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About dishes korneplodiv about korneplody.

CarrotCarrot expanded in our region skrіz. In İzhu it is often vicoristuvu over іzhu Morkvu - rubbed і have viglyadі juice. In the Morquian Juice, Bagato Vitamіnі, there is little clinker, the one that is worthy of the one that the child and the devil’s have been.
In many carrots carotenoids and vitamin P (niacin), tocopherols (vitamin E). Of the minerals it contains the most calcium.
The morkva was cleaned up in contact with the lines of the mayor, who didn’t know the color of the collar, or ale shvidko v'yane. Before heat treatment, you can clean the morkuva, you can get it nesovgo in the vessel without water, above the top with a clean cloth fabric. Cook the Morkwu, as a rule, cleaned, whichever is the upper greenery, the ball is fixed and the wikidate, more winna nada на unacceptable hot water.
Loss of nutrients depends on the species and its preparation carrot cooking. They are much smaller if a cook carrots, and more carrots when cut. The losses will be smaller when put raw carrots for cooking in boiling water or pour boiling water. Loss of protein and carbohydrates will be minimal if the carrots cook for a couple.
Table beets contain significant amounts of various sugars, minerals (potassium, sodium, iron, manganese) and vitamin C. Most of the vitamins found in freshTable beets hychtsi young beet, which is used for hot and cold soups.
Buryaks of the most beautiful varieties may be darkened and even flattened out by the corepieces. Dovgast Buryaks are significantly coarse and girs, the makot of them is a tree-janist, non-witty. The makot of buryaks of the most beautiful sorts of varieties of darkness without svіtlich kіlets.
Hull beets must shortly before heat treatment, as the air they quickly darken. To cook beets salad neobchyschenymy. While cooking beet salt to be added at the end of cooking, otherwise acquire beets unpleasant taste. From a long cooking beets with dark red are brownish-yellow. Acid reinforces the natural color of beets, so when cooking add vinegar or citric acid brew.
Fresh beets directly into the food rarely used because it is inherent rather strong bitter flavor that disappears after heat treatment.
brukvabrukva - A valuable source of vitamins, especially in northern areas. Root vegetables turnips can be oval, round and flattened shape. There zelenoholovu white turnips, chervonoholovu white, yellow and yellow zelenoholovu chervonoholovu.
In practice cooking turnips mainly used for stewing, vegetable soups and side dishes. Turnips can be cooked roast.
As a result of heat treatment rutabaga usually takes a sharp specific smell, so a set of vegetables for soups or side dishes designed for delicate taste and aroma it or not include, or added in very small quantities.
Swede contains a significant amount of carbohydrates, fiber, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron.
turnips Use in cooking tion mainly for the production of food mixturesTurnip vegetables, and add it to vegetable soups. Using turnips, we must remember that some varieties of heat treatment after becoming bitter taste.
The makot ryp zhovta, sokovita і licorice, mix it up, clink, calts, cal, magn and ta zal.
Radish and radish contain significant amounts of essential oils and glucosides, which give them a specific flavor, visual and very pleasant bitter taste.
For the shape of the radish, the boulevard is round, oval, type of vein and dovgast, and behind the barrels - bila, rova, chervona and fioletov. In the radish of the most beautiful varieties, the pulp of the gossip is tasty. Radish shvidko v'yane and psuєatsya. Naysmachnіshna early spring radish.
In practice, radishes cooking using only raw. it is served whole and prepare from it salads, added to other salads.
RadishRadishLike radishes, used in raw form. it is made from sour cream or sunflower, hemp or other vegetable oil.
The roots of the parsley and parsnip used in cooking as a seasoning and celery, depending on the varieties - and as an aromatic seasoning, and how valuable fruit salad.
The value of parsley is that it not only provides the flavor and taste of food, but also enriches it with vitamins, especially vitamin C and carotene (provitamin A). Essential oils contained in parsley, a positive effect on the digestive organs.
parsley used not only to flavor food but also for decoration of dishes and snacks.
Pasternak taste is reminiscent of parsley. For cooking useParsley, celery only root Pasternak. it is usually added to soups and some fish dishes.
Celery has a well-developed root rounded form. it is used in salads and soups. In root used for soups side shoots from the skins.
Celery leaves contain significant amounts of vitamin C, carotene, vitamins V2 V and PP. In celery found vitamin - antiulcer factor. In celery contains pectin and choline, is rich in calcium, magnesium, iron and especially potassium.
White radically pretty well retain their inherent flavor and dried.
HorseradishFresh horseradish root Vikoristovuyut for prigotovuvannya seasonings to rіznyh strav, root and leaflets - for solubility and pickled vegetables. From yo korenevisch, podrіbnenikh on tertsі abo in m'yasorubtsі, gotuyut sauce on otstі. Dobriy Khrіn is guilty of a mother Korіn not Mensh yak 2 — 3 cm curtains and 20 — 25 cm smovdovzhki. The root of the mau buti is івна і svіtla, and the makot is bila.
Horseradish contains a large amount of vitamin C and stimulates appetite.
Horseradish roots are well preserved in the sand at a temperature close to 0 ° C.

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