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Little secrets to cook dishes with cabbage.

Little secrets to cook dishes with cabbage.To store to buy late autumn cabbage with thick heads. Keep it in a dark, dry and cool place on the shelves or in boxes with holes. The head is placed on a par kochanchiki up. Just keep and cauliflower. Heads of all kinds of cabbage, interspersed with dry tsybulyanym garlic husks or powdered chalk and kept much better.
The most delicious cabbage, which has round or flattened dense, heavy, white heads with succulent leaves and small kochanchiki.
Early varieties of cabbage perishable, but the vitamins in them than in later. Early cabbage useful to use raw to salads.
Early cabbage biloholovkova a bitter taste. This cabbage need to 2-3 minutes to put in boiling salted water.
Cutting cabbage in two or three pieces before cooking and keeping it in the air decreases vitamin C in 50%.
To prepare the salad with sauerkraut squeeze it, pour hot water and when the water drain, put in a salad bowl, vlyvshy squeezed juice.
For salad, sauerkraut with apples can be used instead of tangerines or oranges.
Spring Cabbage brine is used for flavoring various vegetable salads instead of vinegar to enrich foods with vitamins. In sauerkraut brine contains up to 50% askorbinoyi acid before cooking so it does not wash, just a little squeeze. If cabbage is very acidic, it is washed in cold, not warm water, because in the latter case it is washed with lots of nutrients and flavoring substances. It should be borne in mind that the washing of sauerkraut before use to 50% loss of vitamin C.
Chervonogolovkova cabbage in syrup viglyad_ ikoristovuyut for salads, and marinated and tushkovana - for garnіrіv. Marinated chervonogolovkova cabbage - delicious garnіr z gostrim sauce to myasnye strav.
In the process of cooking cabbage unpleasant smell disappears when a pan put a piece of white bread or cover it with a clean cloth dampened with vinegar and top cover.
Shepherd's cream soup, maw, will need to thicken, you can fill it up at the bouillon with sweetheart, clean the sieve. Perch nіzh fill the soup with sirim egg, egg smyushuit small kіlkіstyu cold bouillon.
To be fragrant, delicious braised cabbage, onions, carrots, celery and parsley Passer separately and then mixed with cabbage.
To cabbage has not acquired the smell of fried, it is necessary to
stewing a bit early to push the lid on 5-10 minutes.
Biloholovkovu before frying cabbage and pour boiling water in a colander obsushuyut.
Salted during cooking cabbage biloholovkova off much moisture and dark. Therefore, it is salted finished after cooling.
Before tushkovano ї svіzho ї cabbage dodat trokh otstu abo lemon acid і, scab won it wasn’t mogy. A protete ocet and citric acid uptake of rosvaryuvannya ovochiv, to that tomato puree, light pomidor, ogіrkovy rosіl, solonі ogrіki that іnshі komponenty, scho rysty acid, finish off at the best price.
Fresh cabbage boiled before frying, then it becomes more tender and tastier.
For fillings shatkovanu fresh cabbage pour boiling water before roasting.
When stewing cabbage should not add a lot of water or broth, because in this case will be stuffed too watery and tasteless.
Cooked vegetables immediately back in the colander. The exception is cauliflower that long vyderzhuyut in broth. Cauliflower must have a salty flavor with the aroma inherent in this vegetable.
Cauliflower remain in the dark for the light it becomes gray hue and perishable. To save the white, cauliflower cooked in acidified water in an open container and with a strong boil.
Cones cooked cauliflower as needed paint beet broth, which added vinegar. This cabbage dish gives a beautiful look and diversifies garnish.
Loose head cauliflower used in soups and side dishes, and dense - for dishes.
Cauliflower stew laced with vinegar, so it does not lose its elasticity.

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