yak for scrambled eggs, rubbed sir, sіl. Mustache change; to lay a bowl with a bowl in a bowl so that you can talk through the country, put the sheets on it so that you go to the other one. Put the minced meat on top, create the edges of the chervetki i, tied the string with twine, give the pudding the shape of the cabbage head. Cook near the salt sprinkles for about a year, consume water in the world. Pіd hour varinny pudding overturn. If you are ready to cook, pick up a chervetka and put the grass on a hot dish, pour it over with hot melting butter and boil with toasted breadcrumbs.
* Fresh cabbage biloholovkova - 1000 g butter - 50 g, onions - 120 g parsley - ZO grams dried milled - thirty grams, eggs - 3 pcs., Cheese - 40 g, pepper, salt.
Vegetable pudding.
Prepared cauliflower boiled in salted water. Carrots and zucchini cut into small cubes, carrot suggest in milk and fried zucchini lightly. Mixed vegetables, add the peas and bring to a boil. Pour semolina and washed, then cooled to a temperature 75 ° C. Add lightly beaten eggs, salt and mix. Teaches the letter, greased and sprinkled with breadcrumbs milled. Sprinkle with grated cheese, fat sprayed and baked in the oven. Before serving pour sour cream or milk or sour cream sauce.
* Cauliflower - 100 g carrots - 80 g zucchini - 150 g canned green peas - 80 g milk - 120 g semolina - 40 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Oil or margarine - 60 g biscuits - 10 g cheese - 20 g cream - 120 g or sauce - 300 g salt.
Cauliflower baked with green peas.
Prepare the cauliflower to boil in the salt sprinkles, dry it, put the saucepan at the glybok, pour the milk sauce on it, sprinkle with breadcrumbs, oil it and put it in the oven until the rum'yano eggs appear. I prepare the cabbage to put it on a plate, on the edges I lay it on green peas and slices of half-baked wheat bread and pour on it with butter.
* Cauliflower - 1200 g ground wheat crackers - 30 g butter - 100 g canned green peas - 1000 g loaf or bread - 200 g salt; For the sauce: flour - 100 g milk - 2 cup butter -100 g
Pie Cauliflower.
Prepare the cauliflower, chop into slices, stew with the milk, add milk to the manna porridge, mix, pass through the meat grinder, season it with chopped zucchini, sylu and zbitimi bilki. Prepare the masu to put a sheet on the dough with oil, drizzle with breadcrumbs, shave it with roasting oil and store it in the hot cherries. Pirig the rosin to pieces and give them, pouring over with warm oil.
* Cauliflower - 1000 g semolina - 100 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Milk - 1,5 cup sugar - 15 g ground biscuits - 15 g butter - 120 g salt.
Cauliflower cheese sauce.
Purified cauliflower boiled in salted water, spread on a dish, pour the sauce, add margarine and baked in the oven for 15 minutes.
Cheese sauce. Milk, anyway, must be mixed with the right biscuits and heated in a water bath, mixed with a wooden spoon, at a temperature of 70-80 ° C until lightly browned, if necessary, thoroughly mixed with grated pepper.
This cabbage is well present with slices of boiled ham.
* Cauliflower - 500 g cheese - 200 g, milk or cream - 0,5 cups, eggs - 2 pcs., Margarine - 25 g ground biscuits - 40 g, black pepper, salt.
Brussels sprouts baked.
Clean and clean the heads of cabbage in boiled water until cooked, until ready to drink, dry and drizzle, oil and oil. When pouring cabbage, pour the milky sauce, seasoning it with butter in the pan, spread it in the pan, cover it with tomato puree, boil it with grated syrup and fill it in the oven until the rum'yano kirochki is cooked.
* Brussels sprouts - 500 g butter - 40 g milk sauce -125 g tomato puree - 40 g cheese - 100 g salt.
Savoyska cabbage, baked in lezonі.
Purified head of cabbage cut into pieces, boil in salted water and put in a pan, greased. Whisk eggs with milk, pour this mixture of cabbage and baked in the oven.
* Savoy cabbage - 500 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Milk - 1 / 3 cup salt.
Kohlrabi, cooked in a cream sauce.
Prepared kohlrabi cut into slices 1 cm thick and boil in salted water until tender. Back in the sieve and fried in butter, then placed in a saucepan, greased, pour the cream sauce, sprinkle with breadcrumbs, roztonlenym sprayed with oil and bake in the oven.
* Kohlrabi -1000 g butter - 80 g ground wheat crackers - thirty grams sour cream sauce - 250 g salt.
Cabbage stuffed with vegetables.
With purified heads of cabbage cut kochanchiki, dipped it in boiling salted water and cook until soft. Teaching in a sieve, allow to drain water, leaves gently turn down, shift each sheet (except the top) prepared meat and vegetable prytyskuyut so that the shape of the head remained. Stuffed cabbage, put in a saucepan, pour cream sauce with tomato and onions and baked in the oven. Serve stuffed cabbage head, watering cream sauce with tomatoes and onions and sprinkle with herbs.
Stuffing. Eggplant and peppers, carrots and tomatoes cut into cubes, fried and mixed with finely chopped hard-boiled eggs and cooked rice.
* Fresh cabbage biloholovkova - 1500 g eggplant - 125 g peppers - 125 g ripchas¬ta onions - 150 g carrots - 350 g tomatoes - 150 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Rice - 50 g butter - 100 g sour cream sauce - 100 g to¬mat- 50 g, parsley and dill - 35 g salt.
Stuffed with cheese.
Disguised washed rice and cook in a little water (1: 2) until cooked and seasoned with melted butter. Sour milk cheese rubbed through a sieve, add beaten eggs, chopped dill, salt and butter and mix with rice. In the prepared cabbage for cabbage leaf put stuffing, wrapped piece of square, fry, put in a saucepan or pot, the bottom of which ustelene cabbage leaves. Pour a little broth, add the pureed tomatoes, sliced ​​fennel and stew until tender. At the end of stewing cabbage rolls sprinkled with sour cream and sprinkled with fried breadcrumbs milled. Serve, watering sauce, which tushkuvalys stuffed and sprinkled with herbs.
* Fresh biloholovkova or savoy cabbage - 1000 g sour-milk cheese - 600 grams, rice - 220 g, eggs - 4 pcs. Butter - 100 g tomatoes - 600 g, dill - 90 g ground biscuits - 60 g pepper, salt.
Cabbage roll stuffed with apples.
I clean and clean the bilogolovkov cabbage in the milk. To peel the apple, to see the core, to cut in small pieces, to put in the pan, to boil chukra, to shave with water and to seal. I drop the masu over the vologa and place the chervetka on the vologu with a thin ball, and put the baked apple in the middle. Kraї z'єdnuyut, transfer to the sheet a sheet of oil, pour sour cream, zmіshanyoy with eggs, and zapіkayut at the clergy. Serve by pouring rosin with warm oil.
* Fresh cabbage biloholovkova - 1000 g sour apple varieties - 500 g g -100 semolina, eggs - 2 pcs., Sour cream - 100 g -1,5 cup milk, butter - 75 g sugar - 50 hours
Zrazy Cabbage stuffed with onions and eggs.
Slaw stew with milk until soft, covered with semolina, then mixed well and then stew over 10 minutes. The finished mass is cooled, add eggs and produce zrazy, farshyruyuchy mixture of fried onions and chopped hard-boiled egg split. Zrazy obkachuyut in breadcrumbs, fried on both sides and put on 5 minutes in the oven.
* Biloholovkova cabbage -1000 g butter - 60 g milk - 0,5 cup semolina - 60 g, eggs - 2 pc., Onions - 90 g ground biscuits - 40 hours

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